Thursday, January 24, 2013

Honey-baked Chicken Wings with Sambal Belacan

I must thank Doreen from my little favourite DIY for this wonderful gift...

Doreen and I know each other through blogging. Like friends like Mich (Piece of Cake), Alice (I Love. I Cook. I Bake.), Joyce (Kitchen Flavours) and Lena (Frozen wings), our friendship grow as we cook, bake and blog together. Last Christmas, Doreen is very generous to send us a huge present and part of the present is this book, Malaysian Menu by Andrew Koh.

This super-easy chicken wing recipe is fantastic! All I need to do is to combine all ingredients and bake... That's all! To my husband, enjoying chicken wings is never fulfilling without a good chilli sauce. To please our big boss - *sign*, I've used another super-easy recipe to make my own sambal belcan and I reckon too that this chilli sauce is a must to compliment these delicious chicken wings.

To make this sambal belcan, all I need is fresh chillies, pre-toasted belcan (shrimp paste), kaffir lime leaves and salt and sugar to season and blend them all together... That's all! For extra convenience, I've made this sauce in a big batch and freeze them in portions for my later uses. Now, I have to harvest more chillies and kaffir lime leaves... Ciao!

honey baked chicken wings sambal belacan
Honey-baked Chicken Wings (Recipe from the book, Malaysian Menu)
Marinating the chicken wings for at least 2 hrs
Remember to brush the chicken wings with lots of marinade before baking...
Here's our chilli plant and ...
... kaffir lime tree
Everything that we need to make this easy sambal belacan
honey baked chicken wings sambal belacan
A squeeze of lime on both chicken wings and sambal belcan further complete this dish!
Here's a little reminder before proceeding to the recipes... 

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I will be the hostess for the event with PINEAPPLE theme for Feb 2013 and Doreen is the next hostess with TOMATO theme for Mar 2013. All the upcoming ingredient themes and hostesses for the forthcoming months are listed at "Little Thumbs Up" side bar of my blog and hope that you can join in the fun by participating this event. This event starts on 5 Feb and ends in 2 weeks on 18 Feb 2013. Simply cook or bake any recipe with pineapple and link up with my first pineapple post. For more details of this event, please refer to this.

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Here are the recipes (with my notes and modification in blue)

Honey-baked Chicken Wing

from the book, Malaysian Menu by Andrew Koh

20 chicken wings (I reduced to 15)
2 tbsp char siew sauce (replaced with hoi sin sauce)
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp hua-daio wine
1/2 tbsp honey (increase to 2 tbsp)
1/2 tbsp lime juice

Preheat the oven to 180°C or 160°C fan forced

Combine all and marinate for at least 2 hrs.

Line trays with aluminum foil and arrange marinated chicken wings onto it / them

Brush the chicken wings with marinade and bake in preheated oven at 180°C (or 160°C fan forced) for 20-30 mins.

Note: After 15 mins of baking, I took the chicken wings out of the oven, turned and brushed them with marinade and continue to bake for another 10 mins. Then, I took them out again, turned and brushed them with marinade and continue to bake for another finial 10 mins. Total baking time is 30 mins.

Sambal Belacan
from the book, The best of Singapore Recipes: Nonya Specialties by Mrs Leong Yee Soo

4, optional kaffir lime leaves
225g red chilies
115g shrimp paste (belacan), toasted and broken into small pieces
2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar

Remove central vein of lime leaves, shred finely, then pound until very fine. (I didn't pound the leaves)

Remove stems (and seeds) from chillies and dip in water. Place wet chilies in blender, add toasted shrimp paste, (I added the leaves at this stage) salt and sugar and blend well. Remove from blender. Mix with the pounded lime leaves (added earlier to blend with chillies).

Divide into portions. Pack into plastic containers or zip-lock bags and freeze.

Happy Baking and remember to enjoy the chicken wings with this chilli sauce!


  1. Delicious chicken, I planted red chili and green one time, they all got cross pollinated and end up mixed varieties,

    Love that red beauties. by the way both chicken wing and sambal looks yumm.

  2. These look and sound so good. I have bookmarked little thumbs up for next month.

  3. Oh dear..these chicken wings look great and sound amazing. It is definitely mariande that I would love.. :)

  4. Who doesn't love chicken wings? And although some don't like spicy, I sure do - these look wonderful! Great Super Bowl fare, too. Good stuff - thanks.

  5. Zoe,

    I believe no one will say 'no' to these nice and juicy baked chicken wings.... with sambal some more.
    YUM YUM!

    I love your home grown chilly and kaffir leaves. i learn how to grow some herbs too recently. i grow some basil and sweet mint. Will show off them if i have the chance..LOL

    No worries!! It is just a little gift and i am glad you love it..:D


  6. Zoe, the chicken wings sound and look scrumptious! And the sambal belacan must be extra "fragrant" with the kaffir lime leaves. Wow, it's nice you have chilli and kaffir lime plant. That makes it so convenient. Will check out your event :)

  7. These wings looks really good Zoe!

  8. Very delicious chicken wings..

  9. Zoe, your wings sound incredible!!! I haven't made any in years, but I always used an Asian style recipe. I'm now craving some :)

  10. I'm here for the chicken wings! Can't get enough of grilled chicken wings! Yum yum! I still owe Mui Mui@Doreen a gift, hahaha. I hope she won't mind!

  11. Zoe,love this,
    look really nice and juicy chicken wings!
    Ihave bookmarked the page ,will try it.
    thanks for sharing .

  12. Oh looks really really delicious the chicken wings, no doubt about it.

  13. I had no idea that sambal belecan is so easy to make! Must try sometime. Chicken wings must definitely go with good sambal!

  14. Delicious wings! I love chicken wings, my favourite part! And both your chili plant and kaffir lime are doing great! So convenient to have fresh grown herbs and veggies right in your own garden! :)

  15. Zoe, i'm loving the sound of that sambal! sounds right up my alley :)) i love the fragrance of kaffir lime leaves, so this will be perfect. Bookmarked to try asap. btw, I've left some notes on the AMC cookware for you on my blog.

  16. Hi Zoe, I love these honey baked chicken wings, looks fantastic !!! Will support you and Mui Mui on Little Thumbs Up event.

  17. Wow Zoe! Who can resist chicken wings? Oooo... and the sambal belacan!... You wouldn't miss home! Agree with Lizzy, I am having the craving now...

  18. My grandmother grow their own chili and lime plants too and they made the most wicked and most spiciest sambal ever! I love honey chicken wings, yours look so delicious!

  19. oh my!! the chicken wings make me drooling....:)

  20. Zoe , those wings are yummy ! I need to buy some chicken wings and make it asap :D

  21. Zoe, I'm here for the chicken wings and the sambal!!! serve it with a beer!! :) it's super duper cold here (-28C), and seeing these food made me warm.... (and rumbling...)

  22. the recipe sounds wonderful but what is hua-daio wine? can I just use white??
    Mary x

    1. Hi Mary,

      I think you can substitute Hua-dao wine with a more common Chinese Shao Xing wine.


  23. these looks sedap! Now i must remember to buy chicken wings soon!

  24. You always make everything look so delicious!!

  25. These chicken wings have everything flavoursome in them :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  26. Hi Zoe, i think my earlier comments must have disappear into cyber oblivion! Anyway, this sambal is totally right up my alley, i love the fragrance of kaffir lime leaves, and sounds like it is so simple to make, gotta try it asap! Btw, i left comments for you about AMC on my roast pork post, there is an AMC office in NSW (doesnt seem to have one in Melbourne), so you can give them a call to enquire. Hwever, i think after currency rates conversion, Malaysia would be much cheaper. If you are planning to come over for a holiday.... :)

    1. Thanks Esther! It is long weekend here in Melbourne and was busy with my family and so didn't check my blog for a few days... Will check out AMC when I'm going back to Singapore in May.


  27. Zoe, very lovely and yum chicken. I am not so good with all the asian ingrediences. Never heard of hua daio wine :) but you doing it great. Thumbs up :).

  28. Zoe, these look amazing! Lola and Finn would love these I am sure! that is certainly a reason to try them! Many thanks for sharing!

  29. hi zoe, great to see that you're making your own belachan! love sambal belachan and i think this version of sambal belachan is nice too with kaffir leaves! have a great weekend!

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  31. Hi! New to your blog today - these look AMAZING! Thanks for posting the recipe

  32. Oh! I Love anything with honey, so this is surely my kind of dish but I'm not fan of belacan though! Never like it even though my mom used to make it like every week! LOL

  33. looks teasing inviting and mouthwateringly delicious!

  34. Great looking wings! And fantastic chili sauce - this is something I should make (I certainly go through enough of it!). Good stuff - thanks.

  35. Have been craving chicken wings today.... so want some now!