Monday, May 30, 2016

Banana and Berry Wholemeal Muffins - A Low Fat and Easy Recipe! Highly Recommended (Anneka Manning)

When I had my first bite of these low fat wholemeal banana berry muffins, I was like...

Gosh! I've found my most favourite healthy berry muffins!!!

low fat easy banana berry wholemeal muffins
Banana and Berry Wholemeal Muffins - A Reduced Fat and Easy Recipe by Anneka Manning

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Copycat Hanjuku Kobo / Bake Molten Lava Cheese Tart

Me a copycat?

Yeah. Sort of... Sorry that I don't mean to pinch the idea of baking molten lava cheese tarts that are like those selling at Bake at Sapporo, Hokkaido and Hanjuku Kobo 半熟工房 at Hong Kong. I baked these all because I really miss the alluring creamy taste and the luscious flowy lava cheese filling encased in a firm biscuit-y like of butter pastry. Just the memorable thought of how I enjoyed these cheese tarts at Hong Kong will make my mouth starts watering again... Aiyo! So embarrassing!!!

For the fact that I can't find any of lava cheese tarts selling in Melbourne, I tell myself that I have to replicate these tarts at home and so I baked it!!!

Look!!! These are my molten lave cheese tarts... I can't say that they are 100% replica of Hanjuku Kobo or Bake molten lava cheese tart as I have not managed to decode the ultimate mystery of baking the cheese filling with an uniform deep golden crust without the burning the top rim of the pastry. I suspect that these specialised bakeries have a size-customized top grill to do this job perfectly whereas all I have is just an ordinary blow torch to create this sort of brûlée look on my tarts. Hmmm...

So to conclude... Look-wise, I would say that my cheese tarts are 75% like the HK's. Taste-wise, I reckon they are 95% similar. Enjoyment-wise... Hmmm... 99.9%!!! Not 100%? Aiya... I was trying to be humble lah. keke!

Hanjuku Kobo Bake molten lava cheese tart
Copycat Hanjuku Kobo / Bake Molten Lava Cheese Tart

Monday, May 23, 2016

Quick and Easy Almond Shortbread (Anneka Manning) - Highly Recommended!

After baking and munching these almond shortbread, I know that I have to be straightforward!

Straightforward to tell you that I LOVE this recipe and this book!!!

quick easy almond shortbread Anneka Manning
Quick and Easy Almond Shortbread by Anneka Manning

This is me in the 7th episode of 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine!

Hi! Hi!

If you are living in Singapore and have recently watched the 7th episode of 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine that was aired on 18 May 2016, 8 pm (Singapore time), you might notice that I'm the Zoe Liu in the show!!!

弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine???

For those who are not living in Singapore and have not watch this show before, it is a new Chinese TV variety series shown on Mediacorp Channel 8 in Singapore.

Hosted by Singapore celebrities, Ben Yeo and Vivian Lai, each episode will feature a cooking blogger with one selected recipe from his / her blog and the blogger will cook the selected recipe with one of Mediacorp’s artistes.

Lucky me... Due to good timing, I was back in Singapore when they were filming this show and was lucky to get asked to appear in one of the episodes.

So here we go... This is me in the 7th episode of 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine.

For many of you who are not living in Singapore and can't get any access to watch this show, you can find a low-resolution and slightly-trimmed version of this episode at YouTube. To watch, just search for "bakeforhappykids"at YouTube or click this link or click the play button in the attached video below. Please note that this link is temporal and will be removed to avoid copyright infringement issues. So be quick and watch it now!!!

For those who don't understand Chinese language, I'm sorry that there is no English subtitles provided. Although the clip is 16 minutes of drama and cooking, I guess it is not so difficult to understand if you are watching the flow of this show with reference to this recipe (written in English).

For those who are living in Singapore, it is obviously better for you to watch the full episode at Toggle. Just search for 弹指间的料理 at Toggle and you will find all episodes that had been aired since April 2016.

If you like the Country Chicken Mushroom Pies and want to bake them? The recipe is at here.

Hope that you will enjoy or have enjoyed this show. Happy Baking!