Monday, October 14, 2019

Super Easy Almond Scones - Just mix, scoop and bake!

Love baking scones but hate the hassle of rolling and cutting the dough? Plus cleaning of the flour-dusted area? Sianz...

I asked myself... Is there an easier and fuss-free way of shaping scones? Yes!

Then, I realised that I can bake scones that are like the American drop biscuits. So, I mixed a thick fluffy mixture, scooped-and-drooped it, then baked it into scones!

easy drop almond scones
Within minutes, I mixed, scooped and baked these yummy Almond Scones!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Super Soft Honey Sandwich Bread - Another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED recipe with milk, butter and NO egg

After baking many soft and delicious sandwich breads at here, here, here, here and more, I noticed something!!!

The addition of thick viscous liquid ingredients like condensed milk, honey and corn syrup seems to make sandwich breads extra soft!!!

For instance, these are the super soft breads that I have baked...

with condensed milk:
Japanese Shokupan Condensed Milk Sandwich Bread - Recipe One
Japanese Shokupan Condensed Milk Sandwich Bread - Recipe Two
Japanese Shokupan Condensed Milk Sandwich Bread - Recipe Three

with light corn syrup:
Super Soft and Fluffy White Crusted Japanese Square Bread

with honey:
American Honey Sandwich Bread
Spongy Soft Honey Sandwich Bread
Super Soft White Basic Sandwich Bread with overnight starter
Super Soft Sandwich Bread with NO Overnight Starter Recipe ONE
Super Soft White Crusted Sandwich Bread with NO Overnight Starter Recipe TWO

And here, I have found another super soft HONEY sandwich bread recipe...

super soft honey sandwich bread
Super Soft Honey Sandwich Bread
This is the classic sandwich bread recipe that contains milk, butter but no egg.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Easy Rustic Cafe-style Blueberry Cream Scones that are buttery biscuity on the top with moist and flaky inside

I think that I have evolved and changed a lot over the years. I used to hate sports and cooking. Now, I'm an active running mum. And the scones-and-tea-loving grandma side of me is slowly revealing...

For me and my family, nothing beats a nice relaxing moment of enjoying warm biscuity buttery scones with jam and butter as there are always "mmm" and "ah" when we are enjoying our scones.

Plus, baking scones is so easy and therapeutic! And I always use the good quality seasonal ingredients for my baking. So why buy scones if I can bake them? 

If you are thinking of baking really good scones with specific texture and characteristic, please feel free to browse through my collection of scone recipes at here. I'm sure that you will find something nice as I have described the scones that I have baked very thoroughly.

Here, I'm going to share another nice and easy way to bake rustic cafe-style scones with fresh berries. Although these scones might look plain and simple to you, I have to say that their buttery biscuity tops and moist milky flaky insides might impress you. And y
ou might be amazed that you can bake such yummy scones so easily... LOL!

cafe-style blueberry cream scones
Blueberry Cream Scones
... that are buttery biscuity on the top, moist and flaky inside

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Easy Mix-and-Cook Crispy Coffee Belgian Waffles served with Coffee-Maple Syrup - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Like coffee and Belgian waffles?

Then, how about these Crispy Coffee Belgian waffles???

coffee Belgian waffles coffee maple syrup
Coffee Belgian Waffles
They are light, crispy and aromatic. YUMMY!!!