Monday, December 11, 2017

Country Style Creamy Stew with Biscuits - A clever way to use up your Christmas leftover!

Can't believe that it's mid-December soon! Are we counting down to Christmas?

I love Christmas! To me, it is like a month of cooking and baking for my friends and family.

To most of us, December is also a month of feasting and be merry. And of course, the food that we eat for this joyous festive has to be appetising and comforting like the traditional roast turkey, honey glazed ham and pork roast with crispy crackling.

Due to the fact there is only the three of us, we don't celebrate our Christmas with traditional mega-size 5 kg roast turkey, 4-8 kg glazed ham or 3 kg pork roast! Imagine... the three of us would have to eat so much meat! That will be so mad!!!

However, I might bake a glazed ham this year because Coles has been flashing a lot of their ham offer on TV!

"Can you bake glazed ham for us?" My husband has been asking me this same old thing whenever the Coles ham advertisement is on. Alright!

Hence, I did a market survey at Coles and Woolies and found the smallest ham is at least 4 kg and this means that I will have heaps of leftover ham after Christmas!!! Hmmm...

What am I going to do with more than 3 kg of leftover ham? I can freeze them... Then? Make tonnes of ham sandwiches? Gosh! Maybe I can find a baby ham that is smaller than 4kg. Hmmm.... hopefully!

Here I have a fantastic recipe to use any leftover from Christmas. Yes... I can transform about 500g of my Christmas leftover into this impressive comforting country style stew with biscuits!!!

.... with lots of vegetables. Nice and healthy!
.... with not too rich but just creamy tasty gravy. Warm and comforting!
.... with crispy buttery biscuits. Oh! So yummy!
.... all prepared and baked within an hour or less than two. Easy!

Do you want to know more about this recipe?

creamy chicken stew biscuits
Country Style Creamy Stew with Biscuits
A clever and impressive way to use up your Christmas leftover!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Chocolate Cranberry Brownies - Another BEST Brownies Recipe!

Remember the BEST Chocolate Brownies that I have baked at here?

Gosh! I love those maximally chocolate loaded Super Tok Kong* brownies!!!

Then, I saw another brownies recipe from the book, Baking Chez Mo by Dorie Greenspan...

Oh! I know that!!! Like the BEST Chocolate Brownies that I have baked at here, these chocolate cranberry brownies are also baked with maximum amount of chocolate and minimal amount of butter, sugar and flour!!!

Plus, these brownies are Christmasy and extra chewy with added cranberries. Very very very heavenly delicious... the taste is like the lovely combination of fruit and nut chocolate but with no nuts of course. LOL!

Also Super Tok Kong!!!

*Tok Kong means superb or the best in Singlish / Hokkien.

chocolate cranberry brownies
Chocolate Cranberry Brownies
Made with maximum chocolate and minimal butter, flour and sugar!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cranberry Buttermilk Streusel Crumble Muffins - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially for Christmas!!!

"If it's Christmas it must be cranberries..." - Nigella Lawson in her book, Feast.

As always, I love baking with cranberries for Christmas.

And this time, I have used my favourite BEST Blueberry Buttermilk Streusel Crumble Muffins at here to bake these awesome Cranberry Buttermilk Streusel Crumble Muffins.

Awesome? Trust me... These cake-like muffins with buttery a little salty a little crispy streusel are not overly sweetened and yet the juicy fruity buttermilk tang in them is making them awesomely delicious!


cranberry buttermilk streusel crumble muffins
Cranberry Buttermilk Streusel Crumble Muffins

Monday, November 27, 2017

The BEST Blueberry Buttermilk Streusel Crumble Muffins - Buttery Crispy Crumble with Moist Fluffy Cake Muffin Base HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Hi hi! I'm back! And slowly adjusting back into our usual routine...

We had a great holiday but were not feeling entirely well for the last two weeks. Perhaps Melbourne was too cold when we left and had caused us unable to acclimatize well with Bangkok and Singapore heat. Hmmm...

Now back to Melbourne, we crave to eat simple home cooked food and of course, I have started cooking!

How about baking? Oh yes! My hands are itching to bake!!! ... but I'm not super woman enough to do all the unpacking, washing and cooking for the past 2 days and all I can share here is a previously tried-and-tested blueberry muffin recipe that I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND...

best blueberry buttermilk muffins ever streusel Carole Walter
Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins with Streusel Topping