Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fuss Free Easy Lean Beef Mushroom Pies

As a busy working mum, I'm after easy recipes that can feed my family efficiently, effectively and ideally healthily. And when I hear my boy says something like... "Mmmm... This is so yummy!" or "Can I have more, please?", I know that I have found a good recipe that has worked well for me.

After hearing a couple of "mmm..." and "ah" when we were having these Lean Beef Mushroom Pies, I know that t
hey are absolutely yummy! The good thing about baking these healthful pies is I can multi-task with many chores and bake these all within 2 hours! Brilliant!

Do you want to know more about this easy family-friendly recipe?

easy beef mushroom pies
Easy Lean Beef Mushroom Pies

Monday, September 17, 2018

Colourful Spiral Flaky Pastry Coconut Custard Mooncake - Made with Natural Colouring and Less Sugar HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Do you love mooncakes but hate consuming too much fat and sugar from them?

Worse if the store-bought mooncakes that we had are made with lotus seed or red bean paste that are made with unknown fat and they might contain a high amount of saturated and trans fat!!! Eww...

Worst if we are indulging with mooncakes that are extra sweet!!! Most people would think that high-fat foods are the cause of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and cancers. Not entirely because sugar is bad too! Consuming excessive sugar is somehow similar to force-feeding ourselves like the ducks with fatty liver (foie gras) and the fatty liver can eventually lead us to many chronic diseases. Eww...

With all these health concerns, does this mean that we can't eat any mooncake or sweet treats or buttery food at all?

No! No! No!!! Life is short so please don't eat cardboard food!!!

Although I'm health conscious, I'm after taste and texture in my food and wouldn't mind eating carbs, gluten, sugar, butter and salt with reasonable moderation!!!

So this is why I'm baking these Colourful Spiral Flaky Pastry Coconut Custard Mooncakes...

I'm not saying that these mooncakes are healthy! Unlike many store-bought mooncakes, my homemade less-guilty treats are made with 1) WAY LESS SUGAR 2) fats that are TRANS FAT FREE 3) no artificial colourings and flavours. Most importantly, my pretty-looking mooncakes are DELICIOUS!!! This is definitely a recipe that is worth sharing...

colourful spiral flaky pastry coconut custard mooncake less sugar
My Colourful Spiral Flaky Pastry Coconut Custard Mooncakes
They are made with natural colouring and less sugar!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Easy 4-ingredients Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies - Made with Less Sugar

What happened when I mix mix mix (1) peanut butter, (2) brown sugar, (3) baking powder and (4) egg and baked the mixture?

Within minutes, I was enjoying these yummy peanut butter cookies!!!


4 ingredients less sugar easy gluten free peanut butter cookies
Super Easy 4-ingredients Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Chinese Red Bean Paste Mooncake Pastry Slices

I wonder if it is just me or everybody...

Have you noticed that more people are consuming less mooncakes these days? Or maybe my husband and I are the only one that are becoming more health-conscious and eating less mooncakes?

Do you love mooncakes but hate consuming too much sugar and fat from them?

However, a mooncake is a mooncake if it is not made with a good amount of sugar and fat! And if I have to eat a tasteless mooncake or a mooncake that is made with artificial sweentener, I would rather not to eat any mooncake! Agree?

This is why I'm baking these red bean paste mooncake slices to satisfy my mooncake crave without consuming excessive sugar and fat from these yummy controlled-portion-size festive treats...

Love the idea?

red bean mooncake pastry slices
My family and I love these Red Bean Paste Mooncake Pastry Slices
They are less guilty and delicious!