Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Matcha / Green Tea Red Bean Hurricane Chiffon Swiss Roll 绿茶紅豆沙飓风戚风蛋糕卷

Hurricane Swiss roll again? Yup.

The whirlwind of the recent hurricane Swiss roll baking trend was so strong that I see that many baking enthusiasts got overwhelmed with it. Not surprisingly, I WAS one of them. Hmmm...

Like many hurricane Swiss roll bakers, I was chasing after perfection...

Perfect hurricane Swiss rolls that have 1) MANY "hurricane" streaky motifs 2) perfect round Swiss roll shape but the round ones are most often filled with A LOT of CREAM!!! 3) creative motifs or interesting delicious flavours such as rainbow-coloured hurricane motifs, charcoal hurricane Swiss roll or etc.

After my first Cocoa Hurricane Swiss Roll at here, I can't believe that I had to try baking more than once in order to create a better Hurricane Swiss Roll than my first one and this is the best Hurricane Swiss roll that I have baked so far...

match green tea red bean hurricane chiffon Swiss roll
My Cottony Soft Green Tea Red Bean Hurricane Swiss Roll

Monday, May 14, 2018

Easy Basic Thick Fuffy Japanese Pancakes / Hotcakes パンケーキ - Made with Butter and Less Sugar

I believe that all pancakes are NOT the same because different ingredients and different combination will create different types of pancakes.

So far, I have tried cooking these pancakes...
Japanese Pancakes / Hotcakes recipe at here
Perfect Basic Pancakes recipe at here
Best Buttermilk Pancakes recipe at here
Basic Buckwheat Pancakes recipe at here
Vegan Banana Chia Pancakes recipe at here
Lemon Yogurt Pancakes recipe at here

And they are all very different with varied texture and taste.

Despite that I always said that, some nice and helpful readers told me that I can add a little bit of this-or-that to make some pancakes taste better or fluffier. I agree and can totally appreciate their good intentions. However, I still think it is the recipe, the specific ingredients and the unique combination that makes the overall difference. A little bit of this-and-that can improve the pancakes but knowing the right recipe to add a little bit of this-and-that is most fundamentally important!

You know what? I'm nice and helpful too! LOL! Therefore, I'm sharing a basic Extra Thick and Fluffy Japanese Pancake recipe that I have found in one of my Japanese cookbooks lately. This low sugar pancake recipe contains a lot lesser milk than the perfect basic pancakes at here, making the pancakes a lot thicker and bouncier with slightly higher egg proportion. Very very very delicious too!!! If you want, I would say... This will be a 
great basic Japanese pancake recipe to be explored further with a little bit of this-or-that.

thick fluffy Japanese pancakes hotcakes
My Miffy Japanese Hotcakes パンケーキ
These extra thick and fluffy pancakes are made with butter and less sugar.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Looking for the Best Rock Cakes Recipe?

"Mum, what are you baking today?"

"Rock cakes." And my reply sounded proud and clear.

"I know. You baked these because you must be thinking of your mum and her rock cakes."

"Yes, baby. You are so smart!"

It feels really good knowing that my son knows me.

Sometimes, my son enjoys listening to my growing-up and day-to-day stories. And I reckon this my-mum-and-her-rock-cakes story is one of the stories that he hasn't forget.

So here, I have road-tested THREE easy rock cakes recipes using different techniques. Wanna hear my rock cakes story and my verdict of these recipes?

I have used THREE easy recipes with different techniques to bake these yummy rock cakes.
Do you want to know which recipe or technique is the best?

Monday, May 7, 2018

Our Favourite Thick Creamy Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

It is now the second week of May. As the cold side of autumn has officially arrived in Melbourne, we are now craving for thick and creamy soups.

I know you know, everybody know that cooking thick and creamy pumpkin or sweet potato soup is easy! Simply cook the pumpkin or sweet potatoes in vegetable or chicken stock until soften. Then, process until the soup is smooth and serve!

However, I also know how to make our pumpkin or sweet potato soup naturally sweeter with more flavors. Do you know?

Or do you want to know?

roasted sweet potato soup
This is how I cooked our favourite Sweet Potato Soup.
And ours are extra tasty with caramelised roasted flavours.