Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegemite Cheesy Scrolls for Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

Tomorrow, we are celebrating Australia Day and it's time again to fire up our Barbie to enjoy lots of sausages.

Last year for this day, I made a classic trifle with an Aussie iconic Aeroplane jelly. And this year, we are eating Vegemite!

As what Wikipedia describes, Vegemite is a dark brown Australian food paste made from yeast extract. It has a great salty taste and is usually eaten with a toast, sandwich or cracker biscuit. I think Vegemite is a great vegetarian food and love eating Vegemite with cheese. Best of all, I enjoy eating Vegemite in the form of cheesy scrolls especially when they are freshly baked from any local bakeries. For this post, I am making my own freshly baked Vegemite cheesy scroll, all from scratch using a brioche recipe from the book, The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart.

The brioche recipe that I am using is the poor man's brioche which contains lesser butter than the other two recipes. This brioche bread is surprising quite light and spongy and does compliment the both tasty cheese and Vegemite very well.

vegemite cheese bread scrolls
The Vegemite that I'm using is for babies! LOL! It's very mild in taste and has 50% less sodium. Even my husband who doesn't like Vegemite, didn't mind eating these scrolls.
A mini plain brioche from the other half of the dough
vegemite cheese bread scrolls
I took a closer look of the scrolls... A spongy bread with buttery plus cheesy Vegemite taste...Nice!
Here's the recipe from the book, The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart.
(with my modifications and notes in blue)

1/2 cup unbleached bread flour
2 tsp instant yeast
1/2 cup milk, lukewarm

4 eggs, lightly beaten
3 1/4 cups unbleached bread flour
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature

1 egg, whisked until frothy for egg wash (replaced by milk)

To make the sponge:
Stir together the flour and yeast in a large mixing bowl (or in the bowl of an electric mixer). Stir in the milk until all flour is hydrated. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment for 30 to 45 min, or until the sponge rises and then falls when you tap the bowl. (Note: This sponge has quite a high amount of liquid and it is runny, not solid.)

To make the dough:
Add the eggs to the sponge and whisk until smooth. In a separate bowl, stir together the flour, sugar and salt. Add this mixture to the sponge and eggs and stir until all ingredients are hydrated and evenly distributed. Let this mixture rest for 5 min so that the gluten can begin to develop. Then, while mixing with a large spoon, gradually work in the butter, about one quarter at a time, waiting until each addition of butter assimilates before adding more.

Transfer the dough to the counter and knead for 10 min, adding small amounts of flour as needed, until the dough is very smooth and soft, but not too sticky to handle.

Lightly oil a bowl and transfer the dough to the bowl. Mist the top of the dough with spray oil and cover with plastic wrap. Ferment for about 90 min, or until the dough doubles in size.

Proceed with shaping. Allow proofing for 1 hr. Bake at 180°C for 15 or up to 50 min depending on the size of bread.


I have made a bread dough using 1/2 of the recipe. I divided the dough into half.

For the first half, I've shaped it into a mini loaf (250g).
For the other dough, I've rolled it into a 20 x 20 cm square flat dough. I spread 2 to 3 tbsp of Vegemite on the rolled dough surface, sprinkled 1/4 cup of grated cheese on the Vegemite, rolled the dough like a Swiss roll and cut each with 3 cm thickness. With this quantity, I can make 7 Vegemite scrolls.

Both breads were baked at 160°C fan forced. The scrolls were baked for 15 min and the mini loaf was baked for 20 min.

Extra! extra! Why am I baking the mini brioche loaf?

To transform it to nice buttery and crunchy salad croutons! The plain brioche bread is cut into 0.5 cm cubes, sprayed briefly with rice bran oil spray and baked for 10-15 min at 180°C fan forced with 2-3 tossing when baking in order to get even distribution of golden brown in each crouton. Yum!

Happy Australia Day and Happy Baking


  1. These look great! My daughter spent 18 months in Australia serving a mission for our church. She learned to love vegemite. I loved the TimTams she sent home.

  2. These scrolls are so yummy.I love the cheese on the top.

  3. Looks awesome!!
    Wonderful blog.

  4. I haven't tried vegemite yet but that scrolls sure looks absolutely mouth watering ! Especially with that melted cheese on top ;) Enjoy the holiday and the barbie ;D

  5. This is brilliance!!! they look SO scrumptious - I LOVE marmite - which is similar I gather - I could polish these off in no time!
    mary x

  6. Vegemite paste? That is definitely not sold in the United States. I think it could use a better name though, don't you? I love seeing all the unique ingredients you use in your recipes.

    I really want to make a brioche loaf from scratch for my kids as they love brioche buns & breads. I have to get over the whole yeast concept and just go for it I guess. Your scrolls and loaf look perfect as usual.

    I love the idea of brioche croutons. They would be a perfect addition to my butternut squash soup. Yummmm!

  7. Happy Australia Day Zoe! How did i miss this celebration? Anyway, these scrolls are delicious. I have never heard of vegemite. I guess I live to learn so many new things!

  8. They look really yummy!Happy Australia Day,dear!Kisses from Greece!

  9. Omg, want take my eyes from those scrolls.

  10. lovely cheesy rolls,loving it!!
    Thanx for the follow at my space,Zoe!!

    Erivum Puliyum

  11. Hi Zoe! Very interesting post. First of all, Happy Australia Day! Second: I have never heard of Vegemite. I am not even sure if we can get it here in US. I would love to try it tough, especially now, after seeing those cheesy scrolls! yum! Have a wonderful day!

  12. Good evening.
    Nice I found your wonderful blog! I like your recipes very much-very good work!
    If you wish, visit my new food blog:

    Hope to be good blogging friends! Helen.

  13. Vegemite cheesy scrolls look so delicious!
    Happy Australia Day to you!

  14. Zoe, I've just decided that you are the queen of bread making. Your breads always look mouthwateringly perfect.

  15. "We're all little vegemite for we're young and free" ....Happy Australia Day! We like the vegmite cheesybite as a spread cos it's cheesy and not salty.

  16. wow, you know to this day i have never had vegemite! you know if i was to try it though i would want it to be in these scrolls...

  17. Happy Australia Day! I love vegemite and these look delicious!!

  18. Wow, I must admit, as a sheltered American, the only time I've ever heard of Vegemite was in the Men at Work song "Down Under". :) I have never actually seen it or known anyone who has had it. I love finding out more about it. The scrolls look absolutely scrumptious!

  19. that must be the marmite we call it over here, i also have one jar in my fridge now..for porridge. This is a very creative way of using vegemite in breads, plus cheese for extra flavours! Great!

  20. The scroll bread look very soft & spongy. I would like to wish you Happy Chinese New Year to you & your family :)

  21. That looks sooo good! I'd probably have to pluck up some courage or replace the vegemite ... not a fan altho my husband is ... he might enjoy this more than I will but I just love the look of the bread! It really looks good! I guess if your husband who's not a fan likes this, I could give it a go.

  22. I've never heard of vegemite! Hmm...What does it taste like? I'm intrigued. The scrolls look great!

  23. Happy Australia Day to you too! I am a fan of the poor man's brioche but not so vegemite, although I do agree that vegemite is a very very aussie ingredient :) Hope you enjoyed your holiday today!

  24. oh my all these close up pictures are jumping off my screen. i think i want to get some of thsoe brioche. im also intrigued what vegemite would taste like. happy australia day!

  25. Zoe those scrolls look really delicious, yumm!!!

  26. Yummy vegemite scrolls! These look so nice and cheesy...they're making me drool already!

  27. These scrolls look awesome! I feel compelled to feature you in my Friday Food Fetish roundup and on Pinterest. Let me know if you have any objections and keep the amazing food coming…

    1. I'm glad that you like this post and have no objection if you would like to link this post with your Friday Food Fetish post.

  28. I've never seen the Vegemite for babies- I might like that one, as I found the regular too salty for my taste. The rolls sound yummy! :)

  29. mmm...this looks like a DELICIOUS way to celebrate the day!

  30. Its a bit late but happy Australia day. I have never been there but sending greetings from snowy Switzerland.

  31. Never heard of vegemite, marmite yes! Your brioche looks soft and fluffy! The combination of vegemite and cheese must be really something!


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