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Rich and Creamy Chinese style Fresh Mango Puddings

Do you know that mango pudding is a Chinese / Hong Kong kind of dessert?

Mango pudding is often served as one of the desserts in Chinese dim sum or yum cha restaurants. Most ideally, the best mango puddings are often served cold with rich, smooth and creamy texture and luxuriously fragrant flavours. Most typically, mango puddings are made of mangoes, sugar, evaporated milk or cream plus agar or gelatin for their semi-firm or jelly-like kind of texture. Most often, the quality of the puddings can vary depending on the recipes and the ingredients used to make this dessert.

Not to brag but I have to say that this recipe make my most ideal kind of mango puddings. Why? They are fully packed of fresh mangoes... That's why!!! In fact, four of these puddings are made of two really large R2E2 mangoes! If I do my maths right, one serve of these puddings is actually made of half of a large mango!!!

My husband squealed in my ears when he discovered two of the fat and juicy mangoes that he bought ended being these four little puddings... He said that I'm wasting the fresh mangoes but ended enjoying one of these puddings! Hmmm...

I remember watching an episode of SBS food safari at here a lot time ago and also remember very clearly that the show said that the secret to make a good mango pudding is to use mango ice cream!!! My eye brow rose instantly after knowing this secret and can't forget this recipe until today. From this, I have deduced something... Although I'm not exactly sure that using mango ice cream can make the best mango puddings, I'm 100% sure that the best mango pudding has to be SWEET and CREAMY and this kind of taste has to be from the ice cream!!!

Instead of mango ice cream, I like to use the real mangoes and cream to make my puddings and these are what I have made.

smooth creamy Chinese fresh mango puddings
Nice and creamy Chinese style fresh mango puddings
I like to use R2E2 mangoes because they are less fibrous.
To stop the puddings from browning, I have added freshly squeezed lime juice.
Instead of gelatin powder, I have used the sheets.
... and cook in low heat until gelatin dissolved.
I choose to use the light cream to make my puddings which is still creamy enough and not too greasy.
Stir in the cream and mangoes.
Fill the cups with mango mixture and allow them to set in the fridge.
smooth creamy Chinese fresh mango puddings
Smooth, creamy and naturally sweet!

It is true that yummy mango puddings have to be sweet and creamy!!! No wonder, the two kinds of mango puddings that I have made before at here can't fight with these as they are not as creamy as these. I also like the lassi-kind of mango puddings that I have made with Greek yogurt before but still think that these puddings are the best for their ultimate creaminess and fully packed flavour.
Why do I get this fantastic recipe? Google and internet, of course!!! This recipe originates from a Chinese book and have been published by Food4tots.

Is there any differences in my puddings and those made by Food4tots? Slightly. 

(1) I like to use R2E2 mangoes which is less fibrous with firm and jelly-like texture and Food4tots uses Thailand honey mangoes.

(2) Instead of lemon, I have used lime juice to create more a tropical combination.

(3) For more milky taste, I have used milk to dissolve sugar instead of using water and used reduced fat cream with 18% fat instead of the ones with 35%.

(4) I choose to use gelatin sheets due to personally preference.

(5) Lastly, I must say that I have made my puddings in a less precise way as compared Food4tots. I didn't weigh the mangoes and add them according to what I can get from the two mangoes that I have used. I wonder if my less precise method will make any difference and all I know that these puddings are GOOD!

Here's the recipe that is mostly adapted from Food4tots

Make 4-5 puddings depending on the size of ramekins or glasses that you used

2 large or 3 small ripe mangoes, preferably less fibrous variety like R2E2 
1 tbsp gelatin powder, dissolved in 2 tbsp water or 3 gelatin sheets*
1 tsp freshly squeeze lime juice
50g sugar (if your mangoes is sweet enough, this amount of sugar is just right to create the best amount of sweetness)
120ml (1/2 cup) milk
120ml (1/2 cup) cream, preferably the light ones with 18% fat

*Please note that different gelatin sheets have different strength. Please check the product instruction before using it. For mine, 12 sheets can make 1L of jelly and so I have used 3 sheets for a semi-firm texture.

Cut mangoes. Slice the mango lengthwise as close to the seed as possible and continue for all the sides. You will yield 2 large mangoes cheeks, 2 slim and thin mango strips and the seed. 

Let start with the large mango cheeks. Make crisscross cuts in each to form a checkerboard pattern without cutting through the skin. Turn the scored mango inside out and slice off the cubes from the skin. Add 1/2 tsp lime juice into the cubes, toss gently to combine. Set aside.

Next, slice off the slice from the thin mango strips and area around the seeds. To minimize wastage, you can use a spoon to scoop out the remaining flesh from the skin and around the seeds and use these bits and pieces of mangoes to make the purée.

Add 1/2 tsp lime juice into the bits and pieces of mangoes and process into a smooth purée and you need only 400ml of purée to make the puddings. Extra purée??? No worries! You can use it to make mango lassi or combine with other fruits or juice to make any kind of smoothies.

Add sugar and milk in a medium saucepan. Cook and stir mixture in very low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved (with NO boiling). While cooking, soak gelatin sheets in water for about 5 mins. Squeeze the excess water and add the softened gelatin or the dissolved gelatin powder into the milk mixture. Cook and stir the mixture in very low heat until the gelatin is well dissolved. Remove the saucepan from heat. Allow the mixture to cool slightly if mixture is not too hot. Add cream, mango purée and mango cubes and mix them well. At this stage, mixture should be cooled to about room temperature, thick but not solidified.

Pour the pudding mixture into ramekins or glass. Cover them with cling wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hrs or overnight for the puddings to completely set.

These puddings are best to be consumed within the same day and can be kept in a fridge but not more than 2 days.

Enjoy these treats.
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