Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ultra Soft Pandan Chiffon Cake (with Milk and NO coconut milk)

If you are a chiffon cake enthusiast like me, I hope that you will like my milky soft chiffon cake recipe at here. It is such an awesome recipe producing a basic vanilla chiffon cake that is so soft, tender and moist!!!

Hence, I know some of you might ask...

Can you modify this recipe into other versions of chiffon cake?

My answer is YES!!!

Some of the readers might be surprised with my positive answer as I had been saying NO to all readers who have asked if they can modify my other ultra soft chiffon cake recipes at here (banana chiffon cake), here (honey chiffon cake), here (cranberry yogurt chiffon cake) and here (cocoa chocolate chiffon cake) into the ultra soft chiffon cakes that they want. YES that I won't say NO this time... LOL!

Unlike my other ultra soft chiffon cake recipes, my basic milk chiffon cake recipe at here is versatile and can be easily modified into pandan, coffee or any milk-flavoured chiffon cakes. All you have to do is to substitute the plain milk with any flavoured milk like chocolate milk, strawberry milk, coffee with milk, etc etc etc and ... VoilĂ !!!

This is one of my ultra soft pandan chiffon cake that is made with fresh pandan that is extracted with milk. Told you... It works!!! And it is so perfect-liciously soft and fragrant!!!

soft cottony pandan chiffon cake
Ultra Soft Pandan Chiffon Cake made with pandan extracted with milk

Monday, June 19, 2017

Very Moist Wholemeal Buckwheat Chia Seed Banana Bread

As a mum, I'm constantly looking nutritionally good recipes to cook and bake for my family... Do you?

Nutrition-wise, I believe that all baked goods that are made with wholemeal or wholegrain are way more beneficial than those that are made with plain white flour. Agree?

Taste-wise, sad to say that most wholemeal and wholegrain foods are not as moist and delicious as those that are made with plain white flour. I know that I have failed pretty badly when my fussy son says that he can detect wholemeal in his food and then whinge whinge whinge all the way. Hmmm...

To enhance the taste and texture of wholemeal and wholegrain foods, I have noticed a few good strategies used:

1. Use a combination of half or less wholemeal flour and half plain flour, not all wholemeal flour
For example like these Highly Rated Wholemeal Banana Chocolate Muffins that I baked at here and this soft and moist Tang Zhong Milk Wholemeal Bread at here.

2. Use wholemeal flour only in recipes that makes very moist food like banana bread and banana muffins.
For example like these Low Fat Banana Berry Wholemeal Muffins at here and Easy Black Bottom Milo Wholemeal Banana Bread at here. Even though these recipes are really good enough for me, some readers still mentioned that these reduced fat wholemeal food are not good enough for them. I guess that the key thing for these recipes to work is not to over-mix and probably not to expect too much from low fat wholemeal food... Give and take?

3. Incorporate substantial amount of fat and flavours into your wholemeal food.
For example like these Wholemeal Date Scones at here. Absolutely! These wholemeal scones with good amount of butter and dates are so so so delicious! See... I can't defy the fact that fat like butter and other tasty ingredients like chocolate and dates can definitely mask the wholemeal "cardboard" taste... Ops!

Strategy 4? Yes, I have found another strategy here and it is to use a combination of buckwheat flour with NO gluten plus chia seeds too to bake these very moist and delicious wholemeal banana bread.

moist wholemeal buckwheat banana bread
Very Moist Wholemeal Buckwheat Banana Bread

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ultra Soft Milk Chiffon Cake

You have to believe me... Creating recipes that bake ultra soft chiffon cakes is not so easy!!!

After deriving these ultra soft chiffon cakes at here (banana chiffon cake), here (honey chiffon cake), here (cranberry yogurt chiffon cake) and here (cocoa chocolate chiffon cake), I have been going through a tough journey just to bake a
basic milk chiffon cake that is ultra soft enough *Ahem* to pass my very strict cake standard!!!

You have to believe me... I have gone SO mad, crazy and all out just to optimise an ultra soft milk chiffon cake recipe!

And finally, I did it!!!

ultra soft vanilla milk chiffon cake
Ultra Soft Milk Chiffon Cake

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Maple Pear Cranberry Oat Crumble Yogurt - Low Fat, Low Sugar, Quick and Easy

Mum, can you bake these for me again?

YES. I will.

I'm very happy seeing how my son enjoyed these maple pear cranberry oat crumble yogurt. And I can confidently say that I WILL bake these maple pear cranberry oat crumble yogurt for my family again because...

1) I love my son!!! And I will do anything for him! LOL!
2) this treat is wholesome because it is made with seasonal fruits, oat and yogurt.
3) this absolutely guilt-free treat is made with minimal butter and sugar and yet it is so naturally sweet and yummy!
4) homemade food from scratch is made with no added preservative and no artificial flavouring and this pear crumble is generously flavoured with my favourite spice, vanilla! yum! yum!

5) this oat crumble yogurt is so quick and easy to make!!! Yeah... fast-fast chop-chop!
6) it's just simply nice to see my family loving my cooking and baking... ke ke!

Will you bake these crumbles for you and your family?

Easy Maple Pear Cranberry Oat Crumble Yogurt