Monday, April 23, 2018

Belgian Liège Waffles - Overnight Fermentation, Cook on the Next Day and Store well in Fridge or Freezer

Hi hi to my fellow waffle enthusiasts... Do you have a bucket list of waffles that you must cook? I do!!!

Although most waffles are typically made from leavened batter or dough, there are many different varieties to try! And this is a list of different traditional waffles that I had cooked and also want to cook:

1) The Belgian or Brussels waffles
These thick and crispy waffles with well-aerated texture are the most common and well-known type of waffles. And they are typically made with either good amount of chemical rising agents like baking powder or baking soda, well-beaten egg white mixture or well-risen yeast batter.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: 1) Easy Buttermilk Waffles, 2) Sour Cream Waffles - Two recipes, 3) Overnight Yeasted Waffles and 4) Fast and Easy Yeasted Crispy Belgian Style Waffles Checked!

2) The American waffles
Generally denser and thinner than Belgian waffles, the American waffles are often made from buttermilk or sour cream batter that is leavened with baking powder. Like American pancakes, the American waffles are also thick and chewy and often served as sweet breakfast with butter, fruits, maple syrup, honey, other syrups or icing sugar.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: American Style Buttermilk Waffles Checked!

3) The Bergische waffles
Also known as the German waffles, they are often made in heart shapes and served with cherries, cream and sometimes rice pudding as part of the afternoon feast on Sundays.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: No! I have not try making any Bergische waffles and wish to make some in the near future. KIV!

4) The Pandan waffles
These green coloured sweet-smelling pandan coconut waffles are commonly available for snacking in southeast Asia countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Like me, you can cook and enjoy these awesome waffles even if you are not living in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: easy Pandan Waffles - made with pandan paste and Light and Crispy Pandan waffles made with real pandan juice Checked!

5) Hong Kong style waffles
These firm crispy waffles are the famous street food selling Hong Kong and are commonly referred as egg waffles (鷄蛋仔) due to its signature multiple spherical egg shape.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: Hong Kong Egg Waffles - sugar reduced, easy whisk-and-cook recipe Checked!

6) Potato waffles from UK and Ireland that are made with potato.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: No! KIV!

7) Scandinavian style waffles from the Nordic countries
They are usually thin and made in a heart-shaped waffle iron.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: No! And I need to buy a heart shaped waffle iron. KIV!

6) Last but not the least... The Liège waffles
Made with brioche bread dough and pearl sugar, these richer, denser and sweeter Liège waffles are the contemporary variety of Belgian waffles. These are specifically named as Liège waffles due to the rumors saying that these waffles are invented by the chef to the prince-bishop of Liège.
Highly recommended recipes that I have tried and tested: YES!
And mine is a straightforward less-sinfully Belgian Liege Waffles recipe... Tried, tested and approved!!! One more checked and one less KIV to go!!! LOL!

crispy Belgian liege waffles
Belgian Liege Waffles

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Soft Milk and Egg Enriched 35% Wholemeal Sandwich Bread - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Whenever I published a soft sandwich bread recipe at my blog, some readers will ask...

Can I use this white bread recipe to bake 100% or 50% wholemeal bread?

As usual, my answer is ... Yes! You can but the texture of the wholemeal bread won't be obviously the same or nearly as good as the all-white breads.

Why am I not using these soft bread recipes to bake any wholemeal breads? Simply because my fussy son doesn't like wholemeal breads! However, I have finally managed to convince him to eat his wholemeal breads!!! Yay! ... based on my promise that I will bake wholemeal breads that are soft enough for his liking.

True enough. I did!!! I have managed to bake these 35% wholemeal sandwich breads that are so soft that any blindfolded person can't really taste that there is wholemeal flour in it. I'm not going to tell my son that these are wholemeal breads and see if he will know... LOL!!!

soft wholemeal sandwich bread
Soft Milk and Egg Enriched 35% Wholemeal Sandwich Bread

Monday, April 16, 2018

Chicken Mushroom Leek Cheese Jalousie

"Mum, we are starving!"

It was a late dinner when we had this delicious Chicken Jalousie. As we were busy eating, my husband noticed something...

"Hey, you cheated! You made this chicken pie with supermarket puff pastry and roast chicken!" said my fussy husband.

"Oh yeah!" My son suddenly realised the same too! "Mum, is it really true that this pastry is not homemade? You know that I prefer your homemade pastry from scratch!"

"Sorry, guys. Sometimes, mum is tired and needs to take shortcuts." And I wonder why am I trying to explain for myself. It is a delicious chicken pie anyway... Not as if I have committed a crime or cooked such a terrible dinner! Hmmm... I know that I'm probably too nice because this chicken pie is REALLY very delicious!!!

Then, within minutes after this conversation, we finished our dinner and most of the Chicken Jalousie is gone. Almost gone because I kept a large slice of it for my tomorrow lunch. Nice! ^_^

You might ask... What is a Chicken Jalousie? Is it a chicken pie?

The word, Jalousie refer to a blind that is made rows of angled horizontal slats. For cooking, it is also used to name a puff pastry that is baked with a horizontal blind-like design.

Jalousie pastry is quick, simple and easy to make and they are commonly made with ready made puff pastry with shredded cooked chicken or even canned tuna. So, back to the question... Is Chicken Jalousie a chicken pie? Yes, sort of and the classic way of baking a Chicken Jalousie has to include mushrooms and leek, all cooked in a cream based sauce. Yum yum!

I can sure that this quick and easy Chicken Jalousie will impress your friends and family or unless they are as fussy and picky as my husband and son. LOL!

chicken mushroom leek cheese jalousie
Chicken Mushroom Leek Cheese Jalousie

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nestum Cereal Floss Mayonnaise Chiffon Swiss Roll (The Fluffier Recipe) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

I know my son.

... especially the food that he likes.

I know that he loves the Pork Floss Mayonnaise Chiffon Swiss Roll at here and the Nestum Cereal Floss Bread Buns at here. And so, I've created a fusion bake of both.

"Can I have three slices of this?" asked my son. He was excited when he saw the cake.

"How about me?" asked my husband. His query was immediate with a concerning tone.

"Daddy, you had your slice already. I'm very hungry. And I need to have more cake." my son was trying to convince my husband to give in. LOL!

Then, it was "mine mine mine..." when I cut the cake into more slices. LOL!!!

I know. My son loves this Nestum Cereal Floss Mayonnaise Chiffon Swiss Roll!!! And I love it too! Do you?

nestum cereal floss mayonnaise chiffon Swiss roll
We love love love this Nestum Cereal Floss Mayonnaise Chiffon Swiss Roll.
Do you?