Monday, September 20, 2010

Cheesecake on a lollipop stick

I've been a "faithful follower" of Su, Journal of a girl who loves to cook and loves her creativity in her culinary skill. There is one story that she wrote about her Tim Tam truffle that she sells in her "Detectable" shop has instantly caught my attention (Cooking is my passion). She had a video in her blog post but didn't mentioned much about the recipe of this creation. Then, I found that Nigella Website did mention a recipe which is similar to the truffle that she made and so, I thought of trying to make the truffles based on my gut feelings.

I've made 2 different types of truffles, Tim Tam truffle coated with dark chocolate and Oreo truffle coated with white chocolate and Oreo crumbles. My husband brought these truffles to his work colleagues
and they loves these treats instantly. Eating this truffle is like eating a Tim Tam or Oreo cheesecake on a lollipop stick. After sampling these treats, my husband's colleagues requested for the recipe and so he asked them to check out my blog site. That's so nice of him to promote my blog site. 

The kiddy way of presenting the truffle...

Here's the recipe of my cheesecake on lollipop stick...
Make 9-10 truffles depending on size

100g Tim Tam or Oreo
100g 30% fat reduced cream cheese
dark chocolate or white chocolate to melt
extra- processed Oreo cookie crumble to coat Oreo truffle

Process Tim Tam / Oreo and cream cheese until combined. Refrigerate the mixture until it firms up. Roll them into balls and insert lollipop sticks into them. Dip the truffle into melted chocolate (dark chocolate for the Tim Tam truffle and the white chocolate for the Oreo truffle) and the coat the Oreo truffle with processed Oreo cookie crumble. Wait for the chocolate coating to firm before consumed.

Enjoy the truffles.

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  1. I made something similar too but from the cake crumbs of my failed swiss roll :P. Yours looks definitely more pretty and presentable.

  2. wow...looks inviting! love the chocolate coating on the pops.

  3. Jess: I bought the book, Cake pops by Bakerella. She used ready made frosting and cake mix instead of sponge cake. Even the recipe that she mentioned has higher fat content than the normal sponge we used on swiss roll...I think the fat content is important to hold the pop together.

    Hearty bakes: Thanks for your compliment.

  4. What a great to try this:)

  5. shhhhhhhh mouth watering pops....