Monday, October 22, 2018

Skinny Creamy Italian Vanilla Gelato / Fior Di Latte Gelato - Made with Minimal Sugar and Cream

Today, I will be sharing a fantastic gelato recipe!

Is gelato the same as ice cream?

Although gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, both are actually quite different!

According to Food Network, both gelato and ice cream contain cream, milk and sugar but the authentic gelato uses more milk and less cream than ice cream and doesn’t contain egg yolks and any egg, which are a common ingredient in ice cream.

This is why the fat content of a typical ice cream is 14 -25% whereas and the fat content of an Italian gelato is only 6-12%. Interestingly, gelato contains less air than ice cream, making it softer, smoother and "creamier" than ice cream. And of course, ice cream is served in rounded scoops while gelato is served with a spade.

My son and I had a good time learning a lot about gelato after attending a gelato making course at Florence. The hand-on course allowed us to make one gelato flavour from scratch and has kindly shared many of their wonderful gelato recipes.

"Can I create my own gelato with an unique flavour? I asked myself silently during the midst of the course.


Lavina, the gelato-making instructor has taught us the correct composition of a good gelato and gave me several formulas to understand the concept further. By the way, if you are interested to attend this half-day course, it is Walkabout Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class. Located at a Farmhouse at Tuscany country, this class is highly rated by TripAdvisor because the instructors and staff members are very knowledgeable and helpful. I find this course very useful for me and I would highly recommend this family-friendly course to everyone.

With the coming Melbourne summer, I'm now fully equipped to make my own gelato! For a start, I will make my own vanilla gelato with the least amount of sugar and cream and let's see if it works...

light less sugar less cream vanilla gelato
This is the Vanilla Gelato that is made with minimal sugar and cream!
It is light, smooth and fluffy! Yummy!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Looking for the BEST Copycat Crispy Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies (Part Two - Two recipes)

YES! I've found you!!!

YES! You are the Famous Amos Cookies!!!


Please pardon me and my over-reacting ecstatic moments! *nervous chuckle*

Am I mad or something? Nay... I'm just too happy because I have been trying very hard to replicate the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies and have finally derived a recipe!!!

A recipe that makes the BEST copycat crispy Famous Amos Cookies!

best copycat famous amos cookies
These are my BEST copycat Famous Amos cookies!
It is true that they really smell and taste like the FA chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Looking for the BEST Copycat Crispy Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies (Part One - Two recipes)

Famous Amos cookies anybody???

Me Me Me Me Me!!! You?

I remember... Those good old days when I was hanging out at Orchard after school, I was always attracted to the sweet buttery chocolaty aroma from the baking of Famous Amos chocolate chips cookies lingering along basement walkway in between Wisma Atria and Takashimaya. Oh! This sweet scent is so irresistible... Sometimes, I would buy a bag of cookies to munch if I could or the poor student me would just simply enjoy this lovely scent! LOL!

After all these years, I'm surprised that the same Famous Amos cookies shop is still there! Or isn't it still there? I still like Famous Amos cookies but sadly, I don't buy these cookies anymore because there are too many other local food that I want to eat whenever we are back in Singapore.

Is there any Famous Amos cookies in Melbourne? I think we used to have one at Melbourne Central but it is now permanently closed.

Hmmm.... If I don't and can't buy Famous Amos cookies, I can try baking these cookies! So, I searched for "famous amos cookies recipe" via Google and found heaps...

What is so special about Famous Amos chocolate chips cookies? They are crispy and HAVE to be crispy!!! LOL!

Here, I have road-tested two so-called Famous Amos copycat recipes and I will tell you if they are like the Famous Amos cookies or not... Wanna know more?

copycat crispy famous amos cookies shortening
I'm looking for the best Famous Amos Chocolate Chips Cookies copycat recipe.
And these are the ones that are crispy!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Sweet Salty Gooey Apple Bacon Gruyère Quiche - SO OMG YUMMY!!! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Due to the recent Spring school holidays, I have not been cooking and baking much lately. Fortunately, I can squeeeeeeze out a little bit of time to test-bake this quiche and it is SUPER AWESOME!!!

When I first saw this recipe from the book, Pastry Perfection by Nick Malgieri, I know that the combination of apple, bacon and gruyère cheese is going to be really good but I didn't know that it is SO OMG YUMMY GOOD!!!!!

I have baked many quiches at home like the ones at here, here, here and here but nothing can compare to this quiche because it is so uniquely sweet, salty, creamy and gooey!!! And its flaky buttery pastry literally melts in our mouths...

So tell me! Isn't this SO OMG YUMMY??? LOL!

apple bacon gruyere cheese quiche
You have to believe me!!!
This is THE Sweet Salty Creamy Gooey Apple Bacon Gruyère Quiche
that is SO OMG YUMMY!!!