Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Vegetarian Nyonya Mushroom Glutinous Rice Dumpling Bak Chang / ZongZi 素娘惹粽

I'm back from my holidays and 端午節快乐! (meaning Happy Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese).

Today, I'm going to share a vegetarian Nyonya glutinous rice dumpling bak chang (zong zi) 素娘惹粽 recipe that I have cooked for myself. Why vegetarian?

Since birth, I have living with my grandma who became a full-on vegetarian when I was ten. At that time, my grandma didn't stop me from eating meat but I just went along enjoying all sorts of vegetarian food with her. Unfortunately, a few years after she started her vegetarian diets, her health started to deteriorate. Not because of her meatless diets but because she hurt her back and couldn't walk well with a correct posture anymore. Since then, she continued her vegetarian diets but stopped creating beautiful gourmet food in her kitchen... Very sad!

I love my grandma. And I was thinking of her when I made these vegetarian mushroom nyonya bak chang. Grandma and I love eating bak chang especially the nyonya ones and I always remember how she used to sing and dance while cooking bak chang for me in her kitchen. It is one of my most lovely reminiscence of her.

vegetarian mushroom nyonya bak chang
My Vegetarian Mushroom Nyonya Bak Chang

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hanjuku (Japanese Half Baked Soufflés) Cheesecake - Baked with Maximal Cream Cheese and Minimal Cornflour and it's Gluten Free!

Have you noticed something lately? Is hanjuku food a trendy thing to eat or bake these days?

This is why I'm baking this Hanjuku Cheesecake. No doubt that it is a trending food in the recent social-media-sphere.

Hanjuku? If you search the meaning of "hanjuku" at Google, you will see that it is a Japanese term to described eggs that is half cooked or with semi-molten yolk.

Knowing this definition, you would assume that all Hanjuku foods are half cooked or have molten-like texture like the molten lava cheese tarts that I baked at here. Not exactly!!! This Hanjuku cheesecake is errr... sort of half-baked and doesn't have a runny molten texture! Unlike most typical non-Hanjuku fully baked Japanese cheesecakes, this cheesecake is "half-baked" with half the amount of eggs and other ingredients but contain the typical full amount of cream cheese. In another word, it is basically a fully-cream-cheese-loaded soufflé Japanese cheesecake that is baked with half of the other ingredients. Roger? So you can imagine... This cheesecake is fluffy like half-risen soufflé cheesecake and yet doubly loaded with creamy cream cheese... Yum! I must admit that it is a cheesecake heaven!

After tasting this lovely cake, I actually packed a few slices of it for my husband to share with his coffee kaki (meaning close friends that always hanging out together in Hokkien language) and he came home excitedly, telling me his kaki like the cake very much and one said that he will pay to buy this unique cheesecake!!! It is so nice to hear all these positive and appreciative comments. And I'm happy to know that there are people who are willing to buy my home-baked cakes! Does this means that I can start selling my home-baked cakes? Hmmm... Not too sure yet!!! LOL!

hanjuku half baked Japanese cheesecake
Hanjuku Cheesecake / Japanese Half Baked Cheesecake

Monday, May 8, 2017

Extremely Soft Vegan White Sandwich Bread - NO Eggs, NO Milk, NO Butter, Easy to handle!

When I first saw the original title of this recipe, EXTREMELY SOFT WHITE BREAD at Cookpad, I was like REALLY???

After baking and tasting these breads, I was REALLY!!!

These white sandwich breads are REALLY EXTREMELY SOFT!!!

Let me guess... Did you just say "REALLY???" Bet that you will bake it, taste it and may say "REALLY!!!" LOL!

soft white vegan sandwich bread
Extreme Soft White Sandwich Bread
It's vegan!!! With NO eggs, NO butter and NO milk! And it's easy to handle!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Salted Caramel Apple Oat Crumble Yogurt made from my Whatever Fruit Oat Crumble Yogurt Recipe

Like gourmet cafe-style fruity crumble yogurt treat but hate the idea of paying more than $5 for a tiny small serve?

I wonder if you feel the same too...

Like this this this but hate that that that in my yogurt? Why can't the shops or the supermarkets sell exactly the kind of yogurt that I want?

And I wonder if you feel the same too...

Hmmm... I had an idea!!! I've created a template recipe to make gourmet cafe-style fruity crumble yogurt all accordingly to what I want!!! And you can do the same too!

Plus, it is a healthy recipe with oats and bucket load of fruits. Also, it is thoughtfully formulated with less butter and sugar! NICE!!!

And this is why I called my recipe... The Whatever Fruit Oat Crumble Yogurt! LOL!

Salted Caramel Apple Oat Crumble Yogurt
...made from my Whatever Fruit Oat Crumble Yogurt recipe!