Monday, May 4, 2015

Japanese Yogurt Steamed Cake (Yogurt Mushi-pan) ヨーグルト蒸しパン

These yogurt mushi-pan are simply amazing!!!

Simply amazing? I will tell you why...

(1) These yogurt mushi-pan are really simple to make! It took us only 5 minutes to mix everything, 15 minutes to steam and also the next 5 minutes to eat... LOL!

(2) These yogurt mushi-pan are amazingly low fat! Can you imagine four of these cakes contain only one tablespoon of oil!

(3) These yogurt mushi-pan are made with NO eggs! They are mainly made of flour, sugar, yogurt and milk. See... NO eggs! Amazing!!! Like a Japanese anime, I was feeling amazed after tasting these cakes with my beaming eyes... LOL!

(4) These yogurt mushi-pan are amazingly moist and fluffy! How? With NO eggs and whisking, the aeration in this cake batter is mainly created by baking powder and the recipe suggests an addition of 1 1/2 tsp baking powder in every 1 cup (150g) flour used.

(5) Although these mushi-pan are simple, plain and not overly sweetened, they are very fragrant with a nice milky yogurt taste to eat. My sweet-tooth son loves them with drizzles of honey but I prefer to eat them on their own. Their texture reminds me of the wa ko kueh (traditional Chinese steamed rice sponge cake) that I used to eat when I was little... being just plain, soft and fluffy.

Japanese yogurt steamed cake mushi-pan
Yogurt Mushi-pan ヨーグルト蒸しパン
These cakes are mainly made of yogurt and milk plus only one tablespoon of oil.
... plus cake flour and baking powder.
Remember this set of Tovolo mini spatulas that I have used to bake my Easter Cookies?
I must admit that they are slightly too small for me but just perfect for my son.
After using them, my son said that they are now his Tovolo spatula! Hmmm...
Fill the lined ramekins with the cake batter.
Steam the cakes for 15 minutes.
And, you will have nice yogurt steamed cakes...
... that are so moist and fluffy to eat!

Besides the basic mushi-pan recipe that I have used before, this is another fantastic mushi-pan recipe that I have found at Cookpad and here is my adapted version.

Makes 4 x 7 cm cakes

50g caster sugar
(This is the reduced amount from the original and this amount of sweetness is just right for me)
150g yogurt, preferably with 4% fat
(The sweetness of the cakes can vary depending on the sweetness and the type that yogurt that you used. I like to use the minimally sweeten kind of yogurt with full amount of fat)
90ml milk
1 tbsp (15ml) vegetable oil
150g cake flour* 
1 1/2 tsp baking powder

*You can use 150g self raising cake flour instead of 150g cake flour plus 1 1/2 tsp baking powder. Please remember to omit baking powder if you are using the self raising flour.

Add sugar, yogurt, milk and oil into a large mixing bowl. Mix until combine.

Sift in flour and baking powder into the yogurt mixture and stir until just combined

Line 4 ramekins with paper cups and fill the paper cups with the batter to 90% of its capacity.

Steam over high heat in a single layer for 10-15 mins or until cooked. Note: It is better not to use multiple layers of steaming rack to steam these cakes as the multiple layers will distribute the heat too much, resulting a massive reduction of heat in the steam. When ready, remove the cakes immediately from the steamer and serve them warm or at room temperature.

We have finished eating all these 4 cakes within the same day that we made them and so we can't tell you how to store these cakes and don't know if they will stay moist and fluffy on the next day. In regardless, I reckon these cakes are in their best when they are freshly made.

Happy Steaming
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  1. When I see your title, I straightaway wanted to make already.. Coz I see the word steamed.. Anything steamed or simple, I sure try.. I scroll straight to the ingredients, very easy wor..

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  4. Just looking at the ingredients, I would love to go back home and make this immediately!!! They sound so easy and super delicious too... bookmarked!

  5. so amazing!! Steam a cake it's a kid of weird thing, but apparently works!! Great job!

  6. Hi Joe,
    So easy to make and just steam ... love these fluffy soft Japanese Yogurt Steamed Cake. I must try it. Thanks for sharing ^-^!

  7. Hi Zoe. Yes! Yes! Yes! It looks like our chinese steamed rice sponge cake! It's so soft and light.

  8. This looks easy enough for me to bake with my boy! And I happen to have all the ingredients. Thanks for this.

  9. Looks so good, fluffy and soft.....hmmm I feel like sinking my teeth on!

  10. Zoe, I am sold on your mushi-pan!

  11. Zoe, these are so beautiful!!!!

  12. They look so fluffy! Very tempting :D

  13. These look so amazingly soft n tender. I bet they tasted good.

  14. yumm,... will try and think of something with yogurt . cake looks lovely, never ate a steamed one before

  15. I'm trying these tonight but i onky hv 120g of yoghurt...... So i increase my milk by 10ml... N add my son's fav dark cocoa powder... Anything w chocolate....... N steaming it in a traditional wok.. Hope it works.... Fingers crossed...

  16. My previous post put 120g yogurt.. But its actually correct 150g... N added 5g dark cocoa opowder for colour..and a tsp of Nutella.. The other ingredients were as per your recipe.. Mine turned out more like kuey.. It had the huat on top but the inside isn't as fluffy as yours... Im losing my cake skills..haven't baked cakes in a while...
    Was it too wet for mine? It looked thick n gungky is that how the batter is supposed to be? Slight dropping consistency..
    Any advice??
    I need to try again.... N keep trying til i get your texture...hehe...

    1. Hi Sandy,

      The texture of this steamed cake is like wa ko kueh. Do you want to try steaming the cake without Nutella and see if the cakes have the same texture?


  17. yummy! Looks so delicious! Dying to give your recipe a try!

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  23. Healthy n simple...lovin it

  24. I tried this to finish a batch of yogurt. The batter was denser than other steamed cake recipes I've tried but I decided to push through and proceed. Sadly the end product was also dense and chewy. Quite disappointing!

    1. Hi Jaxine, Sorry to hear that this recipe didn't work well for you. I suspect that you might have measured the ingredients incorrectly or over-mixed the mixture. Cheers!

  25. Hi Zoe, can I replace the milk by water? TIA

    1. Hi Sherlynn, I'm not sure if this replacement will work well for this recipe. And I can imagine that the cakes with water will be pretty bland.

  26. I used Greek yogurt and the cake turned out moist and with a slightly salty hint. Would be nice to make steamed bread sandwich.

  27. I found your recipe because I'm not allowed to have oven-baked items while on my acupuncturist's recommended diet. I like that your recipe uses yogurt and no eggs. I made them in two different sizes and they came out great. Thanks!