Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cream Scones (Anneka Manning)

It was the end of a typical school day as the kids were streaming out from their classes...

"Hi Sweetie!"

"Mum, we baked scones at school today."

"Sounds fun!"

"It was just ok because the scones are so hard and taste like biscuits!"

"Oh! Maybe you are too fussy."

Then, our scone conversation deviated to something else... and deviated back again!

"Can you bake me scones that taste like real scones? said my son with a scones-craving expression.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know. Scones that are like the TWG ones but without the fruits. Not fluffy and cake-like Miss Marple's ones because those are not real scones!"

I have baked good scones at here and here and here before and know that my son is specifically after the classic Margaret Fulton's buttermilk scones at here and also THESE cream scones...

cream scones Anneka Manning
Cream Scones
Another must-try classic recipe if you like scones!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Spongy Soft Milk and Egg Enriched Sandwich Bread - Recipe One

As a mum, we care a lot for our children. And sometimes, the over-concerning me tends to worry too much... Do you? Or Is your mum worrying too much for you? Well, I guess all mums are the same... we love our children too much.

From time to time, I wonder if my son is eating enough nutrition from the sandwiches that I packed in his school lunch box. Due to my concern, I often like to incorporate eggs and milk to boost the nutritional contents of our daily sandwich loaves and this very spongy soft enriched sandwich bread is one of the best sandwich bread recipes that I would strongly recommend...

milk egg enriched sandwich bread
Spongy Soft Milk and Egg Enriched Sandwich Bread

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Perfect Ultra Soft Orange Chiffon Cake

Is this orange chiffon cake too good to be true?

Gosh! I have to pinch myself when I cut the first slice of this cake.

It is made with NO cream of tartar, baking powder or any cake raising agents and cake stabiliser!

Yet, it shrinks very minimally.

And, it is so soft and cottony!!!

It is simply PERFECT!!!

cottony soft orange chiffon cake
Perfect Ultra Soft Orange Chiffon Cake

Monday, July 10, 2017

Korean Soju Chicken Stew - Easy, Comforting and can be Children Friendly too!

"Mum, what are we having for dinner tonight? I'm starving!!!"

"Soju chicken"

"Huh?" And it was a loud "Huh!" from my son. LOL!

For those who don't know Soju, it is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Korea. Mostly made in South Korea, Soju is clear and colorless with its alcohol content varies from about 18% to 45% alcohol by volume. Traditionally, Soju is made from rice, wheat or barley but these days, the modern Soju is made with potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca.

In Korea, Soju is traditionally consumed straight and gradually becomes modernized, famous and popular as a base spirit for cocktails and mixed drinks with fruits, fruit juice and even yogurt.

I bet you will ask... If Soju is great being a part of an alcoholic fruity drink, why am I using Soju to cook chicken? This is why my husband was giving me a skeptical look when I bought a bottle of Soju specially to cook this chicken stew... Well, guess what? This Soju chicken stew is really AWESOME!!!

korean soju chicken stew easy
Korean Soju Chicken Stew