Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to bake a Gingerbread House

"Daddy, I think mummy is crying!"

I still remember. This happened years ago and I promise that it won't happen again!

Years ago, I had a minor meltdown while constructing mini gingerbread houses for Christmas. Silly me! It was an unforgettable experience and since then, I have not make another gingerbread house again. Why? Am I a chicken or what??? LOL!

After all these years of baking, I still think that baking a gingerbread house from scratch can be challenging but can't deny too that it can be an extremely fun thing to do!

So here we go again...

Here I have baked another gingerbread house! Not just a gingerbread house but a large and professional looking one!!! With absolutely NO crying and any meltdown!!! LOL!

Christmas gingerbread house
Christmas Gingerbread House

Cook and Celebrate: Christmas 2015

It's 1st December 2015 today and there are 24 more sleeps to Christmas!

Remember these yummy Christmasy food that I have baked last year...

Santa mustache and beard cookies at here

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rich and Creamy Chinese style Fresh Mango Puddings

Time files and in the twinkling of an eye, today is the last day of November 2015!

This means that Little Thumbs Up (Mango) hosted by Jozelyn (Spice Up My Kitchen) is ending today with an amazing amount of participation of more than 118 entries. Doreen and I really have to thank Jozelyn and everyone with a big bow! Thank you so much for your continuing support for Little Thumbs Up!

As Christmas is arriving, Yen from GoodyFoodies (also known as Eat your Heart Out), Diana from The Domestic Goddess Wannabe and I are hosting Cook and Celebrate: Christmas 2015 event starting from 1st December 2015 (tomorrow!). So don't forget to link your Christmasy cooking with us.

For my last submission to Little Thumbs Up (Mango), I tell myself that I have to make some mango puddings!

Do you know that mango pudding is a Chinese / Hong Kong kind of dessert?

Mango pudding is often served as one of the desserts in Chinese dim sum or yum cha restaurants. Most ideally, the best mango puddings are often served cold with rich, smooth and creamy texture and luxuriously fragrant flavours. Most typically, mango puddings are made of mangoes, sugar, evaporated milk or cream plus agar or gelatin for their semi-firm or jelly-like kind of texture. Most often, the quality of the puddings can vary depending on the recipes and the ingredients used to make this dessert.

Not to brag but I have to say that this recipe make my most ideal kind of mango puddings. Why? They are fully packed of fresh mangoes... That's why!!! In fact, four of these puddings are made of two really large R2E2 mangoes! If I do my maths right, one serve of these puddings is actually made of half of a large mango!!!

My husband squealed in my ears when he discovered two of the fat and juicy mangoes that he bought ended being these four little puddings... He said that I'm wasting the fresh mangoes but ended enjoying one of these puddings! Hmmm...

I remember watching an episode of SBS food safari at here a lot time ago and also remember very clearly that the show said that the secret to make a good mango pudding is to use mango ice cream!!! My eye brow rose instantly after knowing this secret and can't forget this recipe until today. From this, I have deduced something... Although I'm not exactly sure that using mango ice cream can make the best mango puddings, I'm 100% sure that the best mango pudding has to be SWEET and CREAMY and this kind of taste has to be from the ice cream!!!

Instead of mango ice cream, I like to use the real mangoes and cream to make my puddings and these are what I have made.

smooth creamy Chinese fresh mango puddings
Nice and creamy Chinese style fresh mango puddings

Thursday, November 26, 2015

No or Low Fat Yogurt Waffles (Two Recipes)

After enjoying crispy and fluffy pandan waffles that I have made with the saturated-fat-enriched coconut milk and butter, I ask myself...

Can I use low (or no) fat yogurt to make crispy waffles?

Yes of course but I need to load the waffles with extra butter... like this one that I have found at all recipes which is quite standardized and similar to the Donna Hay's one but the Donna Hay's one uses the 2% buttermilk instead.

Knowing that fat is crispy waffle's best friend, I'm very surprised to find this 0% fat Greek yogurt waffle recipe at Creme de la Crumb being completely low fat with no butter or any fat added! How is this possible? Let's find out...

low fat yogurt crispy waffles
Low fat yogurt waffles