Thursday, December 13, 2018

The 1-2-3 Cookies Recipe with NO egg

Have you heard or tried baking any 1-2-3 cookies recipes?

Last year, I have baked and shared one 1-2-3 cookies recipe at here using 1 part of butter, 2 parts of sugar, 3 parts of self raising flour plus 1 egg for every 100g of butter used. The recipe is so easy and straightforward! And these cookies made with minimal butter are actually amazingly delicious!

However... Like our lives, baking can sometimes be a little complicated! LOL! And I'm going tell you that there is ANOTHER 1-2-3 cookies recipe using 1 part of sugar, 2 parts of butter, 3 parts of self raising flour and contain NO eggs... but not to worry! These cookies are also easy and straightforward to bake!!! And they are amazingly delicious too!

Using this versatile buttery 1-2-3 cookie base, I have managed to bake three different types cookies to give and they are (1) Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, (2) Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies and (3) Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies... Told ya! This recipe is easy!!! LOL!

1-2-3 cookies cinnamon sugar chocolate chip cranberries
The cookies that I have made with this Egg-free 1-2-3 Cookies Recipe

Monday, December 10, 2018

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves homemade chocolate chip cookie. Do you?

To me, enjoying yummy chocolate chip cookies is like having a hug and giving away chocolate chip cookies is like giving away lots of hugs! LOL!

This Christmas, my son and I were giving away lots of gigantic chocolate chip cookies to his school friends and teachers! And we felt like we were giving away lots of gigantic hugs!!! Sounds generously good, huh?

However, I have to say that a good crispy chewy gigantic chocolate chip cookie is actually not easy to bake!!! Simply because 1) the ideal cookie dough has to spread well but not too much and 2) most cookies made in large sizes can break apart easily! Hence, it is essential to find and use the right cookie recipe that can specifically bake BIG chocolate chip cookies. And I have a perfect Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to share...

giant super large chocolate chip cookies
We are baking these Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies for Xmas!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Creamy Mango Lassi Gelato - made with No Egg, No Cream and Minimal Sugar

Just realise that there is two and half more weeks to Christmas and I have not done anything yet!!! Uh-oh! Panic! Panic!!! LOL!

The least is I'm ready for summer as I have been making nice gelato at home.

So for this post, I won't be sharing any Christmas baking but just this nice and creamy mango lassi gelato that I have made with NO egg, NO cream and minimal sugar.

Without the least fat and sugar content, I must admit that this gelato is more like the icy type but if you let it thaw slightly at room temperature just before scooping and serving, it is actually very smooth and yummy!

Is it nice to know that this creamy yummy gelato is actually not loaded with fat and sugar? I hope that you will like this guilt-free treat as much as we do.

creamy mango lassi gelato no cream no egg less sugar
Creamy YUMMY Mango Lassi Gelato
that is made with NO egg, NO cream and minimal sugar!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies - With NO Egg NO Nuts, HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I need a hug!

Or I need a cookie!

Not whinging but I do feel like my mind has been exploding since the beginning of this week. I must admit that the intensive job searching, the sad packing-up process and the heaps of uncertainty do wear me down quite a bit. Having said that, I'm usually positive! ^-^ For this coming weekend, I'm aiming to bake a couple of comfortable food to hug me. AND I SO WANT A HOME-BAKED COOKIE!!! LOL!!!

Talking about cookies... if you like the Subway type of crispy chewy dark chocolate chocolate chips cookies, I wonder if you have tried baking my Like-Subway Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Chips Cookies recipe at here?

If you are after the similar crispy chewy dark chocolate chocolate chips cookies that are made with NO egg, you should try baking THIS recipe!

These shortbread-like dark chocolate cookies are awesome!!! They are as good as the Subway chocolate cookies. They are crispy, not crunchy and little slightly chewy in the middle but slightly different because these thinner egg-free cookies are crispier at their edges!

When my son and I started munching one of these cookies, it was very difficult to stop... YUMMY!!!

dark chocolate oatmeal cookies no egg eggless
Crispy Buttery Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies - With NO egg
This recipe is a Must-Bake if you love dark chocolate cookies!!!