Monday, March 24, 2014

Spongy Brownies with Warm Chocolate Sauce (Bill Granger)

Are you a brownies lover?

Dense and fudgy or light and cakey kind?

Yes, we love brownies. Both fudgy and cakey and ALL kinds... LOL!

This well-publicised Bill Granger's basic brownies recipe can be found everywhere: in the book, Best of Bill and Bill's Basic, here and here. This recipe can be found everywhere? They must be good as I would imagine... All I wanted was to bake these brownies but I didn't know what I was expecting. After our first bite, we were surprise! Oh... spongy brownies!!! These moist and chocolat-y brownies are truly unique because of their spongy texture.

We can clearly differentiate that these brownies are different from others that I had previously baked at here, here, here and a lot at here. They look and taste like brownies but somehow have similar texture of a dense chocolate cake. They are neither compact nor fudgy, only SPONGY! To clarify further, what I mean about spongy is obviously not the soft and spongy sponge cakes kind of texture but spongy or springy enough to absorb any chocolate sauce, cream or melted ice cream.

And, this is why the book, Best of Bill, recommends serving these brownies with warm chocolate sauce and ice cream. I have enjoyed mine with the recommended creamy chocolate sauce and they are really good!

spongy chocolate brownies Bill Granger
Bill Granger's Basic Chocolate Brownies... Surprisingly spongy!
Just melt and mix!
Can't wait to try a slice of this freshly baked brownies ...
spongy brownies Bill Granger
Oh! See the spongy pores of this brownies!
Cut into small pieces and dust with cocoa powder...
We need to make a warm chocolate sauce to eat with this brownies...
spongy brownies warm chocolate sauce Bill Granger
More, please!

Here's the recipe from the book, Best of Bill: The Ultimate Collection of Bill Granger's Classic Recipes by Bill Granger (with my modification and notes in blue)

Chocolate Brownies
345g superfine sugar
85g cocoa powder
(I used Callebaut Dutch-processed one)
60g all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 eggs, beaten
200g unsalted butter, melted
2 tsp vanilla extract
200g dark chocolate button
(I used Callebaut chocolate callets with 70% cocoa)

Preheat the oven to 160°C (or 150°C fan forced). Stir the sugar, cocoa powder, flour and baking powder togther in a bowl. Add the eggs, melted butter and vanilla and mix until combined. Mix in the chocolate buttons. Pour into a lined 22cm square tin and bake for 40-45mins

Allow the brownies block to slightly cool then cut into eight pieces. Place each on serving plate and dust with extra cocoa powder if you like, then serve with the chocolate sauce. 

Note: Using 3/4 of the recipe, I have baked my brownies using 15cm x 25cm loaf tin at 150°C fan forced for 40 mins

Warm Chocolate Sauce
125g dark chocolate
(I used Callebaut chocolate callets with 70% cocoa)
185ml cream

Place chocolate and cream in a heatproof bowl and place the bowl over a saucepan of just simmering water. Whisk occasionally until a thick sauce forms. Instead of using this method, I melt both chocolate with cream in a microwave-safe bowl using a microwave.

Cool sightly before serving.

Happy Baking

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  1. Waiting for this post.. The ingredients are pretty simple.. Have bookmarked this as well.. Will try out once my life and routine is back to normal.. G is having chicken pox now.. My life is in a mess! Huhuhu.. I don't have really good quality cocoa.. The ones here are always Van Houten.. I think that has to do..

    1. Oh dear!!! Hope that your G is recovering well from chicken pox.

  2. Hi Zoe, I've selected recipes for the CLAS event and they're mostly chocolate cakes or brownies... heheee... wonder how to slim down making so many bakes including this one :D

  3. Hi Zoe , oh yes I am a brownie love and I will make these next week for my kids . Thanks for sharing :)

  4. These brownies look delicious! My family loves all kinds of brownies and I am sure these would delight them too.

  5. Lovely chocolate brownies!!!!
    Zoe, you're really good in making chocolate cake!

  6. Hi Zoe,
    I can see your family is a great fan of brownies! My kids like brownies but I do not bake them often enough,.. lazy mommy! hehe!
    Your brownies looks very moist and I have always prefer cake-like texture brownies over fudgy ones! This is perfect!

  7. Oh sheesh!! It's breakfast time and I wouldn't mind eating a couple of huge slices of those tempting brownies....

  8. Zoe, I didn't know that brownies could be spongy! Must try and taste this soon :)

  9. Hello, I also made ​​brownies this weekend!
    Your brownies are very beautiful and delicious...

  10. WOW! LOVE this decadent spongy brownies! YUM! Looks like very addictive too ! Bookmarking this recipe for sure. BTW I've baked BGranger's chocolate & coconut slice yesterday Simple recipe , yet so delicious !

  11. I am brownie lover no.1!! and these brownies look like made for me!

  12. Ooo yes!! I m definite a brownie lover. I want the whole tray Zoe!

  13. Another great brownies from your kitchen. Sound a new discovery for you and family :)

  14. Luce muy delicioso y adorable color ,abrazos :)

  15. Looks really good especially with the chocolate sauce, you do love your chocolates huh!

  16. Am ready to die for a piece of this spongy brownies with a fingerlicking warm chocolate.

  17. Oh, lordy lordy lordy. Now I have a craving for brownies!

  18. I'm definitely a dense and fudgy girl :-) These look awesome!

  19. yummm, I think I over bake my brownies maybe thats why they end up more cake like and not gooey and fudgey like these.

    1. Hi Nammi,

      Did you bake this brownies? This brownies are not the gooey and fudgy kind and taste more like the denser kind of cake.


  20. from the way you described it, my curiosity level is up. Now let's see whether my lazy bug will go away soon.

  21. Hi Zoe,
    Spongy brownies, sounds great and luscious!
    We love anything with chocolate, especially chocolate brownies and cakes :D


  22. A simple recipe for soo spongy and heavenly chocolate brownies......

  23. love the very chocolatey brownies like this! yummy!

  24. You have been so busy blogging while I have been busy elsewhere! These look so good, Zoe. I loved your egg tart tutorial, too. Great work!

  25. Zoe, you can be crowned as the Queen of Brownies! Yes, my hubby loves brownies(me too & make the 3rd for my son). So far only made brownies twice(made one last Sunday for a friend's gathering). You know what, I was so blur that I used the same recipe twice but now only I realised that I used the wrong quantity of chocolate but nevermind, hubby & friends still love it. Mine was fudgy type.

  26. Zoe, this is fantastic! My family will love it.

  27. I think I can honestly say that Brownies are my favourite cake! I just love the squidgy bit in the middle! Especially when they're still slightly warm! What an amazing recipe! One for the recipe book for University I think!! xxx