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Jam Pudding in a Mug (Slow Cooker Central)

I didn't know that a slow cooker can bake cakes, bread, scones and even these jam puddings... until I discovered these amazing recipes from the book, Slow Cooker Central by Paulene Christie.

Slow Cooker Central is currently the No. 1 selling book in ABC Book ShopUsing one of the recipes from the book, I have made these jam puddings...

jam pudding in a mug Slow Cooker Central
Jam pudding in a mug (Slow Cooker Central)

Is a slow cooker an oven?

Obviously NOT! LOL! According to Wikipedia, a slow cooker is a counter top electrical cooking appliance that can maintain cooking at a relatively low temperature for a long period of time. Hence, a slow cooker is capable of cooking pot roast, stews, soups or anything that is boiled and requires long hours of cooking with the least attention.

I don't have a slow cooker.

Why? ... because I believe that I can use thermal cooking pot or low gas heating to create the same cooking effect like many slow cookers which is cooking with a constant supply of low heating. Having said that, I must admit that I can't just walk away from a pot of simmering food cooking on a stove top and so I'm hoping to own a Thermomix or KitchenAid Cook Processor which can cost up to AUD$2000!!! Whereas a humble slow cooker can be as cheap as AUD$30!!! Am I stupid or crazy? Yeah... I'm always a sucker for fanciful appliances!!! Until now, I'm still holding on to my $2000, considering the fact that these latest and expensive kitchen gadget are like slow cookers but slightly fancier with its processing and mixing functions.

While thinking to spend or not to spend my $2000, I still like to explore the adventure of slow cooker cooking and like to thank Harper Collins Australia for giving this opportunity to review this very interesting book, Slow Cooker Central by Paulene Christie.

Besides baking and steaming, I have seen many recipes that make jam puddings using a microwave in minutes! Amazing! And here, I'm using a slow cooking method to make these puddings...

Now, imagine that I have a slow cooker...

My imaginary slow cooker which is a pot cooking on a gas stove top with the lowest heat
Yes that I can assemble these puddings in less than a minute... All I need are these.
... and these. Mixture is crumbly and so do not over mix it!
I have tried making these puddings with 30g sugar and they taste alright too.
Get ready the mugs.
All done!
Place enough boiling water in the slow cooker to cover the base and place the mugs in the slow cooker.
Despite the fact that I can assemble these puddings in less than a minute, I have to wait for the puddings to cook (on HIGH using a slow cooker but low heat on the stove) for 1-2 hours!
If you are using a slow cooker to make these puddings, the good thing is you can walk away from the slow cooker without worrying about the flames from the stove... but I can't !!! Hmmm... Obviously, I need a slow cooker!
See! I have made jam puddings using one hour of low heating!
jam pudding in a mug
It tastes kind of like scones with crumbly texture.

These puddings are definitely one of the easiest to make but not the moistest kind that I have eaten.... Hey, there is only 15g butter, 1 egg and 50g sugar (or less like 30g) to make two puddings! How can I expect them to be super moist and sticky??? At least, they are not rubbery like most microwave puddings. They are crumbly like scones and actually nice with extra jam and cream and so it is important to serve them immediately after removing them from cooking.

Are you impressed that a slow cooker can make such a dessert like these? Let me show you more sweet recipes that I have seen from this book...

Here is the large chapter of recipes from the sweet section of this book.
Here are two carrot cake recipes ... Why two? Maybe both are different but equally good :)
There are classic cake recipes like these...
... and interesting recipes like this! 2-ingredient cake!!! How is this possible?

There are many interesting and easy sweet recipes like:
  • No eggs no butter no milk cake
  • No bowl no problem cake
  • Soft drink cake
... for everyday fuss-free indulgence.
  • Three ingredients Christmas cake
  • Halloween red velvet broken glass glass with even edible blood
.... for special occasions and celebrations.

Besides jam and lemon butter, I'm totally amazed that slow cookers can make scones, crumbles and muesli bars too.

If you are a busy working mum like Paulene Christie, the author of Slow Cooker Central book, you gotta have a slow cooker and this book! Thermomix, KitchenAid Cook Processor or a humble slow cooker... Now, I have to say eeny, meeny, miny, moe... LOL!

Slow Cooker Central is an amazing book containing more than 250 recipes and is made possible with a cooperative effort from Paulene's Facebook group Slow Cooker Recipes community of more than 376,000 members!!! - Wow! Tried and tasted, these time and money saving recipes are contributed and shared among the members within her group which is still growing with many wonderful slow cooker recipes to share.

I hope that you will like this jam pudding in a mug recipe but I'm sorry that I have agreed to the publisher that I can't publish the recipes in this book in this post. However, if you really wish to make these puddings, please read my post in details, you will see that you can actually cook these puddings without a written recipe. *Hint*

If you have a slow cooker and like to buy this book, it is available in most book stores at RRP AUD$24.99 or if you are lucky, you can win one here! This giveaway is open to ALL international readers and the submission ends on 6 August 2015. Good luck!

Slow Cooker Central by Paulene Christie Book Giveaway
Before ending this post, I like to thank Harper Collins Australia for giving me this opportunity to do this review. I like to make a disclaimer here that I'm not paid to do this review and like to share my most honest opinions about this book.

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