Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Basic White Bread

For all these years, I had an antique Sanyo bread maker that I had inherited from my mum. The machine was packed in box and flew with me all the way from Singapore to Melbourne in 2004 and it was only used twice because the machine is too bulky and makes only 1 kg loaf which is slightly too much for our small family.

After lots of persuasion, we finally bought a compact Breville 1 kg loaf breadmaker which can bake a smaller 0.75kg loaf. I was keen to get it tested. 

For this test bake, I defied Breville instructions and used fresh yeast instead of dry yeast. The loaf turned to be great. Like most books and bloggers said, I agreed too that the fresh yeast make a better bread than the dried ones. The bread is very soft and stay fresh for the next day. 

However, I must admit that using fresh yeast is such a hassle for me... Didn't like the idea of making sure that the yeast are always fresh and available whenever I need them for bread making. Dried yeast would be much more convenient for me.

Nevertheless, this is a great start for me and there will be more bread making in the future. I'm really keen to try out the water roux (gelatinization) method and other bread variations...



Texture of this white bread is soft and moist.

Here's the white bread recipe from Breville bread maker instructional manual.

I think this bread can be easily made by hand without a bread maker. I think by following the ingredients and timing of bread making will create the similar loaf as what I did....just don't forget the "window" test after the 2nd knead...

For a 750g loaf:

Water 290ml
Oil 1 tbsp
Salt 1½ tsp
Sugar 1½ tbsp
Bread flour 450g
Milk powder 1 tbl
Bread improver 3/4 tsp
Dry yeast 1½ tsp (I replace with 3/4 tbsp compressed yeast)

Place all ingredients into the loaf in the above order. Use SETTING 1 (BASIC) and press "start". The whole process takes 2hr 50min. Remove the loaf from the machine and from the loaf immediately when bake is complete.

Steps and timing of SETTING 1
1ST KNEAD 2 min
2ND KNEAD 28 min
1ST RISE 20 min
PUNCH DOWN 15 secs
2ND RISE 20 min
PUNCH DOWN 10 secs
3RD RISE 50 min
BAKE TIME 50 min

Happy Baking.
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  1. it look so light, fluffy and YUMMY!! (: (: better than those selling at bakery (:

  2. gasp your bread looks so soft and fluffy Zoe!

  3. I have not had white bread for a long time now. Kinda miss it after reading your post.

  4. I have not had white bread for a long time. Kinda miss it after reading your post.

  5. Your bread looks so fluffy and soft. I bet there's going to be a lot of delicious toast and sandwiches on your table.

  6. That's a good looking first loaf! I use my bread machine two to three times a week. It's great!

  7. It looks like the bread has such a tender crumb. Can't wait to see more bread posts. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. That is one beautiful loaf of bread. I'm working on making more homemade bread. This inspires me.

  9. Looks perfect..I had one of those bread machines and was not working for me..first the bread was too small and for some reason it wasn't so tasty as I would make it, and bake it!:) But yours look fabulous!!

  10. I have a bread machine and make bread quite often. Now I am beginning to make bread without it. Your loaf looks very fluffy!

  11. Great looking beautiful white bread..

  12. Good that you finally make something out from the machine...I mean your new machine! Frankly, I don't think your antique Sanyo machine is bulky but good for kneading bread dough & pau dough. I usually used bread machine to knead bread or pau dough when I'm in a hurry but never bake them by using it. I prefer baking in the oven, so that I can have better proof dough. You should make good use of the new machine. I'm sure there's more to come. Looking forward for sharing. Have a great day & Happy Belated Valentine's Day.
    Chers, Kristy

  13. White bread . . . so delicious with everything! LOL

  14. Lovely loaf of bread! I love making bread too! Looks like you will be busy with your new kitchen toy! Homemade bread are always the best, the kitchen smells nice too!

  15. im hesitating on this bread baking business. yours look wonderful, so soft and fluffy looking. maybe i should get mine started soon too.

  16. I used my breadmachine so often it broke down on me lol! Now I have my Kmix to do the kneading and baking is done in the oven...works for me too:D That is a lovely loaf of bread!

  17. That bread looks perfect! I don't have a bread machine, but I love making fresh bread and the amazing smell it fills our house with!

  18. the bread maker saves us a lot of work . for me, i just dump in all the ingredients at night, set the timer and wake up to the smell of a fresh baked loaf of bread

  19. A bread making machine is not on my shopping list but Your family must be really happy now to be able to enjoy freshly baked bread everyday! :)

  20. Perfect texture - I love the idea of a breadmaker (other than me!!!)

  21. Your loaf of bread turned out perfect! Looks so soft and delicious!

  22. Your bread looks so fresh and soft- it would be perfect for sandwiches! I love the loaf your bread machine makes. My old one makes a tall loaf, and I've never been happy with the way it bakes. I do love to use it to mix and rise the dough for me though.

  23. There's nothing like fresh homemade bread, especially with butter and jam:)

  24. Oh how delightful! Homemade bread is just the best...looks soft and perfect!

  25. omgosh zoe, i think we have the same bread machine (just got it over the weekend too..the breville ikon?!!). i made wholemeal bread with it last night to test it out...it didnt turn out as good as yours...was on a hard side. i used a breadmix from the supermarket actually. and used dried yeast. yea im really lazy with fresh yeast...but if it makes that much of a difference, i should be looking into the fresh version!

    im on the look out for good bread recipes so hopefully can make some delish ones soon!

  26. wow so nicely made .. drooling

  27. Hi do you have any bread receipe using purely bread maker? Esp wholemeal bread with nuts?

    1. Hi Rebecca, I'm sorry that I don't prefer baking my bread in my bread maker because I believe that the oven has better heat distribution and bakes better bread. Thus, I have very limited "breadmaker" bread recipes in my blog. Cheers!