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How to transform moist and chocolaty Devil's Food Cupcakes into Teddy Bear Cake Pops?

Remember the very moist Devil's food cupcakes that I have baked along with Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, Lena from Frozen wings?

For a little extra fun, I have crumbled the cupcakes and made them into these teddy bear cake pops...

teddy bear devil food chocolate cake pops
Teddy bear devil food cake pops

Do you want to see how I transformed these freshly baked moist and chocolaty cupcakes...

Devil's food cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Devil's food cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Please see here for the recipe.

... into these deliciously cute teddy bear cake pops?

Teddy bear devil food chocolate cake pops
Smile Teddy!

Cute, isn't it? I got this neat idea from
Making these cake pops is really easy and all you need are:

(1) A supporting stand like this d.line, Sweet Creations product or a Styrofoam board to hold your cake pops.

Trust me... I have been looking for a decent cake pop supporting stand for a long time and can't find any!!! Prior using this supporting stand, I was using an improvised Styrofoam board that was poked with holes to hold my cake pops. Due to the top heavier weight of the cake pops, I had to use lots of sticky tapes to tap the Styrofoam board onto my tabletop to stop the lopsided cake pops from falling off... Yucks! Now that I have this sturdy d.line cake pop stand, I said Goodbye to the flimsy Styrofoam boards immediately!

(2) lollipop sticks
(3) rolled fondant to make the face, eyes and nose.
(4) Tools to shape the rolled fondants

This is what I did to assemble the cake pops...

Then I rolled the mixture in balls and chilled in the freezer for about 20 min or until slightly firm.
You can use candy melts or any neutral tasting oil to do this job but I like to use the real chocolate and rice bran oil to do the coating.
Then I did this...
... and this.
While the chocolate coating on the cake pops is setting, I made the faces, eyes and nose with the fondant.
You can either indent a smile on its face or make a dot to create the "woo" kind of expression.
When the chocolate coating is semi-set, place the face, nose and eyes onto the cake pop.
Ta dah!
Here we have a happy teddy bear cake pop!

This is how I transformed my home baked Devil's food cupcakes or any chocolate cupcakes into Teddy Bear Cake Pops

Make 9 cake pops
4 standard size (1/3 cup size) Devil's food cupcakes or any chocolate cupcakes
adequate chocolate frosting, see below
dark chocolate melts or any candy melts
vegetable oil, preferably something that is neutral tasting
9 lollipop sticks
dark chocolate chips
rolled fondant that are coloured in black and copper

After cupcakes are cooled completely, crumble them into a bowl.

Start by adding 1-2 tbsp chocolate frosting into the cake crumble and mix thoroughly. Add more bit by bit while mixing and stop adding when the mixture gel the crumbs together. Chill mixture in the freezer or fridge until it forms a workable dough.

Roll each tablespoonful of mixture into balls and place them on a plate. Chill the cake balls in the freezer or fridge for about 20 mins or until slightly firm.

Melt chocolate melts in microwave with low power or according to the directions on the package. Add vegetable oil into the melted chocolate until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Insert one lollipop stick into each cake ball. Dip the cake balls onto the melted chocolate and make sure that the cake balls are well coated with chocolate. Now these cake balls are officially cake pops!

Place the cake pops on a supporting stand or Styrofoam board and place two chocolate chips onto each cake pop to form the ears of the bear. Allow the chocolate coating to set slightly.

Meanwhile, you can make the face by rolling the copper coloured fondant into sheets with 3 mm thickness and use a cookie cutter to cut the rolled fondant into small circles. To make a smile on the face, use the spatula or a smaller circles to make some indents below the nose position. To create the "woo" kind of expression, just simply poke a dot below the nose position. 

To make the eyes and noses, place small pinch of black coloured fondant onto one of your palm and use the other palm roll it into nice round shapes. Repeat this fondant and palm rolling steps until you obtain enough eyes and noses for your cake pops.

Place the faces, eyes and noses onto the cake pops accordingly and allow the chocolate to set completely at room temperature. Serve!

This chocolate frosting recipe that is mostly adapted from here

Note: This is the minimal amount of frosting that I can make and there will be leftover after using the adequate amount to form 9 cake balls.

90g dark chocolate with about 40% cocoa
15g unsalted butter
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 tsp vanilla extract or paste
2 tbsp icing sugar

Melt chocolates and butter in medium bowl in a microwave with low power or over saucepan of simmering water until mixture is smooth. Whisk in sour cream and vanilla, then icing sugar. Allow frosting to rest in room temperature about 10 mins or until it is thick enough to gel the cake crumbs together.

Enjoy the treats.
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