Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Ultra Soft and Moist Black Sesame Chiffon Cake - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


I can confidently say...

"Mmm... My black sesame chiffon cake is NICE!"


soft moist black sesame chiffon cake
Proudly presenting...
My Ultra Soft and Moist Black Chiffon Cake


Monday, July 29, 2019

Super Soft Sandwich Bread with NO Overnight Starter Recipe TWO - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I hope that you like many of the good bread recipes that I have highly recommended...

Remember the Super Soft Sandwich Bread that I have baked at here?

Through this bake, I have discovered that these sandwich breads are equally amazingly soft even they are made with or without overnight starter culture. And it makes me wonder... Is the addition of the overnight starter culture really necessary to make bread super soft? Hmmm...

Remember the Super Soft Sourdough or Overnight Starter Sandwich Breads that I have baked at here?

This recipe has been doubly and triply tested and has produced ultra super duper soft breads with either sourdough or overnight starter culture! And I wonder... Can this bread recipe with 40% less butter make super soft sandwich breads without any starter?

Guess what? My answer is YES!!!

easy super soft sandwich bread
Super Soft Sandwich Bread with NO Overnight Starter Recipe TWO

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Super Moist Lemon Almond Butter Cake - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

We are lucky to have a fruitful little lemon tree!

Before having this lemon tree, we have other two citrus trees that have been impotent with no fruits for years... LOL! This is why we are so happy that this 3-years-old dwarf lemon tree is finally producing a good amount of sweet juicy zesty lemons this year.

To me, good lemons means yummy food...

These beautiful lemons have helped me to create many delicious bakes such as my EXTRA Fluffy Lemon Butter Scones at here, BEST Lemon Butter Cookies at here and this SUPER MOIST Lemon Almond Butter Cake...

I have to say... This super moist fragrant lemon butter cake is so delicious that you will find it difficult to say no!

super moist lemon almond butter cake
Super Moist Lemon Almond Cake

Monday, July 15, 2019

Looking the BEST Lemon Butter Cookies - Found THREE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED recipes!!!

Looking for the BEST lemon butter cookies?

I have an answer for you!

For those who don't use lemon for baking, you might ask... Why lemon butter cookies?

I love to bake with lemon due to its refreshing zesty taste and fragrance. Plus, I also like to make use of its acidic nature to create cakes and bakes with extra airy texture.

Something like...
lemon juice (acid) + baking soda (alkaline) = carbon dioxide gas = extra airy texture in bakes


Well, it's lemon season now in Australia! Since we have a little dwarf lemon tree for the past 3 years that is starting to produce a good amount of lemons this year, I have road-tested several recipes and found THREE really good lemon butter cookies recipes that make three very different types of delicious cookies...

Recipe One makes Crispy Lemon Butter Cookies.
Recipe Two makes Like-Shortbread Buttery Lemon Butter Cookies.
Recipe Three makes Thick Fluffy Soft Lemon Butter Cookies.

In fact, they are all considered the BEST based on the recipes that I have road-tested-and-tasted. And you choose any of them to be your personal best depending on what kind of lemon butter cookies that you like...

crispy lemon butter cookies
Do you like these CRISPY lemon butter cookies?