Monday, May 2, 2016

My Fun and Cute Food at My Instagram (Mar - Apr 2016)

Remember I said two months ago at here that I have this obsession of creating cute and fun looking food for my family and Instagram @zoebakeforhappykids?

So here I go again... These are my well-liked creations that are posted at my Instagram during March to April 2016. Whether you are an Instagram user or not, I hope that you will like them too.

rilakkuma pull apart bread
Rilakkuma Pull-apart Bread Buns made with one of my favourite bread recipes at here
The soft plain bears bread are decorated with cheese, nori and heart shaped crepe made with beet root powder.

Can't have enough of Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori? Me especially! And so I made...

rilakkuma kiiortori sushi
Purple flower sushi plus one special Kiiroitori rice ball for my son :)
rilakkuma kiiortori sushi
Rilakkuma inari sushi and Kiiroitori rice balls
rilakkumma kiiroitori chocolate butter cookies
Rilakkuma cocoa cookies and Kiiroitori plain butter cookies (coloured with natural yellow turmeric colouring)
and decorated with rolled fondant

For our Easter, I have made...

mini milo mud dirt cupcakes
Mini chocolate cupcakes with fondant "carrot" and Milo dirt
chick crispy cookies
Little chicks crispy cookies
cute chick cylinder loaf bread
Japanese style enriched bread baked in cylinder shape and decorated into chick faces.

This is the cheeky me playing with my food...

miffy white bread
Can the real little Miffy please stand up?
Are you good enough to spot here?

We love love love Gudetama which is a sad looking lazy egg character from Sanrio and have created these Gudetama food at home...

gudetama liu sha bao custard steamed buns
My Gudetama Liu Sha Bao (Recipe is at here)
crying sad gudetama
My crying Gudetama... If you think life is too hard, think again.
gudetama breakfast bacon and egg
"I need my bacon blanket" breakkie :)
gudetama breakfast bacon and egg
More Gudetama breakkie!
gudetama potato egg salad
Gudetama potato egg salad
gudetama egg frying pan
This is our edible Gudetama holding on to a frying pan...
Look closely. Notice that this Gudetama is saying something.
According to Google translate, he says "Between the demon dog omelette" but according to my Instagram friend, he says "Omelet when Oni (Japanese demon) is not around you" meaning do whatever you want when you are free!

Fresh from my oven, I have ...

anpanman shokupanman friend bread
Freshly baked Anpanman bread with a "beet root" nose and also his friends, Shokupanman and Currypanman in the form of cheeses :)
cute lion pork fish floss bread
A family of 3 lion bread decorated with mayonnaise, chocolate icing and fish floss
totoro butter cookies
Totoro and friends German Butter Cookies made with black sesame powder, bamboo charcoal powder and pandan paste.
totoro bento rice ball
Totoro and friends rice balls bento
kawaii cute rabbit sushi
Cute rabbit sushi

See all these food that I have created... 
So you can imagine I'm like a busy bee buzzing in my kitchen...

cute honey bee cookies
Buzz buzz...
My busying bee honey cookies (Recipe from here)

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  1. Nawww...These are so cute! My favourite is probably the rabbit sushi roll :D

  2. Zoe, your recipe are so cute!!!
    Happy week

  3. OMG, I'm a fan of rilakkuma too & your food is so cute! Love them all, Zoe! xoxo

  4. I totally love all of the above! They are all so adorable

  5. Hi Zoe,
    Wah ! All so cutie ! I couldn't bear to eat them up ... hee hee!

  6. First time visiting you, I am Singaporean too

  7. love that Gudetama series, so Q ! especially the one claim with blanket... HaHa...

  8. Omg, everything was sooo cute, creative and pretty! I loved the gudetema with the bacon blanket!! Also the bees and oh do I love rilakkuma and friends!