Thursday, November 26, 2015

No or Low Fat Yogurt Waffles (Two Recipes)

After enjoying crispy and fluffy pandan waffles that I have made with the saturated-fat-enriched coconut milk and butter, I ask myself...

Can I use low (or no) fat yogurt to make crispy waffles?

Yes of course but I need to load the waffles with extra butter... like this one that I have found at all recipes which is quite standardized and similar to the Donna Hay's one but the Donna Hay's one uses the 2% buttermilk instead.

Knowing that fat is crispy waffle's best friend, I'm very surprised to find this 0% fat Greek yogurt waffle recipe at Creme de la Crumb being completely low fat with no butter or any fat added! How is this possible? Let's find out...

low fat yogurt crispy waffles
Low fat yogurt waffles
To satisfy a curious and hungry me, I'm trying two yogurt waffles recipes. One is the completely NO FAT Greek yogurt waffle recipe at Creme de la Crumb and two is the quite standardised yogurt waffle recipe from all recipes with added butter.

This is the fat free yogurt that I have used for the completely 0% fat Greek yogurt waffle recipe.
This is the low fat yogurt that I have used for the quite standardised yogurt waffle recipe with added butter.
You can use yogurt that is plain or flavoured.
The mango yogurt contains more calories due to its extra amount of fat and sugar.
Due to this, I'm not adding any sugar or any sweeteners into the waffles made with the mango yogurt.
These are the wet ingredients used...Sorry that I made a small mistake by adding 1/2 cup 0% fat Greek yogurt as the original recipe requires 1/4 cup.
Here, I have added butter into the waffles made with low fat mango yogurt.
It is very important to grease your waffle iron before pouring a new batch of waffle batter as these yogurt waffles can get stuck onto the waffle iron very badly.
To do this, you can use any cooking oil spray.
Mixing both waffle batters is easy and straightforward as no beating of egg white is required.
This is the completely 0% fat Greek yogurt waffle...
Crispy enough (like not super crispy... I mean just crispy) on its outside
Soft and very spongy on its inside.
BUT ONLY when it is freshly made!
Just 5 mins later, these waffles will shrink to be something that is tough and not so nice!
This is the low fat mango yogurt waffle with added butter...
Can't deny that this tastes so much better than the fat free waffle.
Serve with maple syrup...
It's definitely crispier!
Fluffy and yummy too!

Back to the question... Can I use low (or no) fat yogurt to make crispy waffles?

Yes but I have to eat the low fat waffles immediately! Plus I just have to accept the fact that the waffles are just crispy... Not completely crispy!

After making and enjoying these yogurt waffles, I like to double-confirm my statement that fat is crispy waffle's best friend!

Here are the two yogurt waffle recipes that I have tried and hope that you like them too.

One: The completely NO FAT that is mostly adapted from Creme de la Crumb

Makes eight 9 x 9 cm square waffles

1 cup (150g) all purpose flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp salt

1 large egg (50g without shell)
1/2 cup (~170g) plain Greek yogurt (0% fat!) (original should be 1/4 cup but I made a mistake by adding more)
215ml (3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp) milk
cooking oil spray to grease - Important! These waffles can get stuck on the iron if this is not used!

Two: The quite standardised crispy yogurt waffles with butter that is adapted from all recipes

Makes nine 9 x 9 cm square waffles

125g all-purpose flour
1 1/3 tsp baking powder
2/3 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt

2 large eggs (50g each without shell)
1 cup (250ml) any low fat yogurt, can be plain or flavoured (I used two tubs of 170g mango yogurt) 
Note: No extra sugar added is required if the yogurt is sweetened with flavours.
85g unsalted butter, melted

cooking oil spray to grease -  Important! These waffles can get stuck on the iron if this is not used!

Combine all dry ingredient A in a bowl.

Using a whisk, combine all wet ingredients B in another large mixing bowl. Sift the dry ingredients A into mixture B and whisk until the batter is just smooth. Do not over mix.

Preheat waffle iron to its lowest heat setting.

Spray preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking oil spray. Caution: If you are cooking waffles on the your stove, please do not spray cooking oil into direct fire! Pour adequate waffle batter (about 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup) onto hot waffle iron. Cook until both sides are lightly golden brown. Repeat this step until all the batter has been used.

These yogurt waffles (especially the completely no fat ones) are the best when they are served immediately. If you can't do that, you can keep or re-heat the cooked waffles (but only the ones with added butter) in 120°C oven while you are cooking the rest of them or decide to eat them later. Please do not keep or re-heat the cooked no fat waffles as they will become tough very quickly after cooking and reheating can't save them!

Serve with maple syrup and any fruits.

Happy Cooking
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  1. I love waffles so much! What a handy waffle maker, I bought an electric one but i'm now thinking I want that too. I'm going to try to make panda waffles with red bean filling like what I used to have at my local HDB bakery :)
    I haven't tried yoghurt in waffles, the best recipe I found was using one that separates the whites and beats that to stiff peak.

  2. Oh these crispy waffles made me drooling. .. but I'm still considering if I should get an electric waffle iron.

  3. I wish I can have a waffle maker like yours too! And I especially love how you incorporated mango yogurt into this recipe :)

  4. These look too good... I always wonder why so much baking powder goes into a waffle... I made waffles once and hated the aftertaste it gave because of so much baking powder! Going to try yours with the butter for breakfast tomorrow... :)

  5. The waffles look so perfectly cooked...And I too love that stove top waffle maker...easy to store and clean rather than the electric ones.

  6. I like my waffle freshly made. Your waffle with the maple syrup looks super yummy!

  7. My husband and son love waffles...but I have yet to invest a waffle machine at home...may be should invest one so that I can try out your yogurt low fat waffle ^_^

  8. Hi Zoe,
    Fat or no fat, I am craving for some waffles right now! It has been too long since I last made any! Looks yummy!

  9. if u r fans of crispy waffle u may try yeasted waffle recipe. some may not accept the yeasted smell, but I'm ok with it. they very crispy on the outside, well inside very doughy and chewy.

  10. I just had 2 waffles from Gardenia, hehe.. Boy, you are tmpting me to get a waffle maker, I saw from Groupon, but selling at RM100+..

  11. Arghh...can't believe that I still haven't gotten myself a waffle-maker! This looks amazing, Zoe. I will be craving for this the whole day now thanks to the maple syrup pic! xx

  12. not a big waffle fan and these look very tempting. :)

  13. Zoe, I am all for fat! hah..hah.. Love your waffles yum yum!

  14. I'm not a huge waffle fan either Zoe:) Howeverever, I think it is very cool that you shared your "scientific" experiment with us, lol...I always thought it was the amount of sugar in the waffle that made it more crispy. Now, I'm not convinced that it is sugar, it may very well be fat! I wonder if you added a bit of canola oil to the first batter, (like a tablespoon) if it would add the needed fat. You could be really daring and try a tablespoon or so of applesauce. I use applesauce rather than oil or butter for fat in my pancakes which I make with plain 0 percent fat yogurt and it works like a charm:)

    Thanks for sharing your recipes and tips, Zoe. I must admit, A Waffle about now sounds pretty darn good even to me:)