Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mango and Cardamom Yogurt Milkshake (Cornersmith)

I can't believe that our long awaited Summer is arriving soon. In two weeks time, Australia will be getting its full blast of sunshine. Yes! It's time for put on our hats, slip slop slap and enjoy the outdoor and heat! I'm happy because I'm a summer person :)

I like to enjoy our warm and relaxing weather to the max with something nice, refreshing and summery and so I made this super sensational mango and cardamom yogurt milkshake.

Super sensational? I was like whoa when I had my first sip of this sweet tangy creamy but light milkshake. Yum yum! Then it was glup glup glup...

mango cardamom yogurt milkshake
Mango and Cardamom Yogurt Milkshake

This milkshake recipe is mostly adapted from the book, Cornersmith by Alex Elliott-Howery and James Grant. I must say that it was a tough decision to choose what to make from this well-illustrated book as all in this book looks so appealing and honest to make. Honest in the sense that the Cornersmith food are made seasonally, ethically and personally with the involvement of the local community. Well, simply genuinely nice!

Happy that I made the right decision to make this milkshake... keke

At first I wanted to make this Franca's cheesecake from its Spring chapter. Franca is a German lady who works at Cornersmith and makes this cheesecake with quark which is a soft white cheese similar to cottage cheese but made without rennet. As quark is not a common ingredient in Australia, the book suggests that ricotta can be used to bake this cake.

Franca's cheesecake from Spring chapter 

As I was quietly reading Franca's cheesecake recipe, I was abruptly interrupted by my bossy son.

"No Mum! I don't want you to bake Franca's cheesecake. I want you to bake Franca's dark chocolate tart instead!" 

"What?" I didn't know my son was lurking around me while I was browsing this book.

"No Sweetie! It is not winter now and I don't want to bake this wintery recipe!" Hearing my response, my son's face went crinkled... LOL!

Franca's dark chocolate tart
Beautiful, isn't it? ... and this is why my son wanted me to bake it.

"Well, shall we browse this book together?"

"Sure" Then, the disappointed frown was gone immediately.

We thought of making our own lemon cordial and lemonade but subsequently decided to make this milkshake eventually...

Every year, Cornersmth raise funds for Dulwich Hill Primary by selling children-made lemonade and poached egg sandwich rolls.

"Mum, is this mango milkshake?"

"No..." I had a closer look and saw that the the yellow coloured milkshake is actually apricot and cardamon milkshake. I know! Since both apricot and mangoes are stone fruits, I thought I can use this recipe to make mango and cardamom yogurt milkshake and of course I could!

To start, I need to make mango and cardamon compote...
  • To make one jar of 300ml compote, I need 250g ripe mangoes (skin removed) or apricots (with skin) (both with stone removed), 5 cardamom pods, 25g caster sugar (or 1 tablespoon of honey) plus 85ml water.
  • To stop my cut mango from browning, I have taken my initiative to add about 1 tsp lemon juice.
Assembling the ingredients to cook my mango compote.
The recipe mentions that you can place the cardamom in a muslin bag and cook the compote with the bag of cardamom but I didn't do that because I have only 5 cardamom to pick after cooking. No problem man!
Instead of caster sugar, I have added honey to cook the compote.
The book says that the final consistency is really up to me!
It says that they like to cook their compote until the fruit is soft and almost falling apart but still holds some shape and I saw mine was like that after 10 mins of cooking.
Depending on the quantity of the fruits that you are cooking, 1 kg of fruits will require about 30 minutes of gentle simmer with the lid on.

Transfer the cooked compote into a clean container. Keep in the fridge and use within one week.

If you wish to store the compote in sealed sterilised jars in a cool dark place for up to 6 months, you might wish to read this book in details for proper sterilising technique and bottling procedures.

To make the mango and cardamom yogurt milkshake that serves one, I need:
100ml milk
50g plain yogurt (with 4% fat)
60ml (1/4 cup) compote
extra honey, to taste
ice, optional and I didn't use it!

I can either make the milkshake according to what the book says... combine everything in a food processor or blender and blitz until smooth or make it according to my way...

Instead of combing everything in a food blender, I have processed the compote first and process the rest of the ingredients subsequently. By doing this, I can serve and enjoy my good looking milkshakes with pretty streaks of mango compote :)
Just like this!

As this post is specially written to review this book, I'm sorry that I have agreed to the publisher that I can't publish the recipes in this book in this post. However, if you really wish to make this milkshake, please read my post in details, you will see that you can actually do it without a written recipe as I have fully illustrated the process very thoroughly to you. *Hint*

To conclude this post, I would like emphasize that this book is a must if you really enjoy making your own fruit compote and preserves at home as its preserving section has been very thoroughly written, useful and informative and this really thick and beautiful book is available now in most retail or online book shops at the retail price of AUD$49.99. Due to its heavy weight and large size, I'm sorry that I can't giveaway this book.

Before ending this post, I like to thank Murdoch Books for giving me this opportunity to do this review. I like to make a disclaimer here that I'm not paid to do this and like to share my most honest opinions with everyone who read this review and hope that you will enjoy this book too.

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  2. Looks like a fun book! And so perfect for your warm weather. Cold here, of course, but I can dream about summer, right? :-)

  3. I think your mango cardamon yoghurt milkshake must smell fragrant. I remember I use cardamon to cook tomato rice for the LTU tomato theme ......Your post remind me that I might still have "stock" somewhere in my kitchen or fridge...not sure they had expired ^_^


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    I love flipping through the cookbooks with my girl ... but ended making nothing cos indecisive ... hee hee! Mango and Cardamom Yogurt Milkshake looks refreshingly and creamy ... yum!