Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Black Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy / Mexican Coffee Buns HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEDED!!!

Craving for more chocolate?

Something that is very dark and intensively chocolate...

After baking my Super Moist Black Chocolate Cake at HERE and Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy at HERE, I wonder... Can I use the highly Dutch-processed black cocoa powder that I used to bake the black chocolate cake at HERE to bake Black Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy?

Clearly, YES!!!

And these black chocolate coffee roti boy are a lot more darker and intensively chocolate than the regular brown ones!

black chocolate coffee roti boy Mexican coffee chocolate buns
My Black Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy
Very dark with stronger intensive cocoa taste!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Ultimate Fudgy Extremely Chocolaty Chocolate-Loaded Black Chocolate Chip Cookies - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Have you ever wondered... Can a cookie has too much chocolate?

Have you tried baking my Ultimate Chocolate-loaded Super-chocolaty Chocolate Brownies at HERE? This 20 cm square brownies is loaded with 360g 70% cocoa dark chocolate!!! Now, I'm thinking of doing the same for a cookie.

- A cookie that is ultimately loaded with chocolate. Not butter. Not sugar.

- A desirable cookie to all dark chocolate lovers!

- A chocolate is moist, dark and super intense with chocolate flavour!

Wait a minute? I thought that I already found The Ultimate Fudgy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at HERE! So what can I do to make the cookies even more chocolaty?

I had an idea and baked these cookies with the extreme dark BLACK cocoa powder.

best ultimate fudgy extreme black chocolate chip cookies
My Ultimate Chocolate-Loaded Black Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Super Soft and Moist Sweet Potato Sandwich Bread Recipe One - Less added sugar and taste so naturally sweet! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Are you looking for a healthy daily sandwich bread recipe?

To me, a healthy sandwich bread must ...
- not be overly loaded with sugar or sweetener
- not be overly loaded with fat like butter and vegetable oil
- not contain artificial colourings and preservatives
- contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber
- contain natural ingredients

Most ideally, these healthy breads must be soft, moist and delicious! No cardboard taste! No dry and bland texture!

Is this even possible?

YES... Here, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this healthy Sweet Potato Sandwich Bread recipe!!!

Each 450g loaf of these breads is made with 12g sugar, 2g salt and 30g butter plus vitamins and minerals from the added eggs, milk and sweet potatoes. They are all homemade with NO colourings and preservatives added.

It contains heaps of dietary fiber from the added sweet potatoes so this means that no wholemeal flour is required! Yay because most soft wholemeal breads can be difficult to bake!!!

Best of all... it is naturally sweet, moist, soft and delicious!

sweet potato sandwich bread
Sweet Potato Sandwich Bread
Made with less sugar and taste so naturally sweet and delicious!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Fast and Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies - No Cane Sugar No Egg No Butter Just mix-and-bake!

I love my cookbooks but also love to create own recipes.

When I create my own recipes, I don’t just modify the amount of the ingredients. I can choose and add anything that I want. It’s like creating a tailor-made food for me and my family!

Sometimes, our expectations are high but reasonable. And these days, I’m after health-conscious less-guilty type of treats that are made with less sugar, moderate amount of good fat (eg. monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat) and of course less bad fat (eg. saturated and trans fat).

I also like recipes that are fast and easy. Preferably children, animal and environment friendly.

Mostly importantly, the food that I created has to be yummy!!!

This is why I have created these Fast and Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies with no cane sugar added.

fast easy vegan peanut butter cookies no cane sugar low sugar
Fast and Easy Peanut Butter Cookies
Simple and NICE!