Friday, July 20, 2012

Boozy Chocolate Cake (Jamie Oliver)

Boy: Mummy, what are you baking today?

Mum: Boozy chocolate cake...

Boy: Boozy cake? I want to eat it!

Mum: OK...

You must be thinking that I must be a crazy mum giving my three-year old boy a slice of this boozy cake. I agree that this boozy chocolate cake which is richly infused with Cointreau and spices should be strictly restricted for adults only! Otherwise, you can be like me baking two versions of this cake... The boozy one for the adults and the non-boozy for little kiddos.

I knew that my son will be disappointed if he can't have a slice of chocolate cake that we are eating. At the same time, I will be disappointed too if I can't bake this interesting cake. To avoid any disappointments from both mother and son, my solution is to bake this cake with both boozy and non-boozy versions.

The chocolate cake base has to be baked to be firm and dry so that it can soak up the spice syrup like a sponge biscuit. And, remember to be patient to give the cake enough time (preferably overnight) to fully absorb the syrup for a moist and delightful texture.

Making the syrup
Making the cake base
Allow the cake to absorb the syrup
I'm not telling my son that there is something missing in his cakes.
Here's the recipe from Jamie Oliver Magazine (Mar / Apr 2012)
(with my modification in blue)

Serve 15
Chocolate Cake
300g self raising flour
175g sugar (replaced with 150g raw caster sugar)
175ml milk
100g rapeseed oil (I used rice bran oil)
1 egg, beaten
2 heaped tbsp coca powder (25g Dutch cocoa powder)
1 tbsp vanilla extract
Grated zest of 1 orange (I used zest of only 1/2 orange)

Spiced Cointreau Syrup
50g sugar
4 cardamoms pods, lightly crushed
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod, split lengthways
8 peppercorns (I didn't add this)
2 tbsp honey
Grated zest of 1 orange (I used zest of only 1/2 orange)
50 ml Cointreau

For the syrup, place the sugar, spices and 200ml water in a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is reduced slightly. Add the honey and simmer until dissolved. Turn off the heat and stir in the orange zest. (At this stage, I divided the syrup into two portions, 1/3 amount for non-boozy one and 2/3 amount for boozy one.) Add Cointeau to the boozy syrup. Cool to room temperature, then refrigerate until cold.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 170°C (or 160°C fan forced). Line a 30cm x 20cm baking tin with greaseproof paper. Mix all the cake ingredients into a smooth batter, then spoon into the tin and bake 25 - 30 min, or until the cake is firm and quite dry, so it can soak up the syrup.

Let it cool for a min, then prick all over with a cake skewer. I cut off the edges of the cake and divided it into two portions, 1/3 amount for non-boozy one and 2/3 amount for boozy one and slowly pour over the cold syrup. Serve the cake warm, or leave it to cool.

Happy Baking

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  1. Ohhhh yum yum, I love a boozy cake. Now, is that a GIANT cake or a mini bottle of Cointreau? :)

  2. this looks wonderful lovely links

  3. Well I said this before: I really love jamie Oliver recipes (like Nigella) and love how he enjoy cooking!
    This recipe look amazing and delicious.
    Esperanza always asked me : what are you baking? lol

  4. Oh you are a nice mom! If it's me...I'll just bake either one haha! One question though, you mentioned that the chocolate cake needs to be baked firm and dry to adsorb the boozy syrup. So the non boozy version is firm and dry too? Thanks!

  5. Wow, it was a big slice of cake for your little one to finish by himself but kids can afford to take the sugar, haha! You are a great mum, doing double the works & your cakes look deeeeeeeelicious!

  6. Sounds interesting. The soaked version looks super gooey. Bet it must've tasted great too!

  7. I absolutely love the cointreau concoction!! makes my tongue tingle at the medley of flavors and tastes - cake looks decadent!

  8. Boozy is always good! :D
    Great pics as always, Zoe!

  9. Boozy chocolate. That's all you needed to say to make me want a bite! YUMMM!!!!!!!!

  10. Hehehe I imagine your son with you in the supermarket and he shouts out loud "mummy, I want boozy cake for dinner tonight!" LOL.

    I do the same with tiramisu as well, alcoholic one for the adults and non-alcoholic ones for the children.

  11. I love chocolate cake and marble cake a lot. Just come from Lena's blog. Both of you make me so hungry.

  12. Now that is my kind of cake! It looks absolutely delicious.

  13. Hi Zoe. You're such a good mom, making 2 cakes and all. My kids use to cringe every time I put wine or vodka into a recipe. They now know that it literally burns off and that they can't taste the liquor. I do know that they would taste the liquor in a cake though, so I'm like you and not going to attempt that quite yet :)

  14. Zoe, orange and chocoalte is a delicious combo!!
    Have a nice weekend

  15. i'm sure your son will be a happy kid even tho not knowing there's alcohol in the other cake cos i think just the chocolate itself is so papa loves the boozy or non boozy one?

  16. The syrup itself sounds delicious ! Love to try both version ! :D

  17. Thats a fantastic cake, wish to have a slice rite now.

  18. Oh God, That looks SO good :D
    Have a wonderful Friday...


  19. hello Zoe, WOW, i love the sound of it! LOL, must have tasted good!:D

  20. Looks delicious I would bake the two versions as well for the kiddies. They do love a nice cake mostly my 3 year old as well, so I know what you mean. :)

  21. oooh, how I crave a freshly baked cake!! Looks fantastic, Zoe!

  22. oh i want the boozy one pleaseeeee
    looks so moist and yum!
    such a great choice for weekend's supper LOL

  23. this is splendid! A wonderful amazing cake!!

  24. I feel like I had rum cake growing up and turned out okay!

  25. Hi Zoe! Haha, your son is missing out. :-) I'm not very strong with alcohol but I'd love alcohol in sweets. Your son is so lucky that his mom is a great baker! My son will never ask what I'm "baking"... lol. What a delicious looking cake!

  26. Wow that syrup is just fantastic!

  27. Looks very good! I can imagine the smell of the liquor when the cake is baking! And your son is very lucky that mommy has baked another one for him! Yum!

  28. Very delicious looking chocolate cake, the boozy versions sounds more yummy:D

  29. This sounds divine, Zoe! Very clever with the non-boozy part for your son. I always love a bit of booze in a cake. I can imagine wonderful flavours and textures with the soaked sponge and those spices. Quite the after-dinner cake rather than afternoon tea cake!

  30. Nice recipe! Cointreau combines so well with chocolate (I put a touch in my chocolate mousse). I think I would have kept the peppercorns in the syrup, and maybe added a clove or two also. Good stuff - thank you.

  31. More like why not! What a beautiful recipe :) Love the cake, chocolate and booze. Why not combine?

  32. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

    My family and I were very sick for the past few days and so I was unable to reply or visit your blog. I hope to recover and back to my blogging routine soon. My apology for any inconvenience caused.


  33. i love orange and chocolate combinations, and the addition of a spiced syrup with cardamom and such sounds really interesting!

  34. AWESOME recipe, Zoe!!! I love soaked, boozy cakes. Find them very British, for some reason and so I'm glad to find that this recipe was by Jamie O. LOVE the guy!! And so thoughtful of you to bake a separate cake for your son. Did he get to eat the entire cake on his own?!?!?! This may be weird but if he did, I think I may be jealous of a 3yo boy LOL. Will def make this one day because my whole family LOVE booze (but not excessively, don't worry) so I'm sure they'd enjoy these =D

  35. How smart of you to make 2 versions! If you give me a slice of the boozy one I promise not to tell your son you "cheated" on his version! ;) Hahah just kidding! The cakes look absolutely delish!

  36. Zoe, this chocolate cake with cointreau looks and sounds so tasty. I would love to have a piece of it.
    I too would have to make 2 versions for my little niece and nephew :)
    Have a great week ahead!

  37. Hi Zoe, I hope your family is feeling better now. Its hard when everyone falls sick together. Please take care. This cake looks so moist and rich and delicious.

  38. Oh my goodness - booze and chocolate - you're a woman after my own heart! delicious :)
    Mary x

  39. This looks lovely and what a great idea to make two versions...perfect for kids and adults!

  40. Hi Zoe, your Boozy chocolate cake look awesome, must be very fragrant...... I'm getting hungry! :) Nice pictures.

    Have a nice day,regards.


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