Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beef and Chorizo Burgers with Beetroot Relish

I can't stop thinking that I have to make these burgers! 

The pictures of these burgers seems to be appearing in everywhere! These burger were featured in the front cover of the latest Donna Hay magazine and these magazines are selling everywhere in Melbourne. Then, I saw them again!... in Sunday magazine which comes with the Herald Sun newspaper as I was reading the papers on one Sunday morning. Clearly, I have come to a point, knowing the message is obvious...ok ok! I will cook these burgers! 

In actual fact, I am very happy that I made these burgers and I'm proud to say that these "Mummy" burgers are made with lots of love and yummy ingredients...

Like most kids, my son loves eating at McDonald's. Honestly, I used to like McDonald's when I was a kid but I don't really like their food now. Sometimes, I have to pretend being excited when we are at McDonald's, all for the sake of the family's enjoyment. LOL! When my son saw my "Mummy" burgers, he thinks that they are like McDonald's burgers! He was pacing behind me while I was assembling the burgers and can't wait to eat one of them. This jam-like beetroot relish is a must for these burger and everything taste so good together being in these burgers.

"Mummy, I love your Big M burger!" son had his thumb up when he had the last bite of his burger. I'm so happy that my family likes these burgers.

Proudly presenting my Mummy burger
These burgers are everywhere in the front cover of the DH magazines...
Making the patties and the relish...
Making the burger rolls...
Assembling the family can't wait to eat these burgers!

Here are the recipes for making all the components of these burgers
(with my slight modification in blue)

Beef and Chorizo Burgers with Beetroot Relish from Donna Hay Magazine 
(Feb/Mar 2012 Issue )

Make 4

500g beef mince
1 chorizo, skin removed
sea salt and cracked black pepper
olive oil, for brushing
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup horseradish cream
(I didn't use this as I was afraid that horseradish might too hot for my son to eat)
4 bread rolls halved (I'm using freshly baked burger buns)
50g baby spinach leaves to serve

beetroot relish
200g can beetroot, drained and finely chopped
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup brown sugar

To make the relish:


Place the beetroot, vinegar and sugar in a saucepan over high heat and bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium and cook for 15 min or until thickened. Set aside.

To make the patties:

Place the beef, chorizo meat, slat and pepper in a food processor and process until well combined. Shape into 4 patties. Preheat a char-grill pan or BBQ on high heat. Brush the patties with oil and cook 4-5 min on each side or until cooked through.

Mix to combine the sour cream and the horseradish mixture (I didn't do this). Spread the rolls with sour cream mixture. Top with the patties, relish and spinach leaves to serve.

Burger Rolls from King Arthur Flour

These burger rolls from King Arthur Flour has been in my to-bake list for ages. I have heard great review of this recipe from Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and now this is a great opportunity for me to make these rolls in order to make these beef and chorizo burgers. Thanks Joyce! These rolls are really fantastic!


Yield: 8 large buns.
3/4 to 1 cup lukewarm water (I use 1 cup of water)
2 tbsp butter
1 large egg
3 1/2 cups King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
(in a combination of bread flour and Italian OO flour in the ratio of 1:4)
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp instant yeast

*For best results (a smooth, slightly soft dough), use the smaller amount of water in summer (or in a humid environment), the greater amount in winter (or in a dry climate); and something in between the rest of the time.

3 tbsp melted butter (reduce to 2 tbsp)

1) Mix and knead all of the dough ingredients — by hand, mixer, or bread machine — to make a soft, smooth dough.

2) Cover the dough, and let it rise for 1 to 2 hrs, or until it's nearly doubled in bulk.

3) Gently deflate the dough, and divide it into 8 pieces. Shape each piece into a round ball; flatten to about 3" across. Place the buns on a lightly greased or parchment-lined baking sheet, cover, and let rise for about an hour, until noticeably puffy.

4) Brush the buns with about half of the melted butter (and sprinkle each buns with a small pinch of either sesame or poppy seeds)

5) Bake the buns in a preheated 375°F oven for 15 to 18 mins, until golden. Remove them from the oven, and brush with the remaining melted butter. This will give the buns a satiny, buttery crust.

6) Cool the buns on a rack.

Happy Baking and Cooking.
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  1. Amazing that you made everything from scratch, even the the beet relish...very different.
    Hope you are having a fabulous week Zoe :)

  2. Ohhh I bet my kids will be delighted to have these!!! Perfect timing as I juz bought beet roots. Will buy my beef trm.

  3. You area a star; these are fantastic! Any kids would love these and the beets just add to the fun taste.

  4. Querida Zoe tus propuestas lucen tentadoras deliciosa y bellas,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  5. Will definitely grab and eat it right now if I could ! ;D And lovingly made from scratch ?! You're amazing , Mumburger ! hahaha

  6. Wow that looks like a super delicious mummy burger! Cute! I'm not a fan of beetroot, although as a relish, I think it's superb! Please send some burgers over my way! :) Gorgeous photos!

  7. Looks good. I wonder if the kiddos would notice the beets...

    1. I'm quite surprised that my son didn't know the existence of the beets.

  8. Wow! Nice recipes, dear! I liked so much. Congratulations!
    So, when you to can, visit my blog: and know a little bit of the brazilian food.
    Ops! Now, I'm a new follower.

    Hugs from Brazil!


  9. Morning Zoe, love the burger u made, especially the beetroot! I'm still browsing at Donna Hay's site...will post one or two dish later this month! *wink*

    1. Thanks Angeline for your support. Hope that you will have fun cooking like DH :D

  10. Hi Zoe! Wow, you made the Donna Hay recipe on the first day of March. I'm proud of you. I still have not decided on one yet, but I know I have some time as it's still February 29th here in California.

    These burgers look delish and I love that you made the homemade buns. Your photo's are of such quality. How do you add the wording on them?

    We are not McDonalds fans over here. My kids actually ban the place or any fast food place in general. Fast food restaurants do not do well in this part of California. It's funny because as a kid I use to eat there all the time and I even worked there for a month when I was 15. I ate so many burgers that I OD'd on it.

    These burgers you made far exceed McDonalds version and I bet your son will agree :)

    1. Hi Jacquelyn,

      It's funny that we are always the first few countries including Japan to start the day and the time difference is always very confusing for us when we are traveling to the states and European countries.

      I remembered trying to work as part-timer in McDonald too to extra $ during school holidays... It was competitive back then to get a job in McDonald (don't know why???) and eventual didn't get a chance to work and eat lots of burgers at McDonald.

      Take your time to enjoy DH cooking! Have fun.


    2. Ha! So funny that you almost worked at McDonalds as well. It was the place to be and work when I was a kid. The uniforms were not cute at all, brown polyester, yuck!

  11. great mummy's burger! it's special too with the beetroot relish, your son must have eaten a lot!! so are the buns, i might just use this recipe if i need to make some burger buns!

  12. These are really fantastic!I bet the whole family enjoyed them!xxx

  13. Wow! These Mummy burgers look really fantastic! You've even made the burger bread! It's been ages that I wanted to try & make my own burger bread but after looking at yours, I think I must give this a try. The beetroot is certainly a must in this burger! My sons will be trill with these Big M burgers !

  14. Wow Zoe! Your burger looks delicious, simply delish! You know, I have never liked McDonalds, it's true! Sometimes I just accompany my kids just because they love it! Homemade burgers are always the best, bought ones never have enough veggies in them! And I like your beetroot relish, looks good! Glad that you like the burger buns, yours are perfectly baked! Thanks for the shout-out! Will be linking up a Donna Hay post in the next few days! See you!

  15. You are intense, making your own relish and buns! These burgers look amazing! I feel the same way about Mickey D's. I used to love their breakfast hashbrowns, but now I find them overly greasy. I can't imagine how your son will settle for McDonald's burgers after he's had one of these.

  16. sound really delicious,I don't eat burger much,but I would love this version,great recipe :)

  17. Great looking mummy burger. My sons like to have burgers too.

  18. I love Donna Hay!! these burger look incredible - my girls will LOVE them - thanks!
    Mary x

  19. Zoe, the burger looks so inviting! I love the "Bake for happy kids" flag that you place on the burger too :) you make that yourself?

  20. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Zoe. Your burgers look lovely. I now have Donna Hay's App on my iPad, so I can subscribe to her magazine here in England. I must find one of her recipes to post. Jude x
    Thanks for the follow, will follow you back :-)

  21. Hi Zoe! Your burgers look really delicious. The bun looks so soft and fluffy! Am browsing Donna Hay's recipes right now to find one to try! (:

  22. I belong to a group which cooks Donna Hay, weekly so I should be good for recipes, this month. I posted two, today.

  23. Oh, the chorizo must give these burgers a magical flavor! And I need to make beet relish, too...SO yummy. Hope I will have time to whip up a Donna Hay recipe....seems I'm swamped with recipes I need to make right now :/

  24. Thanks everyone for your supports and wonderful comments. Being a big fan of DH, I really enjoy cooking DH recipes and hope that you will enjoy cooking her recipes as much I do.

  25. Oh, your burgers look so good, wish i can have one right now..

  26. wow..loved it.thanx 4 sharing this.........

  27. I love how you've completely homemade the entire burger! That beetroot relish looks fantastic, I never realised it's simple enough to make at home! Mmmmm.

  28. Love your presentation. Your burgers look so cute and delicious. Looks like McD finally met their match!

  29. Hi Zoe, your burger look super good and tempting. Wish I can have one now, LOL
    Mummy dearest cooking/baking is always the best as claim by the children.

    Have a nice weekend.

  30. I haven't tried adding chorizo to my homemade burgers. What a bright idea! And the beet relish - oh my, I'm sure it will make the burger even more delicious!

  31. Those pictures of yours don't look much difference to DH"s, and I always like her photos. Would love to try this Chorizo and beetroot combination as we are burger loving family!

  32. Hi Zeo, I like you Big 'M'ummy burger a lot...:)
    I would like to join your blog hop event..will cook a Donna Hay recipe and post soon...^^

  33. Lovely burgers and I love chorizo too. Mmm... can't wait to try this for my family.

  34. Hi Zoe, your 'M'ummy burger is so inviting..wanted to have a bite..:D
    I like to join your blog hop. I love DH recipes too. Will choose a recipe from DH to join your blog hop..^^

  35. Hi Zoe, Just linked up a wonderful plate of salad, salad is something that I don't make often enough! Thanks for hosting a wonderful event!

  36. I like the addition of beetroot relish. It just makes the burger sound more nutritious. :)

  37. Hi Zoe, Just linked my post!
    Thank you for hosting :)

  38. Oooo ... I love that beetroot relish. I was going to make a burger for dinner tonight but with mutton mince. This is so great! I can make the relish to go with!
    I've been browsing at Donna Hay's site. This week is super busy, but hopefully I can make something simple to participate.