Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sweet and Salty Butter Corn Bread

Do you like anything sweet and salty? YES for me...

I enjoy eating anything with salted caramel, pop corn, peanut butter, sweet chili sauce and sweet corn with salted butter. I can also appreciate the sweet and salty taste of both crispy bacons and maple syrup but prefer to avoid meat for my personal reasons... Being the vege person, I would say that sweet corn with salted butter is still my most favourite sweet and salty preference.
Divine? This bread? ... I reckon this sweet and salty corn bread has quite a divine combination to me being soft, spongy, tasty and buttery. This bread recipe originates from the book, Magic Bread by Alex Goh. It uses the gelatinisation method and yields very soft, moist but sloppy bread dough. Based on my personal opinion, I wouldn't say that it is the gelatinized dough that makes the bread so soft and spongy and reckon that the higher liquid content might be the most possible reason. Like I said previously in most of bread baking posts, if the recipes are good, why re-invent the wheel?

Hope that you enjoy the sweet and salty looks of this buttery corn bread... Sorry that you have to bake it in order to taste it... LOL!

sweet salty butter corn bread
Very soft and spongy Sweet Salty Buttery Corn Bread
The gelatinized dough
Shaping this sticky bread dough can be messy...
I can smell the sweet buttery fragrance....
sweet salty butter corn bread
... simply divine with this soft and spongy texture

Here's the recipe from the book, Magic Bread by Alex Goh
(with my note and modification in blue)

80g bread flour
55g boiling water

320g bread flour
50g sugar
4g salt
10g milk powder
6g instant yeast           

150g cold water
2 egg yolks

60g butter

150g whole kernel corn

To finish:
Egg wash
(1 egg yolk plus 2 tbsp milk)
3 small slices of cold frozen butter, about 5g each

Add the boiling water from A into flour, mix until well-blended to form dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep it into refrigerator for at least 12 hrs.

Mix A, B and C, knead to form rough dough. Add in D, knead to form elastic dough.

Add in E, mix until well-blended. Let it proof for 45 mins.

Instead of kneading using electric mixer or by hand, I've placed all ingredients in list A, B, C and D into my breadmaker and used the "dough setting" with beeping option to add ingredient E at the later stage of kneading. The dough was kneaded and proved for 1 hr.

Divide the dough into 3 portions and mould it round. Let it rest for 10 mins. Flatten the dough and roll it into oblong shape. Place it into a greased baking tray or a loaf pan (15 cm x 25cm) Let it proof for 45 mins or until doubled in size.

Egg wash the surface. Using a blade knife, gently cut the surface and insert a slice of about 5g butter. Bake for pre-heated oven, 190°C (or 160°C fan forced) for 20-25 mins.

Note: Using this recipe, I have baked my bread in 15 cm x 25 cm loaf pan at 160°C fan forced for 25 mins.

Happy Baking
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  1. Hi Zoe, I like corn especially corn soup. This corn bread seems like super soft :D
    Did you use canned whole kernel corn?

    1. Yes, you can use whole kernel corn from cans.

  2. Your corn bread looks so soft and fluffy.. I can finish the whole loaf just like that, although I would love to eat it with butter & marmalade.. But of coz, the original thing is the best, without any butter or jam or what not..
    Seeing bread reminds me of the breadmaker.. But I know you bake your bread using oven, and not the breadmaker.. Now, the current craze over here is Tesco breadmaker, selling at RM399, but Raya promotion can get for RM299.. Not cheap oohhh..

  3. Heavenly, Zoe! Simply heavenly! Oh how I would love just a tiny piece right now:) Thank you so much for sharing...

  4. Hi Zoe, you're tempting us with nice pics of your buttery corn bread...but we have to bake it in order to taste it ! Haiz!

  5. Zoe, I keep telling myself that I want to bake bread but I never do it! I get really motivated when I see bread and buns posts. Love your cornbread and like you said, there is only one way to taste it - bake it! hah..hah...

  6. Gorgeous bread, Zoe ❤ I am so tempted to buy Alex Goh's recipe book right ^.^

  7. Oh my..... you always make me drool and crave for bread, Zoe! :)

  8. Your photos are tempting me to bake me some bread too, so fluffy and soft!

  9. The bread look so soft!Like it!

  10. I wish I was closer to Melbourne :D next time I will be coming to Melbourne wait for the guests :))) this bread is just another one of your amazing breads :)

  11. Ooooooooo~ look so delicious.... Must make this bun real soon!

  12. What an interesting corn bread! I love cornbread, but often make one that's quite dense -- love the lightness of this recipe. Really good stuff -- thanks.

  13. love these fluffy buttery bread..they look tempting

  14. Hi Zoe,
    Thanks for linking up again! Your bread looks so soft and fluffy. Btw, I wanna tell u I am trying to squeeze in some time to make some chiffon cakes, hopefully I will be able to submit before the deadline. And just to let you know, we have decided on the book to blog hop for the month of Aug and Sept. It is the 5C bread book 面包教室 5°c 冰种的美味 (許正忠/柯文正). I will announce this in my next post! :)

  15. sono rimasta affascinataaaaaa!! Bravaaaaaaaaaa!!
    Buona serata.

  16. Hi, Zoe...I guess you must have bake so many goodies that you don't have time to blog about them...this butter corn bread looks good!