Monday, January 15, 2018

Ultimate Melt-in-the-mouth Malay Style Condensed Milk Enclosed or Nastar Pineapple Tarts

Like I always say...

I won't say that I'm a pineapple tart expert but I do know what are the pineapple tarts that I want!!!

After many years of testing numerous pineapple tarts recipe at here (2011), here (2012), here (2012), here (2013), here (2014), here (2015) and here (2016), I have finally found several pineapple tarts recipes that are outstandingly GOOD and they are:

1) MY Best Ultimate Melt-in-your-mouth Nastar Pineapple Tarts at here

These ultimate melty nastar pineapple tarts can disintegrating slowly in my mouth!!!

This pastry dough recipe is simply PERFECT for making nastar pineapple tarts. It is very easy to handle and won't stick to my hands. Plus, its texture and softness is just right to press through any nastar press without causing my thumbs any pain or redness after repetitive pressing. However, I don't really recommend using this recipe to make open faced and enclosed pineapple tarts because the unbaked dough can be a little too soft for shaping and rolling with a rolling pin.

2) My BEST Melt-in-your-mouth Open Faced Pineapple Tarts at here or from the book, Bake and Celebrate published by Marshall Cavendish. Bake and Celebrate

It's an easy, fail proof and sturdy melt-in-your-mouth open faced pineapple tart recipe that I always use to bake my open faced pineapple tarts. However, some readers say that this pastry is just crumbly, meaning that it's not melty enough for them. Critically speaking, I don't recommend making this pastry any more melty because melty pastry is obviously less sturdy and can't make open faced pineapple tarts that can hold good amount of pineapple jam filling! Hence, this recipe is my best because it can't be any better than what it is!!!

3) What's next?

Despite that I have tested several recipes at here (2012) and here (2014), I have not find my BEST melt-in-your-mouth enclosed pineapple tarts and I'm still searching...

Inspired by the book, Malay Heritage Cooking by Rita Zahara and also a well-reputed condensed milk pineapple tart recipe by Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover at here, I was thinking of creating a Malay style pineapple tarts recipe.

Malay style pineapple tarts? When I was a little kid, I used to look forward for Hari Raya celebrations because I knew that my generous Malay ex-neighbour would give us a plate of her homemade pineapple tarts as part of her friendly gesture. Let me tell you... Her pineapple tarts are unforgettably delicious!!! I remember that her enclosed tarts are typically pale-coloured being minimally brushed with egg wash. And they are buttery, a little cake-like and extremely delicate. So delicate that the tender buttery crumbs would stick onto my fingers when I picked up the tarts and of course, the pastry would just literally melt in my mouth. Hmmm... This is why I always associate my Malay ex-neighbour's melt-in-the-mouth buttery tarts to be the same as all Malay style pineapple tarts! And I hope that I'm right making such generic assumption... LOL!

Based on my memory and several trial and errors, I'm proud to say that I have finally managed to derive an Ultimate Melt-in-the-mouth Malay style Enclosed Pineapple Tart recipe!!! These buttery pineapple tarts are extremely melt-in-the-mouth, a little cake-like and delicate just like my Malay ex-neighbour's ones!!! Plus, I can use this recipe to make nastar pineapple tarts too.

melt in the mouth condensed milk enclosed pineapple tarts
Ultimate Melt-in-your-mouth Malay Style Condensed Milk Enclosed Pineapple Tarts

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Melt in the Mouth Crispy Chinese Butter Cashew Cookies 香脆牛油腰果酥

Like my ultimate melt-in-the-mouth cashew cookies at here but hate the fact that they can be fragile to handle? No worries...

If you are planning to bake many cashew cookies to give and sell, you must know that stacking ultimate melt-in-the-mouth cookies into big jars and transport the crumbly cookies to give and sell can be difficult. What if... you die die must bake cashew cookies and want the cookies to be melt-in-the-mouth and sturdy? No worries... because you can bake these sturdy melt-in-the-mouth BUTTER cashew cookies!!!

melt in the mouth butter cashew cookies
Melt in the Mouth Crispy Chinese Butter Cashew Cookies

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Ultimate Melt in the Mouth Chinese Cashew Cookies 腰果酥 Extremely addictive!

Same cookie recipe. Different nuts. Different taste! Different texture!

After tasting and loving the sweet, salty, crunchy almond cookies that I baked with recipe one at here, the curious me wonder if I can use the same recipe to bake cashew cookies. 
Of course, I can but due to the fact that cashew nuts are nutritionally very different from almond, these cashew cookies turns out to be very different.

Very different yet very very very yummy! So yummy that these melt-in-our-mouths cashew cookies are extremely addictive!

HELP!!! We can't stop eating these... LOL!

best melt in the mouth Chinese cashew cookies
The Ultimate Melt-in-the-Mouth Chinese Cashew Cookies

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Easy Fail Proof Strawberry Jam Butter Cookies

Gosh! It's January now and this means that Chinese New Year is arriving soon!!!

Gotta kick start baking Chinese New Year goodies soon!!!

Have you been busy baking for Chinese New Year too?

NO? Is it because you have experienced bad failures from baking and don't want to go through the stress and pain of not being able to deliver any delicious bakes on important celebrations like Chinese New Year. I know this feeling... I was a lousy cook and baker too but I have changed!!! I have managed to learn well enough as I cook and bake. Oh yes... I'm a strong believer of "practice makes perfect". So, don't give up!!!

If you are afraid of baking failures but still keen to bake for Chinese New Year, I have a really good fail-proof simple and easy Butter Cookies recipe to share with you. And you can bake these easy-to-handle sturdy butter cookies with or without strawberry jam or even with any jam. Keen to try? YES???

strawberry jam eggless butter cookies
Easy Fail Proof Eggless Strawberry Jam Butter Cookies
So easy that I think anyone older than 12 can bake these cookies!