Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enjoy this rich chocolate cake with less guilt...

This chocolate cake is originally an angel cake with a sinfully rich chocolaty texture, originated from Hearty-bakes and followed by Ayu, Curlybabesatisfaction.

However, mine was an accidental mistake! In the midst of weighing the ingredients, I then realized that I didn't have 8 eggs white (280g) to make this cake. "Oh-uh"...That's what my son would say. Since I have weighed out the rest of the ingredients, I might as well making this cake with 5 egg white and add more yolk in this case. I have added 5 egg yolk to bulk up the volume of the cake batter so that it can fit into my chiffon pan. 

As expected, it didn't rise as high as it should be...but surprisingly, it was great mistake! It turns out to be a rich mud cake with less guilty ingredients. My toddler son loves the cake texture so much that he finished a large slice all by himself and was asking for a 2nd serve. My husband even commented that this chocolate cake is what people would pay in a good restaurant and I was like "really?" but deep down inside, I was smiling...LOL


Here is the recipe from Jessie (Hearty-bakes) (with my slight modification in brackets).


60g Semi-sweet Chocolate
100ml Oil

80g egg yolk (I use 5 egg yolk)
80g sugar

160ml water

80g cake Flour
¼ tsp salt
80g Cocoa powder

280g egg white (I use 5 egg whites)
60g sugar

chocolate ganache glaze
75g Whipping cream (I use 100ml cream)
40g Butter (I didn't use any butter)
100g Quality dark chocolate (I use 100g dark chocolate)

1. Double-boil (A), stir till mixed. Set aside to cool.
2. Whisk (B) till pale in colour & stir in the chocolate mixture from step 1.
3. Add (C), whisk till combined
4. Sieve in (D)
5. Whisk white till medium peak
6. Fold in 1/3 white into the egg/chocolate mixture
7. Fold in the rest of white gently. The egg/chocolate mixture will be thick & creamy, hence fold in the white gently. Do not deflate the whites.
8. Pour batter into 21cm chiffon tube pan. Bake at 170°C for about 50mins.
9. Over-turn pan to cool cake
10. Double-boil whipping cream + chocolate + butter. Stir till melt and well-blended  

(I mixed both chocolate and cream together and microwave them in low power until the chocolate melts. I prepare the fresh ganache whenever we want to eat the cake.)
11. Pour ganache glaze onto cooled cake (I served the cake with warm chocolate ganache)
12. Cool to set

Happy Baking

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  1. Thanks for the link Zoe. Your cake looks rich and full of flavours.
    The texture goes well with the creamily good ganache. Looking at your cake now makes me crave for a slice :)

  2. mmmmmm the thick chocolate ganache looks wickedly chocolate! love how u serve the cake with warm flowy ganache instead of glazing them.

  3. What a nice mistake! That cake looks fabulous- I'd love a slice right now! :)

  4. Oh my, the cake is so tempting! Look so moist and rich! Yum...

  5. your angel cake looks so so tempting and delicious zoe! great job!

  6. What a happy mistake! if i were to make this cake, i guess i would make the same mistakes. i love rich cakes! yumm

  7. That is the fudgiest cake I have ever seen. Just one bite would send me into chocolate heaven.

  8. Hi Zoe,
    wow, the ganache really make me licking my own saliva!..hehe very chocolatey..thanks for linking the post to my blog and thanks for trying to ..
    felt like craving for one now too..heheh

  9. haha serendipitous! ;) love how you accidently made this! looks decadent and so rich and moist! yumm! also like how u didn't add butter to the ganache :) hehe

  10. The cake already looks delicious, with additional generous amount of chocolate ganache ... OMG it's so sinful but tempting to eat :)

  11. The cake looks really nice and delicious with the ganache. What a lovely accidental yum! Thank you for visiting and following. I'm following you too. Looking forward to all your lovely posts. Have a nice day!

  12. hahaha if guilt had a face, it would look like that ganache ;)

  13. Thank you all for your comments. I must say that it is quite strange that this mistake can make the cake taste so good :D

  14. I love delicious accidents :) MMmm!!!

  15. the cake looks chocolaty and heavenly, I love it with the ganache topping, yum!

  16. What a beautiful slice! Look at that chocolate sauce draping over the cake!

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  18. Thanks for stopping in to read my blog. I am enjoying yours too!

  19. Oh that cake looks delicious, especially with the rich sauce on top! It reminds me of the delicious mud cake my bf made me for my birthday earlier this year.


  20. This looks incredible! Isn't it great to get compliments like that! Good for you!

  21. Yummy... A beautiful mistake!!! It really looks lovely and rich!!!

  22. Aren't you glad you made that mistake? Looks so rich and moist!

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  26. Misread of recipe often creates the best tasting food.

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  28. My goodness, this is just so seducing! I am 100%confirm I won't be able to fit into my new year dresses after this. haha.....

  29. Hi, Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Gald that my mistake is yummy one :p

  30. Whoa! I love your pictures and nothing like a close-up to really see how rich and moist this cake it. I call that...the money shot!

  31. WOW! That looks amazingly delicious!!!

  32. Hi Zoe! This looks so yummy...thanks for the follow! Blessings, K

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