Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Quick Easy Apple Honey Almond Cake - Mix-assemble-and-bake with no added cane sugar! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Welcome to Bake for Happy Kids if this is your first time visiting my blog.

My blog talks mostly about my baking journey since August 2010, sharing the best recipes that I have either created or tried-and-tested.

Throughout my baking journey, I have noticed that many health-conscious readers like my reduced-sugar recipes especially those with no-cane-sugar added. For examples like my...

Easy Mix-and-Bake Lemon Honey Yogurt Muffins at HERE
Super Moist Super Easy Less Sugar Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Muffins at HERE
The Perfect Fuss Free French Apple Tart with Less Sugar Added at HERE
Low Fat Low Sugar Moist Strawberry Blueberry Banana Muffins at HERE
Stir-and-Bake Low Sugar Flourless Almond Blueberry Apple Muffins at HERE
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And there is a lot more if you would explore my blog further.

Here, I'm going to show to how to bake a delicious Apple Honey Almond Cake that is extremely easy to bake and has no cane sugar added. Let me show you how...

quick fuss free easy apple honey almond cake no cane sugar mix and bake low sugar
My Quick and Easy Apple Honey Almond Cake
Just mix-assemble-and-bake! With no cane-sugar added!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Easy Crispy Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies - Donna Hay

Welcome to my world of cookies madness!!!

If you have been reading and following my blog, you might have know that I have tested and tried many different chocolate chip cookies recipes listed at HERE.

Apart that I have found the best Famous Amos or Chips Ahoy or Subway or Mrs Field copycat cookies recipes at HERE, HEREHERE and HERE, I have baked many different types of chewy or crispy chocolate chips cookies at HERE.

As it is cold and wintery now in Australia and we are craving for cookies and hot chocolate, I'm going to bake and share many interesting chocolate cookies recipes in these coming months. So please stay tune if you are interested...

As for today, I'm testing a Double Chocolate Cookies recipe that is adapted from Modern Classics Book 2 by Donna Hay. From here, I would also love to investigate different double chocolate cookies recipes containing cocoa powder. Do you want to know more about this recipe?

crispy chewy double chocolate cookies Donna Hay
Crispy Crispy Double Chocolate Cookies
by one of my favourite cookbook authors, Donna Hay

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Super Soft Sticky Brown Sugar Cinnamon Scrolls - Made with non-excessive amount of sugar! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Are you a fan of cinnamon scrolls? Yes we are. We prefer the super soft super fragrant type with lots of cinnamon but less butter and sugar.

If you think the same, have you tried baking my Super Soft Cinnamon Scrolls recipe that I shared previously at HERE? I reckon that they are the BEST!!! And they are made with reduced sugar icing topping. Aren't they superb!

Today, I’m going to show you how to bake the same super soft cinnamon scrolls but the sticky version. They are also made with the non-excessive amount of sugar and butter. Yet they taste really wonderful. Equally superb too!!!

super soft sticky brown sugar cinnamon buns scrolls rolls
My Super Soft Sticky Brown Sugar Cinnamon Scrolls
Made with non-excessive amount of sugar!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Best Super Soft Brown Sugar Cinnamon Scrolls with Reduced Sugar Icing Glaze - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Sadly, everyone in the world has been hit by the inflation lately. The prices of everything including our daily basics such as food and petrol have been skyrocketing and yet our salary remains the same or perhaps crawling up very slowly.

We were at a shopping mall on the other day and were thinking of buying a cinnamon scroll because we were feeling peckish but we retracted instantly when we saw that the price of one little scroll was actually more than AUD$8! Plus, they were even smaller than half of my palm-size.

Wow! I can't help to think that I can bake MANY scrolls with AUD$8 worth of ingredients even after considering the recent price rise of these ingredients.

Am I stingy? Definitely YES! Or you can call me frugal, thrifty or penny-pinching... LOL! I'm not defending myself... but why should I spend $8 to buy one cinnamon scroll if I can bake many yummy scrolls easily.

In fact, there are two fundamental Cinnamon Scrolls / Rolls that I know:
1) The Typical / Traditional Cinnamon Scrolls / Rolls with White Icing Topping or Drizzle
2) The Sticky Gooey Cinnamon Scrolls / Rolls

For this post, I will show you how to bake T
ypical / Traditional Cinnamon Scrolls / Rolls with White Icing Topping or Drizzle. And I'm going to make mine with a really good reduced sugar icing topping.

best super soft brown sugar cinnamon scrolls roll bread reduced low sugar icing glaze
Why spend $8 to buy a scroll? ... if you can bake these
Super Soft Brown Sugar Cinnamon Scrolls
They are PERFECT! Not too sweet...
Very delicious with this reduced sugar icing glaze!