Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ultra Soft and Moist Banana Chiffon Cake

I have a chiffon cake theory!

You may agree or disagree with me...

Based on many different chiffon cakes that I have baked at here, here, here, here and especially this banana chiffon cake recipe, I realised something! The chiffon cakes that I baked without adding cream of tartar, baking powder or any cake raising agents are the BEST being so moist, tender and cottony soft!!!

Really? Despite the fact that the cream of tartar and baking powder will make chiffon cakes looking tall, fluffy, impressive, structurally stable and easier to bake and handle, these cake-rising ingredients tend to make the cakes structurally stiffer and kill their ultimate softness! Hence, in my opinion, chiffon cakes with cream of tartar and baking powder are good but they are NOT as ultimately good as those that are made with NO cake raising agents!!!

Convinced? Here, I have an ULTIMATE banana chiffon cake recipe to share. With NO cream of tartar, I have to say that this is the BEST banana chiffon cake that I have baked so far!!! It is tall, fluffy, impressive, very very very moist and very very very ultra soft!!! Trust me... I have never taste any chiffon cakes that are softer and moister than this. This is truly the ultimate!!! Best of all, it contains no sourish cream of tartar aftertaste. So delicious and banana-y that you don't even need to add aromatic spices like cinnamon or vanilla to boost its flavours.

Must try!!! Must try!!! And I hope that you will be convinced that my chiffon cake theory is right!!!

best soft moist banana chiffon cake recipe
Ultra Soft and Moist Banana Chiffon Cake
This is the BEST banana chiffon cake that I have baked so far!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Heavenly Light Japanese Cheesecake Cupcakes

Made with mostly eggs and cream cheese, NO butter and minimal proportion of flour, these cottony Japanese cheesecake cupcakes are as light as feathers.

Texture-wise, these cheesecake cupcakes are like most Japanese cheesecake being mildly sweetened and milky. Texture-wise, these cupcakes are like most Japanese cheesecake being cottony plus extremely light and heavenly...

Extremely light and heavenly? These cheesecake cupcakes turned out to be just like what I have predicted after comparing the recipe with the popular fail proof Japanese cheesecake recipe at here. They are so light because the recipe contains the same amount of eggs, only half of the flour and has its butter totally replaced with condensed milk resulting a high souffle content, thus resulting the cake texture to be extremely light and feathery. NOT oily. And NOT dense!!! Super nice!!!

Due to its high egg and less flour proportion, I have to say that these cheesecake cupcakes are not easy to bake and so look-wise, these cupcakes are not perfectly flawless on their top surfaces and can be a little wrinkly after cooling. However, I wouldn't complain their slightly imperfect look because their light heavenly texture is actually very nice to enjoy!

Did I said that these cupcakes are not easy to bake? ... but please don't be intimidated as I'm happy to share many baking tips with you and hope that you will enjoy baking these heavenly light cheesecake cupcakes too.

light Japanese condensed milk cheesecake cupcakes
Heavenly Light Japanese Cheesecake Cupcakes

Monday, October 10, 2016

Eggless Vegan Wholemeal Waffles

I can't remember whether it was at my Facebook or blog or Instagram that one of the readers asked if I have tried cooking any eggless or vegan waffles before and I said no.

Eggless waffles? No way! I can't imagine waffles without any egg will taste any better!!!

On second thought, I asked myself... Am I jumping into a conclusion too fast? Maybe. And so I searched Google for an answer and found many vegan waffles recipe at here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and more... but are they crispy and fluffy? I'm not sure.

Looking at the recipes closely, I noticed that all of these vegan waffles recipes are so different. Although most of these recipes try to be healthful by using wholemeal flour and vegetable oil instead of plain white flour and fat that are high in saturated fat like coconut oil or shortening, I have noticed that these recipes have added quite a substantial amount of sugar and oil in order to make the waffles crispy and delicious. With no doubt, I can see the reason of doing that because I can't bring myself to eat any cardboard or soggy unstructured waffles!

I like to choose a recipe that uses a moderate amount of sugar and oil but can't decide which recipe to use. So I did an eeny, meeny, miny, moe and simply chose the first recipe that I saw from my Google search and used it to make two types of eggless waffles: 1) wholemeal waffles using plain wholemeal flour 2) gluten free waffles as mentioned in the original recipe by using gluten free flour. Surprise! Surprise! It works!!! These waffles look so amazingly GOOD!!!

eggless vegan wholemeal waffles
Eggless Vegan Wholemeal Waffles

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Like BreadTop Shacha Pork Floss Bread - Highly Recommended!

Whether you are an Asian or not, do you know what is shacha sauce? And have you tasted it before?

Surprise surprise... the Asian me never knew the existence of shacha sauce until I tasted BreadTop shacha pork floss bread at Melbourne!!!

According to Wikipedia, Shacha sauce (沙茶) or paste is a Chinese condiment primarily used in Taiwanese cuisines. It is commonly made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chili, brill fish, and dried shrimp. It is savoury with loads of umami taste plus a subtle hint of spicy aftertaste. Thus, this tasty sauce is used as 1) a base for soups, 2) a rub for barbecued meats, 3) a seasoning for stir fry dishes and hot pots 4) a component to make up dipping sauces and 5) at here, a base sauce to make yummy pork floss bread.

At Melbourne, you can find and buy shacha sauces in most Asia grocery shops and they are commonly available in several options like the regular ones with the addition of fish and shrimp, the extra spicy ones with added chili and the vegetarian ones with no fish and shrimp and I usually buy the popular brand which is the Bull Head ones.

Why shacha bread??? My son and I discovered this bread at BreadTop when he was a baby! I wasn't baking a lot at that time and often buy bread from BreadTop (a popular Asian bakery chain in Melbourne) for my quick lunches and I remember the day when I bought my first shacha bread...

It was an early summer afternoon, I was carrying my son in my Ergobaby carrier with his front facing me and his bare chubby feet dangling
. As I was walking home and munching my shacha bread, I felt a little hand tugging me. I looked down and saw a pleading face that says "can we share this bread?"

"Baby, this bread is not suitable for you to eat..." I tried to explain but realised that it was pointless to talk sense to a 9 month-old baby. Then, of course I gave in and fed my baby a small piece of my shacha bread and took a bite subsequently.

"Gosh! It's spicy!!!" I was worried at first but was relieved seeing that my happy son was reaching out for my hand, asking for more. In less than 10 minutes, the entire shacha bread was gone and my baby and I were happy.

Even until now, my 7 years old son and I still like to eat shacha bread together and I wonder if it is the shacha bread or the mother-and-son feeling of enjoying shacha bread together is what we are after...

"Mum, I think you can bake these shacha bread too!"

"Great idea! And I will."

And these are what I have baked...

breadtop shacha pork floss bread
Like BreadTop Shacha Pork Floss Bread