Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Milky Cream Cheese Cookies

Have you ever wonder if the use of heavenly creamy cream cheese can bake better cookies?

YES that I notice that cookies and pastry made with cream cheese has a nice milky taste but...

NO that the cookies or pastries made with cream cheese are not as crispy or short as the ones made with just butter or shortening.

I notice the obviously difference between these pineapple tarts baked with cream cheese (recipe from Wendy, Table for 2) and these pineapple tarts baked without cream cheese (recipe from The Little Teochew). The cream cheese ones are delicious with a hint of milky taste but I actually prefer the ones without cream cheese for its short and buttery texture.

Am I giving up the idea of using cream cheese for tarts or cookies baking? Not entirely!!!

If you try Googling for best cream cheese cookies, you will see this from The Heartland and this from Just a Taste. I like to trust Google and try both recipes...

According to Dawn, the author of The Heartland, mentioned that her cream cheese cookies recipe has been pinned in many Pinterest boards and she named this recipe the "Best-Ever Cream Cheese Cookies". With further Googling, I found that another cream cheese cookies recipe is very similar to Dawn's one too and uses egg yolk rather than using the whole eggs. For extra creaminess, I'm giving Dawn's recipe a go using with egg yolk.

Both Google and Dawn is right! These cookies is really simple, versatile and yet so delicious!

According to Dawn, these cookies are be made as dropped cookies, roll them into balls or even roll the dough for cut-out cookies. Like what Dawn did, I baked mine using the simple drop method with no extra sugar.

Interestingly, these cookies can taste differently baked with different baking time. These cookies taste like little cream cheese pound cake when the cookies are slightly under-baked for 12-15 minutes and warm. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them the most at this stage!!! They will eventually firm up and taste like cookies when they are baked for another 5 minutes and cooled completely. As expected, these cookies are not the short or crispy kind at all but sort of cake-y type with nice milky taste and fragrance.

Next, I will be trying this cream cheese chocolate chip cookies recipe from Just a Taste. So stay tune to explore the wonder of cream cheese in my cookies baking... - LOL!

Milky Cream Cheese Cookies
Simple milky cream cheese cookies
Can the heavenly creamy cream cheese bake better cookies?
The cookie batter looks so creamy...
The batter doesn't look so creamy now :p
Easier to scoop and drop equal amount of dough with an ice cream scoop :)
If under-baked, the warm cookies tasted like little pound cake! Yum!
It is quite difficult for me to illustrate or describe the milky fragrance of these cookies...
Milky Cream Cheese Cookies
... you have to smell and taste it to understand it!

Here's the Best-Ever Cream Cheese Cookies recipe from The Heartland
(with my modification in blue)

Makes about 2 dozen dropped or rolled cookies

1/2 cup (or 125g) unsalted butter at room temperature
3oz (or 90g) regular cream cheese at room temperature
1 1/2 cups icing sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg at room temperature
(used 1 egg yolk with half amount of the recipe) 
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
(I replaced this vanilla paste)
1 3/4 cups all purpose flour

Heat your oven to 375°F (or 160°C fan forced) and line your cookie sheets with parchment paper.

Place butter and cream cheese in your mixer bowl and beat for 1 min. Beat in the sugar and baking powder (I added the baking powder later with the flour).

Add egg and vanilla and beat until fluffy. Beat in the flour (+ baking powder). Chill for 30 mins for drop/roll cookies, 1 hr for cut-out cookies.

Scoop by rounded teaspoon full and dredge drop cookies (roll balled cookies) in superfine sugar (I dropped my cookies dough directly onto my baking sheets without coating them with extra sugar). Bake for 7 mins (*See note). Cool for 1 min on cookie sheet then transfer to wire racks to cool completely.

*Note: The baking time may vary depending on the size and the shapes of your cookies. Mine scooped using a small ice cream scoop took 12-15 mins to become cream-cheese-pound-cake-like and took a total of 20 mins to become firm cookies. 

Please do not over-bake as over-baking will dry out the cookies. 

Using half amount of the recipe with 1 egg yolk, I have baked 17 of these cookies at 160°C fan forced for 12-20 mins.

Happy Baking 
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These cream cheese cookies are NOT the traditional kind that most Asians would bake for Chinese New Year celebration but I would say that they are very delicious to eat for all occasions!!! For this reason, I'm linking this post with our Chinese New Year cookies bake-along... Hope that my fellow Asian food bloggers won't mind.

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  1. Omg! This looks so good! Cream cheese and cookies are my favourite and I will definitely try this! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Hi Zoe , mouth watering , checking my pantry , got to make these they looks so tasty , thanks for sharing :)

  3. You are making me drool with all the variance of the recipe. Thanks for sharing the tips on the baking time. If it's plain cookies like this without filling , i 'd like them to be crispy on the outside but chewy inside . This is so yummy looking Zoe . I shall be busy with baking CNY cookies soon as well!

  4. It seems like something that will melt in your mouth! Yum! :)

  5. Hello Zoe
    Never made cookies with cream cheese before. These must be very tasty and yummy.

  6. Zoe your cookies look so tempting. I am sure it is full of flavour. I've never baked cookies with cream cheese before, will bookmark for later.

  7. these look absolutely mouthwatering!!! bookmarked!

  8. hum... did i tell you i hv been bookmarking everything you posted recently? you are really good in enticing people with your description... that's something i lack.. haha.. verbally impaired with my blog... keep it up and will link back once i bake these! woot!

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thank you so much for what you wrote. Seeing your comment reminds me of my schooling day. I always have to keep my fingers crossed whenever I received my report card from my teachers.... I was hoping that I can pass my English language and luckily, my grade is always reach the borderline :p I used to hate English literature and reading but improves a lot now because I practice more writing at work and also blogging... I guess it is true that practice makes perfect :D

      I always tell myself... It is my blog and I can write or don't write whatever I want... as long as I'm happy :p


    2. you are very right zoe… our blog is really our little (private) space… we do whatever we want… i hated studying and reading all the massive words.. i hated maths… i used to tell people the only numbers i could process were the ones in my bank account…. i guess i’m better than that now knowing it is important to read recipes carefully… and then shortly, i realised blogs like yours were interesting to read (envy envy... because oh did i say i'm verbally & literally impaired). you just brought life into words.. how you described the man and boy in your family reminds me of my husband (i’m childless though)… so keep it up! i enjoy every bit of it

  9. These sound and look really tasty. I have come across some cookie recipes with cream cheese but have never tried them out, i think i should one of these days :)

  10. Hi Zoe, I'm glad you found my blog and that you will follow me. I'm going to follow you. Here's the middle of winter and we look forward to securing the spring all that early. Still a few months
    Sweet greetings from Belgium, Europe

  11. halo ,
    kindli could u tel me,can i used spreadable cheese,,
    and is these cookies very sweet,,can i cut down the sugar,,
    hope u don mind to share,,

    1. Hi Melisa,

      Being a health conscious person, I like to use fat reduced and sugar reduced products or more healthy options but for a nice creamy taste of these cookies, I don't think this recipe will be as good with reduced fat cream cheese or reduced sugar options. Typically, spreadable cream cheese is usually lower in its saturated fat or total fat content and that's why it is spreadable. I would advise you the check and compare its label before deciding to use.

      Yes that I'm a sweet tooth person but won't like overly-sweet cake or cookies. Personally, I think the sweetness of these cookies is ok for me. However, everyone's tolerance to sweetness can be different.

      Hope that you can bake these cookies according to the way that you like. Cheers!


  12. This is really good Zoe, can't wait to make some soon.

  13. I think I would like this from reading your description. Milky cookies are niceeeee and I think I would like them slightly underdone too.

  14. With such a sticky soft dough, I am not surprised these are delicious! Great snack anytime of day!

  15. Looks awesome! Hv to give it a try when I've time!

  16. Oh what lovely cookies Zoe. They look so delicate and delicious I would just love one with my morning coffee. I know yours are probably all gone by now but I have heard, more than once, that both the dough and the cookies freeze very well. Just a note for the future but who would want to freeze these cookies today? Not me, lol...Thank you so much for sharing, Zoe...

  17. looks delicious, can I have one? or maybe 2? :)

  18. Don't you love google? I use it so much when baking! I've never had cookies like this before. Yum!

  19. This cream cheese cookies look very simple and easy to make.
    Am definitely bookmarking this one !

  20. Cream cheese makes anything taste good. These cookies look delectable!

  21. Wow cream cheese cookies! My kids will eat these by the dozens.

  22. God ! my eyes got stuck at the last pic..the pores in the cookies !! ummm...shud be diivne !

  23. This morning while I read your post from my hp, I try to imagine the taste you mention about under bake...I love cream cheese...so this cookies for sure will be delicious!

  24. Although I'm not a cheesy fan your cookies do make me crave for one!

  25. The texture is clearly shown on the picture! Can't wait to try the recipe.

  26. Hi Zoe,
    The 80s theme has to do with the movie The Breakfast Club! Here's the link to Debra's if you want to find out more about it. I'm still thinking on mine so I will need more of your cookies, lol...

  27. Hi Zoe,
    I really admire your patience in researching and trying out various recipes! I am so lazy, I would just select one and be done with it! Haha! Your family is so lucky!
    I have never tried using cream cheese for cookies. These cookies looks yummy, and a cup of hot coffee-O would be great!
    The men in your house must be all smiles with all the delicious cookies you've made!

  28. Love these cookies. They look and sound delicious. The kids and I will be making these tasty cookies soon. Thanks for sharing.

  29. kind of fluffy when they are underbaked? too bad i cant smell and i cant taste...hehe

  30. Gosh, these look terrific! We don't use cream cheese enough in baking (except for several recipes like cheesecake). Definitely would enjoy these - thanks so much.

  31. Zoe day, 40 degrees is very very much. Here we hear about on talk radio and TV. It is not something to be desired. Hopefully it will not be long heat wave and get some fresher, more tolerable temperatures.

  32. hi Zoe, as long as it's nice, any occasion will do, and CNY is no exception LOL
    this is definitely delicious kind of cookies that I'll enjoy
    thks for linking this up to LTU cheese :)

  33. Delicious Cheese cookies. I love eating them every evening


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