Thursday, November 26, 2015

No or Low Fat Yogurt Waffles (Two Recipes)

After enjoying crispy and fluffy pandan waffles that I have made with the saturated-fat-enriched coconut milk and butter, I ask myself...

Can I use low (or no) fat yogurt to make crispy waffles?

Yes of course but I need to load the waffles with extra butter... like this one that I have found at all recipes which is quite standardized and similar to the Donna Hay's one but the Donna Hay's one uses the 2% buttermilk instead.

Knowing that fat is crispy waffle's best friend, I'm very surprised to find this 0% fat Greek yogurt waffle recipe at Creme de la Crumb being completely low fat with no butter or any fat added! How is this possible? Let's find out...

low fat yogurt crispy waffles
Low fat yogurt waffles

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mango and Cardamom Yogurt Milkshake (Cornersmith)

I can't believe that our long awaited Summer is arriving soon. In two weeks time, Australia will be getting its full blast of sunshine. Yes! It's time for put on our hats, slip slop slap and enjoy the outdoor and heat! I'm happy because I'm a summer person :)

I like to enjoy our warm and relaxing weather to the max with something nice, refreshing and summery and so I made this super sensational mango and cardamom yogurt milkshake.

Super sensational? I was like whoa when I had my first sip of this sweet tangy creamy but light milkshake. Yum yum! Then it was glup glup glup...

mango cardamom yogurt milkshake
Mango and Cardamom Yogurt Milkshake

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Jam (Cornersmith)

My son and I are having a common dream for years. Since the day that my son started counting, we wish that we can open our own café.

"Mum, you will bake the cakes in the kitchen and I will collect money from the customers." said my son who confidently claimed that no customers can escape from his sight without paying.

"Then who serves the customers?" I asked.

"Daddy!" This answer came instantly.

Believe it or not, my son and I seems to have this conversation again and again. And even until today, we still don't have our café. LOL! Well although a dream is a dream, I believe that dreams like these are sometimes good to keep us alive. Agree?

You don't have to totally agree with me because I know people who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and can sometimes live larger by fulfilling their dream. After reading how Alex and James went through to open and operate the successful Cornersmith café in Marrickville, New South Wales, I wish that I can be as brave as them!

To me, Cornersmith café is not just an ordinary café that sells coffee, sandwiches, breakfast and cakes... then ka ching! Definitely not the kind that my son thinks... LOL! It is is a family-run business who believe in ethical food production and getting involved with their local community. Besides operating a café, Cornersmith do their own pickling too and run a range of home food craft workshops to impart the art of preserving food at home.

Sad to say that I have never been to Cornersmith café before but reading their book has been given a great vision of their honest and friendly café and I have become more inspired to make homemade jams and fruits compote at home.

strawberry rhubarb rose jam cornersmith
Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Jam (Cornersmith café recipe)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Gluten Free Cut Out Christmas Cookies

I'm always a sucker for professional-looking decorated Christmas cookies... especially the super CUTE ones.

I can't help to admire those nicely crafted cookies with my jaw dropping face and an envious mind as my spontaneous responses are always...

These cookies are amazing!!!
How does she bake these?
Why can't I bake these?
Why am I not so creative?

Sob sob? Nay! I try not to demoralise myself!!! LOL!

Wait a minute! 
See here!

I can bake professional-looking decorated Christmas cookies too... Ha ha! I hope that I don't sound a little too arrogant because I must admit that I do have some help from the Tovolo Christmas cookies cutters :)

gluten free cut out Christmas sugar butter cookies
Gluten Free Cut Out Christmas Snowflakes Cookies