Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Perfect Biscoff Apple Crumble Cake - HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

After baking my first Easy Biscoff Apple Cake at HERE, I was becoming more ambitious.

For my second Biscoff Apple Cake, I want to incorporate...
  • MORE Crispy Crumble Topping
  • and VANILLA
And the cake turns out to be PERFECT!!!

It is perfectly super-moistened due to the double amount of apple added! 

It is perfectly crisped as the crumble topping is buttery and very-Biscoffy loaded! 

It is also perfectly delicious as the combination of butter, vanilla, Biscoff crumbs and the apple juice released during baking make the cake batter tastes like it has a layer of thick sticky caramel sauce embedded within the cake. 

And I didn't add too much sugar into the cake... Isn't it perfect?

perfect Biscoff apple crumble cake less sugar super moist
This is my next Biscoff Apple Crumble Cake.
... with butter, vanilla, more Biscoff and more apples added!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

All Natural Less Sugar Sweet Potato Ang Ku Kuih / Ang Ku Kueh 紅龟粿 / 紅龟糕 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

No mooncake baking? Yup. I have not been baking mooncake or any Chinese pastries for the past weeks after I baked Gula Melaka Buttery Tau Sar Piah at HERE because I had a bad fall while running and decided to take a mini break from blogging and baking in order to recuperate.

Now, I'm feeling better. Hence, I want to show you how to make something traditional with less sugar but not by baking...

After making spectacularly delicious Black Sesame Ang Ku Kueh (黑龟粿 / 黑芝麻龟糕) at HERE, my son told me that I have to make more Ang Ku Kueh for him. LOL! So this time, I'm making the traditional classic version of Ang Ku Kueh which is red and filled with typical mung bean filling.

Ang in Hokkien dialect means red and Ku Kueh means tortoise cake. Red because it is an auspicious colour to our Chinese culture. Tortoise because it symbolizes longevity as most tortoises live a long life.

Traditionally, the Chinese from Singapore and Malaysia celebrate birthdays including baby's first month with these chewy "tortoise steamed cake" and they are made with a Chinese character “寿” (means longevity) imprinted onto these cake.

However, we are not celebrating any birthday. I'm making these kueh mainly to fix my son's craving. Also, it is not common to buy delicious ang ku kueh in Melbourne especially those which are thoughtfully made with less sugar, less oil and no artificial colouring!

traditional natural less sweet reduced sugar sweet potato nyonya ang ku kuih ang ku kueh 紅龟粿 紅龟糕
Proudly presenting my All-Natural Ang Ku Kueh with Less Sugar
Thoughtfully made with love for my family

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Gula Melaka Buttery Tau Sar Piah 马六甲椰糖牛油豆沙饼 - HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I’m pleased that August is almost gone which means that our weather at Melbourne is getting warmer and Spring is arriving soon. While the down-under us are enjoying cherry blossoms, the leaves at the rest of the world above the equator are starting to fall concurrently. Fascinating…

Whether we are experiencing the real autumn now or not, we as Chinese always celebrate mid-autumn festivals at this time of the year.

For us, I always enjoy making our own mooncakes or Chinese pastries during this festive season, preferably with less sugar or other health-conscious options. For example, my Less Sugar Colourful Spiral Flaky Pastry Coconut Custard Mooncake at HERE, Mini Honey Mooncakes at HERE and Chinese Red Bean Paste Mooncake Pastry Slices at HERE.

This year, I proudly present to you… my Gula Melaka Tau Sar Piah with Yummy Buttery Pastry.

Each of my standard-sized tau sar piah contains less than 6g added sugar! The pastry are so buttery, flaky, melty and crisp and the tau sar filling is smooth, fragrant, a little salty and sweet but not too sweet. Just perfectly nice!

best gula Melaka tau sar piah buttery pastry low sugar sweet and salty
my Gula Melaka Buttery Tau Sar Piah 马六甲椰糖牛油豆沙饼
with short buttery pastry

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Super Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with the highest amount of chocolate added - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

There was this relaxing Saturday that I have baked these Super Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies for our afternoon tea…

best super chewy chocolate chip cookies food network
Enjoying these lovely Super Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies… Yum!