Monday, May 12, 2014

Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake

Being a member The Home Bakers (THB), I do feel an obligation to bake and feeling bad because I have missed out a couple of bakes prior this. Sorry, Joyce and all THB members! I'm back baking for THB and now baking this cake...

This is the recipe chosen by Mich from Piece of Cake being our 35th THB bake. THB is an baking event organised by my friend, Joyce from Kitchen Flavours. With a group of gorgeous ladies, we are baking all recipes from the book, "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas until every recipe from this book has been baked. 

At first glance, I see this recipe like a streusel cake canvas. It looks like a streusel cake that allows any addition of fruits and nuts that suits each individual taste. Guess what I have added to mine? Look closely...

This is my pecan streusel coffee cake...
This is how I made my streusel topping.
Mixing my cake batter
Spot anything yet?
See anything unusual here?
Here is my pecan streusel cake... Yum!
Still guessing???

Trust me... I did add something extra.

Give up?
This is the slice of cake that I enjoyed... Can see anything extra?
It's salt!!!

When I first saw that the streusel topping in this recipe containing butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and pecan, I was related this combination to salted caramel. Glad that I added salt as I really like the salty-sweet version of this cake!!!

The cake has a slight dense and bouncy texture and taste very well with salted-caramel-like nutty crumbly streusel. Sweet! ... And deliciously salty! LOL!

Being the rule of this event, only the host of the chosen bake can post the recipe in her blog post. Please visit Mich from Piece of Cake for the detailed recipe of this bake.

And, here are the notes and modifications that I made for my bake.

My ingredients list 
(which is 1/2 amount of the recipe):

Streusel Topping
30g cold unsalted butter, cut into bits
25g all-purpose flour
50g light brown sugar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
60g pecan pieces
a good pinch of sea salt - my extra addition

Cake Base
30g unsalted butter, soften at room temperature

20g light brown sugar
20g caster sugar
1 large egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
150g all purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder
125ml buttermilk

Modifications that I have made from the original:
  • Instead of using the full amount of the recipe, I have used 1/2 amount to bake a small cake in 10 x 20 cm loaf pan instead of baking the cake in a 9 inch springform pan.
  • The amount of light brown sugar and caster sugar added into the cake batter are reduced to 20g each. Original is 1/2 cup each for full amount. 
  • Instead of using baking soda, I have replaced it with extra baking powder. 
  • I have added a good pinch of sea salt in the streusel topping to yield a sweet salty caramel-like taste.
  • The cakes were baked at 160°C fan forced for 35 min and the testing skewer inserted come out clean.
Happy Baking
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  1. Wah, you really "yau sum kei" to make that brown sugar streusel topping.. If me, I think I will just bake a butter cake, and mix pecans inside, teehee.. Gawd, I really like this pecan streusel coffee cake, good to eat with a cup of Milo (I don't take coffee or tea, hehe).. Anything with brown sugar, I like, very "heong"..

  2. You are very naughty coz you are testing my eyesight. I'm an "4-eye," loh, hahaha. But you are so creative of adding salt in there. When you mentioned it, I also started of imaging the taste!

  3. I too would like the salty-sweet topping... does enhance the flavour of the cake. Good job!

  4. goodness!!! another awesome bake... ur kids are just really lucky... :)

  5. Love pecan! It would be nice to add a swirl of cinnamon in the cake batter as well! :)

  6. Great idea to add the sea salt! Must taste delicious!

  7. Ooh… These look so tempting and delicious!

  8. Zoe, this is so yummy!!!
    I love pecan nuts

  9. What an irresistible coffee cake! Crunchy topping looks just amazing.. Yummy!

  10. YUmm salivating now, looks goooooood!!

  11., this is my kinda cake! I love how you did it. I will be trying it out soon ;)

  12. Hi Zoe,
    I like your addition of sea salt flakes! Must be really good with the sweet streusel indeed!
    I made mine with two flavour of streusel, adding the choc chip to please my daughter!
    This cake is lovely indeed for a relaxing afternoon with a cup of tea. :)

  13. Hi Zoe, I almost wanted to use a magnifying glass to see what extra you have added... ha ha LOL me. This salty-sweet Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake taste yummy. A slice for me please.

  14. Sometimes we must share a brain. We've been eating a lot of coffee cake in my house lately!

  15. Hi Zoe , I can almost taste the salty - sweet taste of the cake and I bet the aroma was just lovely . Thanks for sharing :)

  16. This is now my husband's favorite cake. I like your secret ingredient. I sprinkle sea salt on chocolate chip cookies, lightly and it makes a difference so I can see the extra salt giving it added pizzaz.

  17. Zoe, I peered and peered so close to find you secret ingredient only to find out it is salt LOL! Couldn't see a thing hah...hah....

  18. Very nice, looks moist and delicious. I made streusel for the first time this past weekend, I totally love it :)

  19. oh god, wat an incredible pecan streusel, i would love to have few slices..

  20. Hi Zoe, I try to imaging how the taste of this sweet and salty Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake is! beside the pecan, i can't see the salt grain is, am i normal :DDD

  21. This literally made my stomach rumble! I am loving this cake!

  22. Hi Zoe , I've just baked this cake & love it. Will add some salt when I bake this cake again . Thanks for the 'tip' :p