Monday, September 26, 2016

Superfoods Salad

Do you believe in superfoods?


What are superfoods?

According to Wikipedia, superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with health benefits. For example, spinach and kale are known as superfoods because they are enriched with iron, vitamins, antioxidants and many beneficial nutrients. However, the superfood term is not casually used by dietitians and nutrition scientists as some believe that it is just a marketing term to promote health supplements.

Yes. I'm a believer of superfoods but not the over-the-top kind! Well... meaning that everything that I eat doesn't have to be superfoods! Like I always say, I'm the sort of person who like to stay energized and active by eating a balanced proportion of good food. Food that is fresh, least processed and must taste good!!!

When I first saw this superfood salad recipe from the book, The Dinner Ladies by Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood, I really love it! To me, it is such a clever way of bringing out the beauty of many superfoods like quinoa, spinach, edamame and sweet potatoes and transform them all into one real good food... so good that I would say just this vegetarian salad itself can be a fulfilling summer lunch or dinner.

I really like this salad. Do you?

superfoods salad quinoa sweet potato spinach edamame
Superfoods Salad by The Dinner Ladies

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cookie-like Muesli Bars / Slices - Highly Recommended by Kids!!!

"Mum, you HAVE to bake this muesli slice!!! It is so yummy!!!" said my son with his excited muffled voice as he was happily chewing a full mouthful of muesli slices. In response to his comment, my husband with a full mouthful of muesli slices too was nodding his head very repeatedly.

And I was like... What is so special about this muesli slice?

It was a chilly evening when we were picking my son from his after-school care and he was stepping out of the school with a plastic bag that is loosely filled with broken pieces of warm freshly baked muesli slices. Feeling peckish at that time, my husband took a few pieces of the slices from the bag and both my father and son were very happy munching all of the slices before entering the car. And guess what? I didn't even get to try anything!!! Even a tiny crumb... Nothing!

"Mum, you HAVE to get this recipe from Nicole. You HAVE to!"

Yes, boss... And I remember.

On my next before-school drop off, I asked Nicole for the recipe. She told me many kids in the after-school care enjoyed baking and eating these nut-free muesli slices and it is so good that she had prepared extra copies of this recipe because she knows that many parents will ask for the recipe from her eventually. See! She is right! LOL!

Looking at the recipe, I asked myself... What is so special about this muesli slice?

1) For sure, it is 100% nut-free because the before- and after-school care is strictly a nut-free zone! And it has no seeds too.

2) It contains no egg and honey! And this means that if it is made with any plant-based oil with high amount of saturated fat like coconut oil or Nuttelex, this slice can be a great vegan snack and dairy-free too!

3) It contains self raising flour, thus making these slices NOT the usual compact hard kind of muesli bars! In fact, it is so nicely puffed up that it tastes almost like muesli cookie with crispy edges but only when it is consumed on the same day of bake. And this is why these freshly baked slices are so satisfying and addictive to eat!!! ... and I don't even get to eat a tiny crumb from the after-school care plastic bag of goodies... LOL!

On the subsequent days of bake, the slices won't be crispy anymore as they develop into the moist, soft and typical chewy type of slice texture. Yet, they are equally good and delicious... So good that my son has been asking me repeatedly to pack more these slices into his school lunches. And I'm so happy to hear that he likes these fruity oaty treats :)

4) It contains desiccated coconut! Nothing usual here but it is a surprise to me that my desiccated-coconut-dessert-hating husband and son don't mind this addition in these slices!

"I thought you don't like desiccated coconut in your cakes and treats."

"Yup! We don't mind!"


This is really really really an awesome recipe! Plus it's extremely easy to bake as the kids at the after-school care are baking it :)

After reading my post, you too might HAVE to try this recipe??? Will you? LOL!

crispy muesli slice
Crispy Nut Free Muesli Slice - Highly Recommended by Kids!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Easy Fuss Free Mushroom Frittata

No time? Or too tired to cook?

I have an extremely easy, fuss free delicious vegetarian savoury recipe to share and it takes me only 10 minutes to assemble!!! And the oven will do the rest of the cooking...
quick easy mushroom frittata vegetarian
Quick and easy Mushroom Frittata

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Like BreadTalk / BreadTop Pork Floss Bread Buns - even fluffier and better than the ones selling in the shops!

Are we kiasu or what???

Whenever my son and I buy our favourite pork floss buns from Asian-style bakeries like BreadTop at Melbourne / Australia or BreakTalk at Singapore, we will take our time to choose the buns that have the most amount of floss topping!!! LOL!

Despite all our effort of choosing and picking, we still think that the bakeries are stingy giving us not enough floss topping and often complain to each other while we are enjoying our bread... LOL! *cheeky cheeky*

We can't help to be like these... Or maybe we are simply kiasu???

Let's be honest. Are you the same? Maybe not... but if you are a pork floss buns lover, will you reject these soft "QQ" pork floss buns that are generously topped with pork floss topping??? Yes! Then you must be a vegetarian or for some reasons, you can't eat pork floss! LOL!

"QQ" in Chinese term means chewy food with bouncy texture.

breadtalk breadtop pork floss buns
Like BreadTalk / BreadTop Pork Floss Bread Buns
... even softer, fluffier and better than the ones selling in the shops!