Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sticky Chewy Yummy Chocolate Brownies Gelato - Made with NO cream!

Can't believe that it's about a month to Easter now and this means that it's time for us to eat more chocolate! LOL!!!

Mid-march in Melbourne is my most favourite time of the year because the days are mild or slightly warm and the nights are just nice being moderately cool and not too cold.

To me, March is the best month of the year to enjoy chocolate. Chocolate in the form of anything! This is why I've made this sticky chewy brownies gelato for our after-dinner dessert.

"Mmm... I love this sticky chewy brownies ice cream." said my son.

My son has been telling me that he loves this ice cream whenever I gave him a serve of this ice cream.

Well actually, this ice cream is not exactly an ice cream. The ice cream base is actually a gelato that is made with chocolate and milk... no cream and no egg. And it is definitely way less sinfully than the chocolate brownies ice cream that I have made at here. Yet, it is chocolatey enough! And its sticky chewy fudgy texture is awesomely nice to indulge.

sticky chewy chocolate brownies gelato no cream no egg
Chocolate Brownies Gelato
Sticky. Chewy. Fudgy. Awesomely nice!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Super Soft Golden Pai Bao 排包 / Roti Sisir with Honey and Egg Yolks - HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I have noticed something...

Many readers like my Super Soft Condensed Milk Pai Bao / Roti Sisir recipe at here!!! LOL!!!

Since the day that this blog post is published in Nov 2018, the number of visitor for this specific post has been increasing continuously and I'm very pleased with its popularity.

Despite that it is a perfect recipe, some readers still asked if they can alter the recipe by replacing the condensed milk with something else? And I was like... Why do you want to do that???

Well, one Malaysian reader told me that the condensed milk in Malaysia is made with fake milk!!! And I was like... What?!!! How can this be possible???

I just want to say that I don't have any issues with condensed milk and my super yummy condensed milk roti sisir recipe at here. I'm baking another roti sisir recipe because I like to explore different recipes anyway.

And you know what? I have tried, tested and found another completely different roti sisir recipe that is equally GOOD!!! YAY!!!

Unlike my first roti sisir recipe at here, this recipe has no condensed milk. The added egg yolks and honey has made this super soft bread look extra nice and golden. And it has a delicious sweet brioche-like taste and fragrance. So yum!!!


super soft golden roti sisir pai bao with honey egg yolks
Super Soft Golden Pai Bao 排包 / Roti Sisir with Honey and Egg Yolks

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Homemade Traditional Pandan Onde Onde

It has been about 4 months since we came back from our previous Singapore and we were hoping that we can visit Singapore soon... *sign*

After every of our Singapore trips, we always come back to Melbourne with lots of shopping and food ideas...

After our recent trip, my son has been obsessed with many Nonya kuehs! Knowing that it is almost impossible to buy good Nyonya kuehs in Melbourne, he made me promise that I will make onde onde, kueh tutu and kek lapis for him and the list is kind of endless! Why did I said that I will make these kueh? Maybe I have nothing better to do? Hmmm...

Frankly speaking, I do enjoy exploring recipes and don't mind cooking or baking anything for my sweetie. However, after trying to make these treats, I realised that some kuehs are actually not very straightforward to make. With some practice and ‎kang-hu (meaning skill in Hokkien - LOL!), I have managed to make a good batch of onde onde eventually!!! Phew... Relieved now because I have fulfilled at least one of my promises.

The good thing is I can assured that my homemade onde onde are made with 100% real pandan, NO fake artificial taste and colouring! And it feels really nice enjoying these lovely treats with my family.

If you are interested to make onde onde at home, I would love to share my cooking tips and ‎kang-hu* with you...

*kang-hu means skills in Hokkien.

pandan onde onde
My Homemade Onde Onde that is made with 100% real pandan

Monday, March 4, 2019

Light and Fluffy Skinny Milo Milk Gelato - Made with Minimal Sugar and Cream

Can you imagine? Melbourne has been 38°C / 100°F for the past 4 days!!!

OMG!!! It was extremely HOT HOT HOT!!! And it was too hot to cook or bake anything!

Can you imagine that a baking addict like me has not been baking anything this weekend? Sad? Not really because I have made this yummy gelato!!!

I was enthusiastic at the beginning of this super hot weekend, creating several unique gelato recipes and they didn't turn out well! Sad? Not really... I told myself not to give up easily and managed to make this Light and Fluffy Milo Milk Gelato eventually.

Yippee!!! ^-^

skinny low fat light Milo milk gelato
This Light and Fluffy Milo Milk Gelato was...
our life-saver for the recent super hot weekend :)