Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cheesy Grilled Flatbread - Vegetarian café-style food and it's YUMMY!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

At a glance, our summer 2020/2021 is ending soon and I have been on a mostly-meatless diet for the past 1 year.

Mostly-meatless? LOL! I'm not a vegetarian but I have not been eating meat or seafood everyday except for two meals a week when we have our weekly salmon and pan-fried dumpling dinners.

I do this because I love animals and I want to maintain environment sustainability. Having said that, I would still prepare and cook meat and seafood for my husband and son because they love their steak, prawns and chicken too much. Eventually, we have all agreed to consume as minimal meat as possible, eating the more sustainable chicken more often and less beef if possible. And we always finish eating all of our food, not wasting anything that is edible.

So whenever I'm in a mood of encouraging my meat-loving husband and son to eat vegetarian food, I will try to cook something nice and unusual...

And I have managed to impress them with these meatless cheesy grilled flatbread.

cheese grilled flatbread vegetarian café-style summer fast easy
Cheesy Grilled Flatbread 
Plain. Simple. Vegetarian. Yet, stylish and YUMMY!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Super Soft Chewy Mocha Coffee Hot Cross Buns

Craving for hot cross buns lately?

Absolutely YES for us!

My hot cross buns baking season has already started even before Chinese New Year baking! Thus, I'm relieved now that my Chinese New Year baking season is officially over so that I can concentrate baking more hot cross buns...

Apart from the traditional hot cross buns with dried raisin or sultana, I have seen many variations of hot cross buns selling in supermarkets and bakeries these days. And I have been trying to bake my best mocha version. Guess what? It hasn’t been easy!

And this is the best Coffee Hot Cross Buns that I have baked so far...

super soft chewy mocha coffee chocolate chip hot cross buns
My Super Soft Fluffy and Chewy Mocha Hot Cross Buns

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Nestum Pork Floss Butter Cookies - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

WARNING: These sweet-and-salty crispy flossy mini Nestum Pork Floss Butter Cookies can be very addictive!!!

crispy mini Nestum pork floss butter cookies
I have to say it is difficult to stop munching these
... Nestum Pork Floss Butter Cookies!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Cottony Soft Red Velvet Chiffon Swiss Roll with Light Cream Cheese Filling - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Me busy?

My apology for not sharing any new recipe last week because I was busy baking for Chinese New Year cookies for my family.

Plus, the workload and pressure from my day job has been pacing up and I was feeling pretty flat-out and could easily fell asleep within seconds.

Are you feeling as tired as me? Perhaps, we should all take a break from Chinese New Year preparation and bake something different.

How about baking this cottony soft Red Velvet Chiffon Swiss Roll with light cream cheese filling for the coming Valentine's day?

cottony soft red velvet chiffon Swiss roll light cream cheese filling
One of our fav cakes...
Cottony Soft Red Velvet Chiffon Swiss Roll with Light Cream Cheese Filling