Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sticky Gooey Mix-and-Bake Milo / Malted Chocolate Cake

Imagine sinking in your teeth into a slice of these sticky gooey very very very moist Milo cake...

If you have a weakness for anything that is sticky, gooey, malty or chocolaty... Well, I have to say that this ultimate sticky gastronomic experience is waiting for you!

Sticky gooey Milo Cake

Little Thumbs Up September (Milo)

Do you like malted chocolate drinks like Milo or Ovaltine?

YES!!! for me... and I know three of my blogging friends like Milo too... They are my bake-along buddy, Lena from Frozen Wings, Louiz (also known as Princess Ribbon) from Breathe a little... Slow down and Sharon from Delishar who loves cooking and baking with Milo and her Milo food is always "WOW"!

If you like Milo just like me, Lena, Louiz and Sharon, I wonder if September 2015 might be the favourite month for you as Doreen from my little favourite DIY and I will be "cooking" or baking a lot with Milo within this month for our 
Little Thumbs up. Please link with us if you are baking or enjoying your food with Milo and hope that you will enjoy your Milo as much as we do.

Why Milo?

Is Milo good for us?

According to Milo, Milo and milk is a nutritious formulated supplementary food developed in Australia in 1934. Even up to today, it is still a delicious low GI drink to deliver essential nutrients and energy for active kids.

Is Milo a healthy drink or food?
Yes if Milo is consumed in a moderate amount plus with an active lifestyle as it is a good source of calcium, iron, vitamins, energy and proteins.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Guilt-free Double Chocolate Adzuki Bean Brownies (and Gluten-free too!)

I'm always a strong believer of ...

We are what we eat

Eat well live well

... but what should we eat to stay healthy? Low fat? Low sugar? Low carb? Low calories? Atkins? Paleo diet? Raw food? Macrobiotic? Vegan? Detox? Vitamins?

I'm not a nutritionist and can't answer this question most appropriately. For me, I like to enjoy my food with moderation. I like to invest on fresh and good quality ingredients and like to cook or bake from scratch with good and honest ingredients as much as possible. Most importantly, my food has to taste good as good food makes me feel good... Happy tummy = Happy me! Agree?

Can sensuously delicious food be healthy too? Possible if we have a positive attitude to appreciate food. For me, I like to enjoy my food with flavours but it doesn't have to be extremely meaty, vegan, oily, creamy, spicy, salty and sweet. I'm after a good balance of taste and texture with reasonable amount of nutrition and this is what I see in these double chocolate adzuki bean brownies...

double chocolate adzuki bean brownies
Double chocolate adzuki bean brownies

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Flaky and Flakiest Tau Sar Piah with smooth Tau Sar filling 酥皮豆沙饼

This is me continuing my tau sar piah baking exploration...

Tau sar piah? It is a traditional Singapore / Malaysian Chinese type of pastry filled with mung beans filling which can be sweet, salty, pasty or melty as mentioned at here.

If you are a Singaporean like me, you will know that there are many types of tau sar piah with various types and combinations of fillings and pastry to enjoy... Previously, I have baked the yuan yang kind which is made of a flaky pastry with a perfect combination of slightly sweet, salty and spicy flavours in its mung beans and meat floss filling. And for this bake, I tell myself that I have to find the tau sar piah that is the flakiest!

At where? I like to ask... mirror mirror on the wall? Nay! I don't have a magic mirror and don't look like an evil queen or even a snow white! LOL! Fortunately, I do have internet and have a blogging friend who has baked the most awesome flaky tau sar piah at Victoria Bakes. High five Victoria!!!

This recipe can bake seriously flaky tau sar piah!!! To look for the flakiest of all, I'm in my investigating suit to see if the use of different fat can make any differences... Well, let's see.

flaky tar sar piah smooth tau sar filling
Is this flaky Tau Sar Piah the flakiest?