Monday, May 8, 2023

Ina Garten Stress-relieving Flat Soft Extremely Chewy Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Feeling stressed lately?

Yes? Do you want to try baking these flat and chewy stress-relieving cookies?

Huh? Stress relieving? You must be thinking... I'm lame because enjoying ALL delicious cookies is stress-relieving. Then, why particularly these cookies?

I called these the super stress-busting cookies because it was actually fun and therapeutic banging these cookies on the kitchen top while baking them! LOL!!!

Wanna know more about this interesting recipe?

Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa flat soft chewy giant large chocolate chip cookies
Love love love baking these stress-relieving soft chewy
Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!!

Monday, April 17, 2023

The BEST Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - Recipe One, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

As a mum who bakes regularly, I often get baking requests from my child. And here, he was asking for CHEWY double chocolate chip cookies specifically .

As an exploring baker, I have tried and tested many double chocolate chip cookies recipes and they are listed at HERE. In summary, I have learned that:

1. I need to add at least 200g sugar to bake with 120g butter and 1 egg in order to yield perfect CHEWY double chocolate chips. Sadly if I don't, the cookies won't be chewy! For example, I have baked these Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at HERE and using this recipe. The Double Chocolate Chip Cookies that I have baked with slightly lesser sugar at HEREHERE and HERE are crispy and less chewy.

2. I do not over-bake chewy cookies. For example, the medium-sized Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at HERE with 12-15 minutes of baking or at HERE with 15-20 minutes of baking are mostly crispy.

3. If I add melted chocolate into the cookie dough, the cookies will turn out to be rather fudgy than chewy. For example, Extremely Chocolaty Fudgy Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies at HERE and Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies or Brookies at HERE.

4. If I bake the cookies with shortening or 1:1 combination of butter and shortening plus at least 150g sugar (50g less sugar), the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies will be thick and chewy and can hold 200g chocolate chips at HERE.

5. If I bake the cookies in larger size with less baking time like The Best Chewy Gooey Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at HERE, the cookies will be both gooey and chewy. However, if I use this recipe to bake the chewy cookies in medium size, the cookies will be precisely soft and chewy...

best quick easy chewy double chocolate chip cookies
Looking for the BEST CHEWY Double Chocolate Chip Cookies?
This recipe can bake medium sized CHEWY DCCC that can hold lots of chocolate chips.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Black Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy / Mexican Coffee Buns HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEDED!!!

Craving for more chocolate?

Something that is very dark and intensively chocolate...

After baking my Super Moist Black Chocolate Cake at HERE and Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy at HERE, I wonder... Can I use the highly Dutch-processed black cocoa powder that I used to bake the black chocolate cake at HERE to bake Black Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy?

Clearly, YES!!!

And these black chocolate coffee roti boy are a lot more darker and intensively chocolate than the regular brown ones!

black chocolate coffee roti boy Mexican coffee chocolate buns
My Black Chocolate Coffee Roti Boy
Very dark with stronger intensive cocoa taste!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Ultimate Fudgy Extremely Chocolaty Chocolate-Loaded Black Chocolate Chip Cookies - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Have you ever wondered... Can a cookie has too much chocolate?

Have you tried baking my Ultimate Chocolate-loaded Super-chocolaty Chocolate Brownies at HERE? This 20 cm square brownies is loaded with 360g 70% cocoa dark chocolate!!! Now, I'm thinking of doing the same for a cookie.

- A cookie that is ultimately loaded with chocolate. Not butter. Not sugar.

- A desirable cookie to all dark chocolate lovers!

- A chocolate is moist, dark and super intense with chocolate flavour!

Wait a minute? I thought that I already found The Ultimate Fudgy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at HERE! So what can I do to make the cookies even more chocolaty?

I had an idea and baked these cookies with the extreme dark BLACK cocoa powder.

best ultimate fudgy extreme black chocolate chip cookies
My Ultimate Chocolate-Loaded Black Chocolate Chip Cookies