Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ultra Spongy Soft Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean Flour) Chiffon Cake - Dairy free

It's so memorable ...

I remember the ultra soft and moist Japanese mochi that we had at Nara. It was freshly made by two Japanese men bashing the sweet rice dough using two gigantic wooden hammer rod with a rhythm. The mochi were divided and shaped with red bean filling and coated with kinako.

Kinako? It is also roasted soybean flour (黄粉 or きなこ) which is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Nutrition-wise, kinako is known to contain good amount of vitamins, mineral and proteins. And taste-wise, it is an unique tasting ingredient that can add warm nutty flavour and fragrance to compliment Japanese sweets like mochi and other wagashi.

With this concept, I wonder...

Can I do the same to create ultra soft kinako chiffon cake?

Sure, I can! And I'm not the only one who had thought of this idea. I did a Google search for "kinako chiffon cake" and found a few recipes which are mostly adapted from the book, Okashi by Keiko Ishida but for some reasons, I don't really like this specific recipe. Maybe because I'm too fussy? I actually want to bake a chiffon cake that is so soft that it reminisces the ultra soft kinako-coated mochi that I had.

And so the totally inspired me created this...

kinako chiffon cake
Proudly presenting my ultra soft and spongy Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean Flour) Chiffon Cake recipe!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hong Kong Egg Waffles 鸡蛋仔 - Crispy / Sugar reduced / Easy whisk-and-cook / Delicious custard taste

Remember the olden days when we didn't have internet and social media? It's like we are living in a world with far distances.

These days, internet and social media have pulled everybody in the world closer to each other... It's like if I want to eat Hong Kong egg waffles, I don't have to go to Hong Kong to enjoy these yummy crispy waffles!

hong kong egg waffles
Hong Kong Egg Waffles 鷄蛋仔
Mine are crispy, sugar reduced, easy to cook with yummy custard flavours.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quick and Easy No Churn 3-ingredients Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream

Coming from the tropical island Singapore, I like living in Melbourne due to its four seasons a year but hate those days when we are having four seasons within in a day!

Four seasons within in a day? Yup! The weather in Melbourne can be crazy sometimes. Crazy because it can be freezing cold, frosty, hot, windy, rain and even hail all within the same day. Hmmm...

Are we having some crazy Melbourne weather lately? Kind of...

It was a hot sunny Spring day that my husband and son craved for ice cream spontaneously. And so, we had to grab some ice cream from Woolies because I had not make any ice cream due to the series of cold freezing weather before this sunny day. Hmmm...

Enjoying ice cream in hot scorching day is definitely heat-relieving! However, the taste of these premium ice cream aren't connoisseur enough like what we expected... particularly if we are comparing these ice cream with my best homemade ones at here, here, here, here and here.

"Mum, you should make ice cream for us."

Yes. I will. I know that I should fire up my ice cream maker for the coming Summer but the current Melbourne weather is still mostly cold and unsettled. Then, I wonder... Is there a way to make good but hassle-free ice cream very quickly without using an ice cream maker?

I know! There is one quick and easy no-churn ice cream recipe that I have seen in many food video, cookbooks, websites and magazines! Have you? If yes, have you tried this 3-ingredients no-churn ice cream recipe and like it?

Well, let's see if these no-churn ice cream are really good enough to fix our ice cream crave on some freaky warm Melbourne Spring weather...

easy no churn 3-ingredients chocolate ice cream
Quick and Easy No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream
... made with just 3 ingredients

Monday, October 30, 2017

American Starbucks style Maple-Oatmeal Wholemeal Scones

Maple Oatmeal Scones???

You might ask... It is Spring now at down-under Australia and why am I baking these autumn delicacies?

I don't know! LOL!!! Maybe I just can't help it because these scones are just so good!

Don't you think that the world is becoming more multi-seasonal because of social media? It's like even though we are living in Melbourne, we can sometimes feel the warmth by seeing what the people do or eat in Singapore. Now, after browsing through many interesting autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving recipes via US-based apps, websites and social media. I can't help exploring some of these autumn recipes and glad that I've found these really really really good maple scones...

These American Starbucks style wholesome wholemeal scones are FANTASTIC!!! So good that I can't wait till autumn or winter to bake these!

They are fully loaded with comforting maple syrup, vanilla and oats. So good and delicious that even my wholemeal-food-hating son wouldn't say no!!!

What can I say? HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Well, let's say that these scones are just so good... to be a timeless multi-seasonal comfort food to bake and enjoy!

maple oatmeal wholemeal scones
Maple-Oatmeal Wholemeal Scones