Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chocolate Cake Soufflés (Bake-Along Part One)

I away remember the moment that I tasted my first soufflé at a Yarra Valley winery restaurant...

I didn't like eating the soufflé dessert at all. All because I didn't like its overpowering egg-y smell and mashy texture. To be fair, it wasn't the restaurant's fault. Being soufflé, I reckon this would be the typical kind of taste and texture that I should be expecting. As it was my first, I wasn't ready to accept the fact that a typical soufflé is like that.

Since then, I have no intention of baking or eating any soufflé. Now knowing that I have to bake a soufflé with Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and Lena, from Frozen wings for our bake-along, I begin to gain interest in 
soufflé baking...

Accordingly to Wikipedia, a soufflé is a lightly baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients. It can be served as a savory dish or a dessert. The word soufflé is the past participle of the French verb, souffler which means "to blow up" and this word is mainly used to describe what happens to the combination of custard and egg whites.

There are so many kinds of
soufflé recipes everywhere. Some are savories. Some are the classics ones being fruity or chocolaty. Some contain cream but some don't. Some are in the form of cakes and interestingly being fallen soufflé cake. Even, the savories ones have lots of variations... Some are twice baked or even cooked in a form of soufflé omelette.

Having so many
soufflé recipes to choose... Seriously, which one is best one to bake? I keep asking myself... Is this going to eggy? Mashy? Not sure... I was confused... Giving up? How about me eeni meeni mini moh? - LOL!

With all these deep crazy soufflé thinking, I have finally decided to bake two different soufflés. The part one of my soufflés baking (this post) is the dessert-kind and as always, I choose to bake with our favourite ingredient, chocolate! Part two (the next post) is the savoury-kind soufflés and so please stay tune for my next soufflés post within the next 10 days...

Like my previous Crème Brûlée bake-along, I have to apologise that I sort of "cheated" again. I have chosen to bake a chocolate-cake-like soufflés because I know that it has lesser egg to other ingredients proportion and will be most unlikely to have any eggy smell or mashy taste. I felt safe baking this and know that nothing is going into waste...

Man: What is this?
Me: Chocolate soufflés.
Man: You know that I don't like soufflés. 
Me: This is soufflé but doesn't taste like soufflé.
Man: You are right! This is a moist chocolate cake! I can eat this.

... LOL! Our soufflé conversation sounds a little silly, isn't it?

This chocolate-cake soufflé is not eggy or mashy at all.
This is like making a chocolate cake batter.
Before and after baking
Best to serve this while they are freshly baked.

Here are the easy chocolate soufflés that I used from
(with my modfication and notes in blue)

200g good-quality dark chocolate, chopped
(I used Callebaut chocolate with 70% cocoa)
100g butter, chopped
2/3 cup dark brown sugar
5 eggs, at room temperature, separated
2 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp cocoa powder

(I used Dutch processed)
1/4 cup caster sugar
thickened cream and icing sugar mixture, to serve

Preheat oven to 180°C (or 160°C fan forced). Grease a 6cm deep, 20cm (base) 8-cup capacity square ovenproof dish.

Combine chocolate and butter in a heatproof, microwave-safe bowl. Microwave, uncovered, on MEDIUM-HIGH (70%) for 2 min, stirring every minute with a metal spoon, until almost melted. Stir until smooth. Stir in brown sugar. Set aside for 10 min to cool.

Beat egg yolks with a fork to combine.Stir into chocolate mixture. Sift flour and cocoa together over chocolate mixture. Stir to combine. Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Add caster sugar, 1 tbsp at a time, beating until thick and glossy.

Add 1 tbsp egg white to chocolate mixture. Mix well. Using a large metal spoon, gently fold in remaining egg white. Spoon mixture into prepared dish. Bake for 35 min or until just firm to touch. Dust with icing sugar.

Serve warm with cream.

Note: Using 2/5 of the recipe, I have baked 3 soufflés using well-greased ramekins (each is about 200 ml) and baked them at 160°C fan forced for 25 min.

Happy Baking
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  1. "This is soufflé but doesn't taste like soufflé." Ha! Nice description. I don't mind ssoufflés and I know I would like this one!

  2. Now this looks like a decadent treat! Gorgeous! Love love love chocolate souffles!

  3. Beautiful souffle,love to have some spoons.

  4. It looks like a brownie baked in a ramekin :) Such souffle I would like too..

  5. I have to agree with you when it comes to souffles as they are not my favourite either. Yours does look very nice though. I think I might Bake Along with you and try for myself.

  6. Haha, I wish that I can help to finish your souffles(if you did bake the real souffles) but I like both, the cake & the real one. I also like to see the souffles rose high with a flat top like last night's Masterchef Professional!

  7. Hi Zoe
    I have not made souffle before nor have I eaten it....or maybe yes. I would loves to gives it a try and hopefully Bake Along with you and others.

  8. I love soufflés. I have never attempted to make them but oh I love it.

    You did an awesome job on your baking challenge.


  9. Hi Zoe, like mel, i've never had souffle before :P but this sounds nice and manageable for me, hope to join you laides on this :) Btw, Singapore also has AMC, but prices are much higher, but its good to be able to see it for yourself. If you can swing by KL, then i can show them to you :)

  10. Delicious chocolate treat in a cup, Love this souffle Zoe.

  11. after making mine, i know that i would prefer a not so mashy type too. I reduced the egg in my recipe too after hearing that you said some taste eggy..LOL at your conversation..a souffle but doesnt taste like souffle! i will enjoy eating that too!

  12. Wow, chocolate souffle in the microwave? Looks great and so yummie...I so wish I could have a spoonful of this treat.
    Have a wonderful week!

  13. Your chocolate souffle recipe looks delicious and easy! Now I feel tempted to try this as I would like a souffle that tastes like cake.

  14. Zoe, I just came from Joyce and Lena and I am loving this chocolate version. I would like to try and make and taste souffle. It's about time!

  15. Hi Zoe, I hope to be able to join this bake-along since souffle is one of my fav desserts. Love your choc version.

  16. actually your souffle doesn't look like a souffle as well - I rarely see the top of souffle "smile", but like you and many others, I dont like the eggy taste so i'm definitely gonna try this out!

  17. Wow! Your cheated version looks really good & not eggy taste too! That is why I don like eating soufflé but it's better in savory version, I must say. Have you tried chill soufllé? It's easier & for sure more tastier !

  18. Thats what I would call a dark beauty... So tempting

  19. This resipe sounds like a complicated one for me. I don't think I can bake this successful at the mean time.

  20. Zoe, chocolate souffle is a very delicious dessert...I love it

  21. Hi Zoe,
    Your choc cake souffles looks pretty good! I was undecided whether to bake a cakey one like yours, a savoury cheese souffles or the usual one. Since I have not eaten souffle before, and also running out of time, I decided to make the "usual" souffle. I'm glad I've tried! Haha, very interesting to see the souffles puffed up, such beauties! Desserts like this can only be taken one ramekin serving, more than that, it will be "jelak"!
    I had fun with this bake!
    There's one recipe I've read that says, "guarantee it will not fall", but cannot remember where I've seen that!! Getting old!
    Looking forward to your next Souffle!

  22. Wow Zoe! Wife is going to love this! Fwd her this post!

  23. So delicious, looks like chocolate cake, i never try this anywhere before...

  24. Beautiful Souffle!
    I may just have to try this, this weekend.
    Can't wait!

  25. Looks great! Thanks for such great guidance.

  26. Glad you gave souffles another chance. These look great!

  27. Looks delicious! I love soufles but can't make them cos they never stay puffy for long enough for the boys to enjoy:P

  28. I am going yum yum just looking at the pics...lovely chocolate souffle

  29. Yummy ! Love both savoury and sweet version though I haven't eaten and tried baking souffle before :D

  30. Zoe, I haven't eaten souffles before. Maybe that's why I've never had any interest baking it.... until now. I wld certainly like to try baking it for this event. Thanks for the info abt souffles. :)

  31. Beautiful blog! Your pictures are so lovely!

  32. Yum! These look so rich and chocolaty. :)