Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baking Egg Tarts is NOT Easy!

Three years ago, I started blogging...

I was baking vanilla cupcakes to fund-raise for Daffodil Day. In Australia, Daffodil Day is a major fundraising event for cancer research, prevention and support services. I was doing this because I wanted to commemorate my mum who has passed away due to cancer. Every time I see daffodils blooming at Spring time, I think of my mum who loves yellow flowers.

Today, I am still baking and blogging...

I have decided not to do a bake sale for Daffodil Day anymore. Instead, I would rather purchase their merchandises as a form of donation. Having said that, I still love baking and love to bake something to remember my mum by associating her with yellow flowers at every Spring. This year, I'm thinking of baking beautiful yellow-flower-looking egg tarts for my third blogiversary... Not knowing that baking egg tart is never easy... 

Prior this bake, I have baked countless times of egg tarts but have not been yielding any good egg tarts for me until today... 

For my initial attempts, I tried using this easy and delicious egg tart recipe originated from a Chinese blogger, Heimama but didn't succeed at all baking this recipe. I have read many great reviews and seen how easy these egg tarts were made at Cook.Bake.Love and Small Small Baker and yet failed to understand why my tart pastries shrunk so much and all drowned in my egg tart fillings.

Clearly, pastry is my biggest mistake is my egg tart baking. Instead of using custard powder, I substituted it with the same amount of corn flour. For two attempts, I made the pastry with either half an egg or one egg yolk and felt that both pastries were "tense" to roll. I reckon that substituting custard powder with cornflour might be the cause of the problem as I see Lena (Frozen Wings) uses custard powder for her egg tart pastry baking too.

After numerous trial and errors, I have finally managed to bake this egg tart (ok... not this only one but two - LOL!) using Lena's recipe. Out of 12 pastries that I have made, only two were successful and the rest were drowned in their own fillings.
The least is I have tasted a little success and begun to understand the concept of egg tart baking...

This is one of the two egg tarts that I have baked!
Using custard powder to make the pastry
Out of these 12 egg tart pastries that I made, only 2 worked. The rest went into the bin :(
Dissolved sugar in boiling water and waiting for it to cool before adding the eggs.
Finally that I understand! - This is the right amount of filling to fill in order to get a successful egg tart!
I have leftover pastry but sick of baking more egg tarts. So, I used it to bake Pooh and Mickey cookies instead.
My son loves these custard cookies!
Happy to see this silky filling! HURRAY!
Happy enjoying every single bite of my rare success!

Thumbs ups? - Just a little! I won't "brag" much with this tiny amount of success but I must say that it is better than nothing...

Sometimes, I wonder. Why didn't I learn to baking ten twenty years earlier? How I wish that I can bake for my mum before losing her... Sad that this is now not possible. 

Nevertheless... Happy 3rd Blogiversary to me! For my blog, all I want to say is I really appreciate baking and cooking along with all my friends that I have known from blogging. Wish that I can many years of baking and lots to learn. CHEERS!

Here's the recipe from Frozen Wings
(with my notes and slight modification in blue)

190g butter, softened
225g flour
75g custard powder
60g sugar
1 egg

Egg tart filling:
200g boiling water
150g sugar
5 eggs

(I used small 60g eggs)
250g milk

To make pastry: Just mix all the ingredients together into a pastry and place pastry into tarts moulds. See note...

Preheat oven at 200°C (or 160°C fan forced) for about 15 mins

Dissolve sugar in boiling water. Let mixture cool. Add egg and milk. Do not beat mixture, just stir and mix.

Strain mixture and pour into the tart mould (about 65-70% filled). Bake at 180°C (or 160°C fan forced) for 25 mins or until filling cooked.

Note: I didn't want to mark around the quantity of the pastry ingredients (especially the one egg) listed in this recipe and prefer to follow the pastry recipe to the tee. I have made the pastry in its full amount but used 2/3 of the dough to make 12 x 8 cm tart pastries. The rest was used to make about 50 Pooh and Mickey cookies. Using 2/5 of the egg tart filling recipe, I have make enough filling to fill 12 egg tarts but only two were successful.

The only two were successful because:
(1) four of these 12 pastries were placed in a freezer for 30 mins prior baking.
(2) two of these 4 were 65-70% filled with egg tart fillings whereas the other failing ones were filled with slightly more fillings.

Happy Baking
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  1. Hi Zoe,

    The egg tarts look delicious! They are my favorite dim sum treat. I tried making egg tarts before. The egg custard filling was good but the crust wasn't right. Thanks for sharing. I'll try making this crust along with the filling I make.


  2. Hi, Zoe! Welldone! Happy 3rd anniversary!

  3. Hi Zoe,
    I made some egg tarts too last weekend for a friend.
    Although you have only 2 success, you deserves 2 thumbs up for that effort.
    Love that lovely golden yellow colour of your egg tart.

    Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Zoe!!

  4. Zoe, heimama egg tart is not difficult. What I learnt is don't over handle the dough coz it will cause shrinkage.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, fiber is important and thankfully I get plenty. Mostly I juice veg, not fruits. And then I use the veg as medicine. Super powerful stuff.

  6. I love these too and yeah, the pastry is the most difficult part to do...I have seen some bloggers using puff pastry as a substitute! I read on the packaging label on the ingredients that it is in fact corn flour mixed with coloring? At least the one I bought said so lol! So using corn flour should not be a problem.

  7. Happy blogiversary Zoe and a great treat to bake to remember your mother! Even you can't bake for your mother, I'm sure what you've achieved today would be greatly influenced by her! I can see the devotion and mother love from your baking! Cheers!

  8. Hi Zoe
    Happy 3rd blogiversary to Bake For Happy Kids.
    I have made the Heimama egg tart before too and I love it. Hope you will not give up of making egg tarts.

  9. But...... You did it, looks delicious and juicy tim! Yum! Yum!

  10. Happy blogging anniversary! It isn't easy making egg tarts I agree. Doesn't matter the look, the silky filling is so worth it.

  11. Hi Zoe,
    Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary! Wow, how time flies and seems like just yesterday, Lena "introduced" us! Haha!
    Your egg tart is a beautiful tribute to the memory of your mother. She would be very proud of your attempts.
    You did great, and I can see that they are very yummy indeed!
    Cheers to you! Here's to another year of wonderful blogging and recipes from you! Glass of champagne....Clink, clink! Slurp.....!! :)

  12. Hi there!
    shrinkage is the major problem i guess.
    after baked, my egg tart filling ruined and never looked mirror-shine anymore. plus tart bottom is not fully-cooked.
    By the way, finger-cross for you in baking egg tart although it is never easy.

  13. Hi Zoe, happy 3rd Blog anniversary! the egg tarts look delicious, like the silky filling very much.

  14. despite I see the method is pretty easy to understand, I did not dare to try it. But good job Zoe! I love the silky texture. I bet you are going to succeed in making it some day. Not too far away =)

  15. Hi Zoe , tried to make egg tart , no success , I will try your recipes your tarts looks so yummy . Happy Blogging Anniversary , many more . Thanks for sharing :).

  16. A VERY VERY HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!! you have an adorable blog,these egg tarts look so perfectly golden and rich custard center makes us drool over those lovely snaps,great job in making them so beautifully at home...HAPPY COOKING & HAPPY BLOGGING!!! :-)

  17. Happy blog anniversary.. The tart looks o cute and taty...

  18. Hi Zoe, happy blog anniversary. Green is the colour I associate my late mum and Pandan chiffon is green which was my mum most popular cake. She made the best Pandan chiffon and I remember her baking pandan chiffon on every Chinese New Year during the early seventies because all shops were closed and she was worried we have nothing to eat for breakfast. She passed away of sudden stroke when I just started working. She was illiterate and I never got to know her recipe.

    1. Hi Lian,

      My grandmother is somehow like your mum. She is illiterate but cooks and bakes very well. By the time, I wanted to learn cooking and baking from her, she loses her mobility. She has suffered for many year and we lost her recently this year... In contrast, my mum is the strong businesswoman kind and hardly cook for us when we were young... I admire her strength and like to remember her for her love of yellow flowers... Nice to know green has been a special colour for you :D


  19. Oh Dear! :) What lovely cookies I see!
    Your son love them...but me too! Love so so much, these cookies, and the color is amazing. Good recipe.
    Have a nice day, dearest.

  20. Oh, and happy 3rd blogiversary to Bake For Happy Kids!
    I love ur blog ^^

  21. Happy third blogiversary! Congrats on a wonderful 3 years!

  22. Hi Zoe, Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary!. The tarts look sunny and delicious

  23. yumm, that does looks delicious!! sorry about your mum.

  24. Happy Blog Anniversary , I bet one day you will master the making of egg tarts.

  25. I admire your persistence, Zoe! ^.^

  26. Wow, finally u nailed it.. Looks awesome :) Beautifully baked tarts & custard cookies !

  27. Zoe, happy 3rd anniversary, i still not trying baking egg tart yet, and still done know how its going on, i have been buying the tart mould for so long but still let them sleeping in the box. ha.... hope i have time to try this.

  28. It's almost like your mom lives on through your blog, given the inspiration for its beginning.

  29. Definitely this tastes awesome..mouthwatering...great

  30. Hi Zoe, Happy Blogiversary! Keep going, all of them will be perfect in no time :)

  31. happy 3rd abloganniverssary. Lovley clicks and nice presentation

  32. OMG, you've caught my attention with those Disney cookies! Of course I'll eat those egg tarts anytime too, Zoe!

  33. Hi Zoe, since you got two egg tarts right, I give you two thumbs up! Hehe ;) I love your custard cookies too, soo soo cute! Thx for linking this to LTU!

  34. We want to try this... Up for the challenge... =)

  35. Happy 3rd Blogiversary Zoe! Hey, what a coincidence! I've just made some egg tarts for LTU too. I must say that yours looks more like the 'real' egg tart than mine with flaky pie crust. Since I can't find any custard powder over here , I'v used a simple recipe & also a cheated version with store bought puff pastry! LOL

  36. Replies
    1. Hi Cindy,

      You can't use SR flour as it will raise and puff up too much during baking. Cheers!