Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Open Faced Egg-less Honey Pineapple Tarts - Less sweet with No added cane sugar

Love pineapple tarts but hate the crazy amount of sugar in them? I know... because I feel the same too.

However, do you know that sugar is an excellent natural food preservative? The optimal amount of sugar added can actually prevent your pineapple tarts from getting mouldy for up to 2 months even if the tarts are stored in a warm summery and humid place like Singapore and Malaysia. So... sugar or no sugar???

I’m a sugar-conscious person and not ashamed to say that. Hence, my preferred reduced amount of sugar added into my pineapple jam is about 120g in every 1.5kg uncooked pineapple purée but please be aware that this amount of added sugar is ultimately low! So this means that my sugar-reduced jam is more on the sourish side. Although I have managed to convince my husband and son to be sugar-conscious like me and love my tangy sugar-reduced pineapple tarts, my foodie colleague said that my pineapple tarts are too sour for him. Ops! So... sugar or no sugar???

Due to the extreme low sugar content of our pineapple tarts, we have to consume all within 1 week especially if we are storing them at warm summery Melbourne room temperature.

So, if you wish to keep your tarts a little longer like 2 weeks at room temperature, I would strongly suggest adding more than 250g sugar in every 1.5 kg pineapple purée if you wish to store your jam even longer.

Then, I asked myself... Or can I substitute sugar with another sweetener? Is there a natural sweetener with less sugar content that can make the tarts taste sweeter and store longer?

Yes! It's HONEY!!! That’s my answer!

honey pineapple tarts no egg no sugar eggless
My all-Honey Pineapple Tarts that contains NO added cane sugar!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Like Bengawan Solo Kek Lapis / Lapis Legit / Spekkoek/ Indonesian Layer Cake - The BEST Kek Lapis recipe!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Hi Hi 2021! And goodbye 2020.

2020 has been the most unforgettable unprecedented year that I have ever lived. This is the year that I have witnessed the most selfishness and also kindness in mankind.

I'm not an anti-vaxxer. I don't panic-buy and fight for toilet paper fight. And I'm thankful to all brave healthcare, supermarket and essential workers who have been working hard at this most difficult times, exposing their lives to the erratic coronavirus while making our lives as livable as possible.

I hope that we have gone through the worst and hope that 2021 is a new beginning.

I don't have a concrete new year resolution for 2021. I just love to be the same old me, running, baking and sharing my BEST and favourite recipes at my blog. I guess this is the least I can do for everyone especially at this difficult time as I hope that my recipes can bring you joy and happiness.

So here... I'm sharing the recipe that bake the BEST Super Moist Kek Lapis! Trust me. This lapis is as moist as the ones selling in Bengawan Solo Bakeries.

best super moist Bengawan Solo kek lapis lapis legit spekkoek Indonesian layer cake
Proudly presenting... My BEST Super Moist Kek Lapis
... just like the ones selling in Bengawan Solo Bakeries

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Perfect Ultra Cottony Soft Cherry Chiffon Cake - maximally loaded with cherries HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

After baking the perfect Ultra Soft Blueberry Chiffon Cake at here, I want to bake a perfect Ultra Soft CHERRY Chiffon Cake and I did!

... but I didn't use the blueberry chiffon cake recipe directly by substituting the blueberries with cherries. I have to modify the recipe a little because blueberries and cherries are actually different.

best cherry chiffon cake
I'm feeling the festive Christmas mood when I baked this
All-Natural Red and Perfect Ultra Soft Cherry Chiffon Cake...

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Kourabiethes / Greek Shortbread

Can't believe that December the festive month is here again.

For the past 6 years, I have been baking for my son's teachers and friends. And I have been doing this religiously because this is my way of saying "Thank you" for caring my son.

This year, my son is at his final Year 6 at his primary school. Although this will be the last year that I can bake for his teachers and friends, I won't be bake anything for anyone this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. Sad? 
I do feel a little sentimental that I won't be baking for these lovely people anymore but it's time for us to move on. I will be giving boxed chocolate this year... Sad because they are not unique homemade stuff.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to bake something nice and pretty this Christmas, I have a really good tried-and-tested Kourabiethes recipe to share. In fact, these are the Kourabiethes that I baked for my son's school teachers last year but I didn't have a chance to share this recipe earlier.

Kourabiethes or Kourabiedes or Kourampiedes are the Greek version of shortbread that are made with almonds. They are typically coated generously with icing sugar. Maybe due to its white snowy look, these cookies are also known as wedding cookies or Christmas cookies.

Like many traditional foods, there are always many different versions of Kourabiethes. Some are hand-shaped into shapes like crescents or balls. Some are made with egg but some are not. Some contain more almond. Some contains more butter.

This is the easy roll-and-cut eggless version of Kourabiethes and these cookies look so pretty when they are nicely rolled and cut.

When I say that the recipe is easy, I really mean it! Watch my video and you will see that the dough is easy to handle that you don't even need any extra flour for dusting and rolling. However, you might think that the dough can be a little crumbly to handle. Please do not add any liquid into the dough. Just keep kneading because the dough comes together but please do not over-knead or over-work the dough!

Kourabiethes Kourabiedes Kourampiedes Greek Shortbread
Admiring the pretty Kourabiethes (Greek Shortbread) that I baked last Christmas...