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The Unforgettable "Singapore" Garlic Bread

The unforgettable "Singapore" garlic bread???

Ok ok... I know that the title of this post sounds a little strange and confusing. If you are a Singaporean or has been living in Singapore, you will know that garlic bread is definitely not in the list of Singaporean food that Singaporeans usually eat or can't live without. According to CNN Travel, the top three Singaporean favourite food are Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow and Wonton Mee and of course, NOT garlic bread! - LOL!

This garlic bread is mentioned not because it is a popular food in Singapore. It is unforgettable because this kind of garlic bread is never the kind we eat in Melbourne, Australia. You might ask... What is so special about these Singapore-style garlic bread?

Typically, most garlic breads (including this common one that is mentioned in are made with crusty baguette, sliced, filled with garlic and butter and toasted until the butter melt. WikiHow describes a few recipes but they are all the crusty and crunchy kind that are never soft and fluffy to bite. Unlike most common garlic breads, the garlic breads that we bought Mugiya bakeries in Singapore bakery are the soft, fluffy and buttery kind that make my son couldn't forget.

Mummy, I miss Singapore garlic breads...

Believe me... I have been hearing this comment many many many times... So many times that I feel sorry for myself and my boy who is always thinking about these garlic breads... LOL! I like to replicate the similar kind of bread for him and found this bread recipe from the book, Magic Bread by Alex Goh.

Mummy, this is one! The garlic bread!!!

Believe me... My boy is extremely excited when I showed him the picture of garlic breads in this book.

With no hesitation, I baked these breads and also with premium Danish butter and Spanish garlic...

Boy: Mummy, I like these breads... but they are still not the Singapore garlic breads.
Man: I think these are better than the Singapore ones...
Boy, feeling a little disappointed: NO... these are still NOT my Singapore garlic breads!!!

Sorry, boy! I know what exactly my boy is after... Sadly that my boy is right that these breads are not the exact replicate of his Singapore garlic breads which are the soft unstructured kind which they will never regain their shape after pressing them. These that I have baked are the more structured ones with light outer crust and yet soft and fluffy inside. To be honest, my husband and I really like these garlic breads. Ok... they are NOT my boy's unforgettable "Singapore" garlic bread but actually very fragrant and delicious garlic breads.

The unforgettable "Singapore" garlic bread??? For my boy, my search continues...

Updated on 2 Dec 2014 - We have found a champion garlic bread at here.

home baked garlic bread
These are NOT the unforgettable Singapore garlic breads but actually very fragrant garlic breads...
NOT the unforgettable Singapore garlic breads! NOT because the garlic breads were made with non-Singaporean Spanish garlic... LOL!
... or made with Danish butter... These ingredients actually made them very nice! 
Two different types of dough were made one day before as I thought that these will help to make fluffier breads.
After kneading and proving the dough for one hr, it was divided into 7 portions.
Each portion was shaped with the garlic butter.
The excess garlic butter was wrapped up and chilled until firm.
The bread doughs grew...
More garlic butter... Yeah! One extra thick slice for each bread :)
My kitchen was smelling so good when we were baking these...
butter garlic bread
The almost unforgettable "Singapore" garlic bread... Still delicious! LOL!

Here's the recipe from the book, Magic Bread by Alex Goh
(with my modifications in blue)


60g bread flour
45g boiling water

240g bread flour
6g sugar
6g salt

4g instant yeast

135g cold water
75g overnight sponge dough


15g butter

Overnight sponge dough
makes approximately 75g

50g bread flour
30g water (room temperature)
1/8 tsp instant yeast

Mix all ingredients until well-blended. Mix water and yeast until well-blended. Add in flour and mix to form dough. Let it proof for 30 min. Wrap it up and refrigerate for overnight. 

Garlic butter
10 cloves chopped garlic (reduced to 7)

some parsley
100g soft butter (reduced to 60g)

Add the boiling water from A into flour, mix until well-blended to form dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep it into refrigerator for at least 12 hrs.

Mix B until well-blended. Add in C, knead to form rough dough. Add in A, knead until well-blended.

Add in D knead to form elastic dough. Let it proof for 40 mins

Instead of kneading by hand or electric mixer, I've placed all ingredients in list A, B, C and D into my bread maker and use "dough setting"to knead and prove the dough for 1 hr

Divide the dough into 85g each (or into 7 equal portions) and mould it round. Let it rest for 10 mins.

Flatten the dough, spread a thin layer of garlic butter and roll it into oblong shape. Let it proof for 45 mins.

Chill the left-over garlic butter in fridge or freezer until firm.

Egg wash the surface and cut the center with sharp knife. Place some garlic butter onto it.

Bake at 220°C (or 200
°C fan forced) for 18 mins or until golden brown.

Note: Using this recipe, I have baked 7 garlic breads at 200°C fan forced for 10 mins and at
180°C fan forced for another 6 mins.

Happy Baking
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  1. Zoe,

    I can imagine myself indulging with a garlic bread now... love the garlicky flavor & aroma.. :)

    Thks for linking up ^^

  2. When I see garlic bread, I always think of the toasted rolls, like those we have in Delifrance.. Haha.. Your garlic bread looks canggih, and look like those bought in bakeries.. I like these kinda garlic bread actually, not too hard, very fluffy too..

  3. Hi Zoe,i plan to make bread tonite,still thinking what flavour shou i made,niw saw ur garlic bread,its my tonite will try to make it

  4. Zoe this is an amazing recipe! Yes, I am not surprised at all that this isn't one of our favorite but it's definitely asian style with the soft bread! I love what you've done and totally NEED to make this as soon as I can! My boyfriend's the baker and he loves making bread, I will recruit his help! ^^

  5. I love both hard and soft garlic bread...the hard one would be nice when eat together with soup...while the soft one is simply delicious that could be eaten any time :)

  6. 蒜茸牛油面包真的很很很好吃的。。。。^^

  7. ahhhh.. now this is interesting.. so the boy doesn't like it huh? its ok.. you have the girl here to finish! wahahahha

  8. Hi Zoe,
    Your Asian style garlic bread sure looks yummy! Love it!

  9. Hi Zoe! I have never ever tasted the Singpore garlic bread and therefore I can't compare. But whatever it is, I am pretty sure that I would love your version! Looks very, very good!

  10. Hi Zoe,

    Oh my.. I really hate you when I see this tempting gralic bread. Mouth watery! Thanks Zoe for the recipe *kiss*

  11. Zoe,
    You know what, this is on my to-bake list for this month ! I am curious, what does the Singapore Garlic Bread tastes like, I have never eaten good garlic bread before in Singapore...
    Btw, thank you for linking up with My Treasured Recipes #1 . If you still have more Alex Goh bakes, do link it up again, the more the merrier! :D

  12. Zoe, thanks for sharing this story with us. Your garlic bread looks as good as Breadtop bread loh!

  13. Now, not only is that "Unforgettable" Garlic Bread unforgettable, Zoe so is this adorable post:) You are such a nice mommy searching and searching for your son's favorite garlic bread memory recipe. I am curious as to what the "secret" might be.

    Your rendition sounds amazing and I love that you insert the flavored garlic butter down the middle of the dough. What a GREAT idea. I do hope you find "the" recipe but, I must say, this bread sounds just heavenly!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Zoe...

  14. Omg, this bread is definitely unforgettable, soo stunning and highly irresistible.

  15. Hi Zoe,
    Oh yes, we Asians can never have enough of fluffy soft breads! Your son is really smart, he can tell the difference even though the soft texture is similar! Hope you will find your search for the ultimate soft, fluffy, garlic bread, that will put a smile on your little boy's face! :)

  16. I can already smell the aroma of garlic bread in your kitchen! Hope you can find a recipe that is close to the 'Singapore' garlic bread soon so that your little boy won't miss it again!

  17. Zoe, I don't really know what kind of garlic bread is the Singapore one. I have never bought any garlic bread from local bakeries here. I guess I have to get one at mugiya to try.

  18. Hi Zoe , yummy and delicious , I could eat the bread all by itself . Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Like lovely little garlic knots!

  20. There is a little bit of work with this garlic bread :) but it definitely looks worth it..

  21. Hi Zoe
    Im sure you will find your perfect Spore garlic bread one day..... and I know you will try to modify from one recipe to another to get that perfect garlic bread you wanted. For the time being, this garlic bread sounds good too.

  22. Hi Zoe, I have never heard of Singapore garlic bread until today, but it sure looks good. Hopefully next time u visit Singapore, your son will point out the one he wants to you! :)

  23. Zoe, your boy is good, know how to appreciate garlic bread, my gal never like it so far :P

  24. I have tried this method of baking bread and found it very fluffy too! Your garlic bread certainly look it! I can imagine how lovely your kitchen smells as these are baking in the oven:D

  25. Hi Zoe, I remembered I baked this bread before with one mistake that I just discover now - I didn't chill the garlic butter before placing it on top of the bread, so the butter melts and spread to the base and the buns were so oily. Thanks for sharing, I'll bake these again.

  26. You had me sold when you said "Garlic"!. Combine that with fresh bread and who could ask for more.

  27. Hi Zoe, thanks for sharing the story. Perhaps I shall drop by the nearest Mugiya bakery to check out 'Singapore garlic bread'. BTW, my son likes the Pizza Hut garlic bread ... very soft texture with garlicky melted butter ^-^.

  28. che meraviglia..
    ma sono bellissimi e buonissimi.
    Buona serata.

  29. This looks amazing, Zoe and simple enough to make. I'm going to give it a try one of these days because I cannot be forever drooling over the PC like

  30. That looks absolutely amazing Zoe! I'm not a bread person but I'd love to have a couple of your garlic bread right now. :)

  31. I am going to try out this recipe but have one question to ask. What do you mean by fan forced ? Do I have to on the fan ? I normally don't on the fan when baking buns.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Some ovens has fan forced function and some don't. I have to use the fan forced function for my baking because my oven doesn't have the heating element at the bottom. It is ok if you choose to use your oven without the fan forced function but you have to bake your bread at 220°C (20°C more than fan forced setting). Cheers!


  32. i've been trying to find a recipe for this since forever! i'm making these now as they remind me of what i had growing up in chinese bakeries in nyc. love!