Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Highly-rated Wholemeal Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Hate wholemeal?

"Food with wholemeal tastes like cardboard to me." said my boy.

What can I say? Geez!!!

Well, I'm going to be a sneaky mum today...
... a sneaky mum that baked muffins with wholemeal that are not easily detectable.

I want to display my "evil" laughter as I was writing this but I like to keep my sneaky thought as low profile as possible because I really don't want my son to know this. Otherwise, I will have to search for these muffins in the school bins again... LOL!

Look! I'm not saying that these are the healthiest kind of muffins. With the addition of caramel and chocolate chips, they shouldn't be anywhere near being healthy at all. The least, I like to bake these with at least two undetectable wholesome ingredients.

This highly rated wholemeal banana chocolate chip recipe from King Arthur Flour is brilliant! Twelve of these muffins contain about two bananas and half of the flour used is wholemeal. I must say that this combination is great as these muffins are so moist and delicious with absolutely NO cardboard taste at all.

Who says that food with wholemeal tastes like cardboard??? Nay!

wholemeal banana chocolate chip muffins
Moist and delicious wholemeal banana chocolate chip muffins
Besides chocolate, this is the caramel chips that I used.
These muffins contain 1 cup of mashed banana.
You can use either a wooden spoon or an electric mixer to mix this batter.
Sieving helps to aerate the flour but please do not discard the good stuff that trapped in the sieve.
Chippies! Not the potato kind but the chocolate and caramel ones :)
The smell of the baked caramel chips is so lovely!
These freshly baked babies are slightly crusty outside and very moist inside. 
I can't see any cardboard here!!! LOL!

Here's the recipe that is mostly adapted from King Arthur Flour

Makes 12 standard-size muffins

125g (1/2 cup) butter, soften at room temperature
50g caster sugar (original amount is 2/3 cup, 130g but this reduced amount is good enough for us)
1 cup mashed banana, about 2 medium or 1 1/2 large bananas
1 large egg, at room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp paste
1/3 cup milk
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
150g (1 cup) all-purpose flour
150g (1 cup) wholemeal flour
150g (about 3/4 cup) chocolate chips (mine is Callebaut dark chocolate callets with 70% cocoa)
200g (about 1 cup) caramel chips, plus extra to top before baking, total is about 250g

Preheat the oven to 350°F or 160°C fan forced.  Line a 12-hole standard muffin tray with paper cups.

Using a wooden spoon or an electric mixer, beat together the butter and sugar in a medium-sized mixing bowl, until smooth. Beat in the mashed banana, then egg, vanilla and milk.

In another medium-sized mixing bowl, combine baking powder, salt, and both flours together and sift in the dry ingredients into the butter mixture. Please do not discard the wholemeal flakes that are trapped in the sieve and add them into the batter.

Stir in the chocolate chips and caramel chips.

Spoon batter into the prepared muffin cups, filling each cup to 90%. Sprinkle the tops of the muffins with extra caramel chips if desired.

Bake the muffins for 22 mins, until a cake tester inserted into the center of one of the middle muffins in the pan comes out clean.

Remove the muffins from the oven and allow them to cool in the pan slightly for about 10 mins. Transfer the muffins to a wire rack to cool completely. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Happy Baking
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  1. Yay more muffins! I haven't bought bananas yet. Last weekend wasn't around and I'm flying again this weekend! Hope I will be able to join this LTU before March ends. :S

  2. One look at your banana muffin, I can say it won't taste like cardboard lor....So soft, fluffy & moist...hmmm yummy.

  3. Yummzz, after banana chiffon cake yesterday, today banana chocolate chip muffins.. I think this recipe is a keeper.. Who doesn't like banana chocolate chip muffins? Orange chocolate chip, lemon chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, even pumpkin chocolate chip, everyone likes! Your muffin looks so so good, fresh from oven, all I can say - yummehh babehh..

  4. Very nice! I don't know if wholemeal tastes like cardboard.. I don't think I would agree with that :D and these muffins looks really delicious.

  5. hope i will expect more banana recipes here zoe:)yummy

  6. Hi Zoe,
    My big kids love banana chocolate chip muffins. .. but if adding wholemeal ... not sure ... May try to be a sneaky mum like you :D

  7. Haha Zoe, you did it, hiding wholemeal in plain sight without your son finding out. Bet he said these muffins tastes wonderful. Hey they look very moist too.

  8. Wholesome or not , these muffins looks deliciously good . :)

  9. Your muffins looks wonderful, Zoe! Your son is very cute!
    Mashed bananas will certainly hide the look of the wholemeal flour! How clever (and sneaky!) of this mommy! :)

  10. Hi Zoe, thanks for the note. I have linked up to LTU.

    And yes, yr wholemeal banana choc muffins looks absolutely fab!!! Perhaps I should try them out soon :D

  11. These muffins look amazing... and they just don't show the presence of wholewheat flour... I am going to try this for sure...

  12. looks yumm. I think whole meal by it self is the problem but when mixed with plain flour goes down well with my boys.

  13. Ohh this looks like a great recipe for a breakfast muffin. I love banana bread so I'm sure I'd enjoy these! They looks amazing! x

  14. Oh YUMMY! I totally would be willing to try wholemeal muffins! Love that texture inside and I swear I can already smell it through the screen!

  15. SOo yummy and delicious muffins...... and a nice twist that it is made from whole wheat banana..... :)

  16. I would not be able to resist these and I bet your son wasn't able to resist them either! They look so good and it's a bonus that they have wholemeal flour in them. :)

  17. Hi Zoe. Well done! I believe your son must be happily finished up the muffin.
    The muffin really looks tempting. I just baked a banana cake today because my hubby and children craving for it haha!

  18. Oh! It's banana for March Little Thumb Up! Ok ok! I'll link to the event. :D

  19. Wow! These little muffins looks absolutely delicious! I'll have to make them for my girls very soon! I love the crusty tops and moist crumbs!!