Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A DIY Cake Kit from Mumma's Cakes

Have you been through stressful moments that you need to bake a cake for an important event and yet, you can't produce a decent-looking cake?

I know this feeling!!! It happened to me once that I didn't manage to bake a birthday cake for my husband. I removed the springform pan too quickly and so the cake collapsed. It was too late for me to bake another cake and so we celebrated his birthday with a messy cake. What can I say??? Ops!!!

Whether you or I can bake or not, we can't foresee the success or failures of all bakes, strangely even we have baked the same recipe or cake again. So, I like to ask... Are there any baking recipes that are fail-proof or fool-proof? If I like to bake but can't bake, what can I do to make baking impossible becoming mission possible?

Less than two weeks ago, I received an email from Mumma's Cakes and was asked to review a cake kit from Mumma's Cakes. I said yes and so my son and I baked these...

Construction Cupcakes from Mumma's Cakes
This is the kit that I received.
Inside, there are concise instructions. See this! These are the cupcakes that I need to bake.
The instruction says that I need an electric mixer, large mixing bowl and a measuring cup.
To show that you don't need a stand mixer to use this kit, I have used a hand held mixer to bake mine.
I need an assistance here!!! This one claims that he can scoop cupcake batter the best.
Can you guess which one am I'm referring? LOL!

Sorry that I had to sidetrack a little from baking... Geez! Sweetie, I think you need a haircut!!! :p
To start, my little assistance helped me to set up and line the trays.
To make the batter, I need to add just eggs and water.
Back to my little assistance...
"Hey!!! Please do not drool into the batter!!!" While taking this picture, this is what I said... LOL!
My hardworking boy love using this Tovolo cupcake scoop.
According to the instruction, we filled the cups to 3/4 full and baked these giant cupcakes!!!
Then, we realised that they shouldn't be 3/4 filled and should be half filled instead.
And so, we managed to bake a total 28 cupcakes instead of 30.

While the cupcakes are cooling, we prepared to decorate the cakes.

My boy added drops of the provided green colouring into the vanilla icing.
And, I filled the piping bags with the icing.
These are also provided in the kit. It says that there are road signs but we found construction hats instead.
The instruction says that this is the way that I should pipe the green icing.

"Mum, can I decorate the cupcakes???" said my boy.

I like to say yes instantly but my obligation tells me that I have to say, "Yes, you can but please let me decorate a few for Mumma's cakes first."

I knew that I have say this just in case...

According to the decorating instructions, this is how I decorated the cupcakes.

After decorating a dozen of the cupcakes, I gave my boy the "green light" to decorate the cupcakes in whatever ways he wants. After 5 mins, I heard ...

Look, mum!!! These are my psycho cakes!!!

Seeing these, I can't stop laughing!!! - Sweetie, you always make my day!!!
Then, I decorated some of the cupcakes with some Christmas sprinkles.
Sweetie, my cupcakes are not as psycho as yours!!! LOL!
If you are planing to serve the cupcakes to a party, you will be happy to know that there is two disposable cake stands included in the kit. Nicole, you are very thoughtful!!!

Now, we are arriving to the most important question of this review...

Are these fail-proof cupcakes delicious?

This is an un-iced cupcake that I had when it was freshly baked.

As mentioned by the kit, the cupcakes are in their best when they are served on the same day or the next day of their bake. When they are freshly baked, they are very moist and fluffy. On the next day, they are still good, the same like the day when they were freshly baked. The cake base itself has a nice milky taste with the right amount of sweetness. And of course, the addition of icing will make the cupcakes much sweeter.

The ready-to-use chocolate and vanilla icings are yummy with sweet-smelling fragrance and constant gooey texture. Both icings are very easy to handle and pipe. They stay very well on the cakes and won't dry up easily in room temperature.

After baking and decorating the cakes, I kept the cakes covered in a cupcake container in the room temperature and brought the cupcakes for my colleagues to try on the next day. All of the cupcakes were gone quickly. All my colleagues who had tried the cakes said that they are very delicious. Some especially the ladies said that the cupcakes are a little too big for them or to serve little kids. Most of them said they love the cakes lots with the gooey icing.

In conclusion, if you like baking but can't bake, I reckon that this fail-proof cake kit can make baking impossible becoming mission possible. Although my boy and I like our Tovolo cupcake scoop too much and went overwhelmed with our batter scooping initially, we have managed to overcome this problem and baked the cupcakes in the right size eventually.

Before ending this post, I like to make a disclaimer here that I'm not paid by Mumma's Cake. I was given a kit to try and like to share my most honest opinions in my blog. Cheers!


  1. Oh wow.... such a fantastic giveaway ! The package came in together with frosting ! That is so cool. Any luck taking this back with me? haha...
    Have a lovely day dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

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  3. Omigawd !! Those cupcakes look so pretty and too nice to eat !! I won't eat it, I think I would stare at it and take loads of pictures first, haha!! I think cupcakes are easier to make and decorate than one whole cake? Hmm, (cup)cake kit and we just need to add just eggs and water? Interesting!
    Yes, I get what you mean, on that day I was having a bad hair day, face full of pimples, something bad happened in the morning, and *bam*, it just ruined my day and there would be a pot luck in the evening and I would be too moody to cook, ended up, bought a bucket of KFC.. I totally get what you mean, teehee..

  4. Hi Zoe, great giveaways! While good-tasting bakes is important, they must look good too, I guess, especially if you are baking for kids.

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