Monday, May 23, 2016

This is me in the 7th episode of 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine!

Hi! Hi!

If you are living in Singapore and have recently watched the 7th episode of 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine that was aired on 18 May 2016, 8 pm (Singapore time), you might notice that I'm the Zoe Liu in the show!!!

弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine???

For those who are not living in Singapore and have not watch this show before, it is a new Chinese TV variety series shown on Mediacorp Channel 8 in Singapore.

Hosted by Singapore celebrities, Ben Yeo and Vivian Lai, each episode will feature a cooking blogger with one selected recipe from his / her blog and the blogger will cook the selected recipe with one of Mediacorp’s artistes.

Lucky me... Due to good timing, I was back in Singapore when they were filming this show and was lucky to get asked to appear in one of the episodes.

So here we go... This is me in the 7th episode of 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine.

For many of you who are not living in Singapore and can't get any access to watch this show, you can find a low-resolution and trimmed version of this episode at YouTube. To watch, just search for "bakeforhappykids"at YouTube or click this link or click the play button in the attached video below. Please note that this link is temporal and will be removed to avoid copyright infringement issues. So be quick and watch it now!!!

Update on 12 Oct 2016: Due to copyright issues, this video has been removed. To watch this video, please go to Toggle and search for 弹指间的料理. For those who are not living in Singapore, I'm sorry that you can't gain access to this show.

If you like the Country Chicken Mushroom Pies and want to bake them? The recipe is at here.

Hope that you will enjoy or have enjoyed this show.

Happy Baking!
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  1. Just finished watching the show. Bravo, Zoe

  2. Awesomeness, Zoe ! Just watched it. I think you would do very well with your own show. ^.^ And thank you for doing this for all of us who have no access to this channel! x

  3. Zoe dear, thanks for sharing the video. Its fun watching you live on the show! Though you talk very little. hehe... Panic right ! Kudos. You did well.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

    1. Hi Kristy,
      I'm happy to hear that you like the video. You are right that I don't talk a lot because most of my talking have been edited off :p Plus I was told not to interrupt and not to help the celebrity and so I stood aside to observe. The show is focusing more on the celebrity and we are just their "side dish" only :p


  4. Well done, Zoe! Though I couldn't understand what was said I enjoyed your segment. I even managed to laugh hah...hah... And guess what? I want to go and but ramekins to try this recipe hee...hee...

  5. Thanks for sharing this video Zoe! I really enjoyed watching it. You were great and yet so humble in your ways. A great encourager to a first timer when you gave your comment:) LIKE!

  6. You are talented,thanks for sharing so that I can learnt from you


    Finished the show. I had followed this show fr om the beginning, and I didnt know you came out in ep7. Now I know :)

    Thanks for your recipes, sharing in your own blog here and Singapore Home cooks page . Look forward to more baking stuffs and tricks hahaha
    Have a great day