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Milky Butter Salted Egg Yolk Sauce - Yummy with Fried Chicken and Popcorn

I can't deny...

Everything tastes so good with salted egg yolks lately!

Gosh! Can you imagine a health freak like me is loving all sorts of food with salted egg yolks? According to Michelin Guide Singapore, most typical salted duck egg yolks contain twice the cholesterol levels in most typical fresh chicken egg yolks. However, weight-for-weight wise, salted eggs contain more protein, fat, calcium and potassium than fresh duck eggs, but have lower iron and vitamins. Knowing the food facts well, I won't mind indulge in salted egg food but of course, I like to do it moderately.

Here, I have an extremely easy and good recipe to share... It is a simple recipe that makes a really nice creamy salted yolk sauce!

Why is this sauce so special? It is different from most typically salted yolk savoury sauce that we eat with prawns, crabs, chicken or fish which are made by cooking salted egg yolk crumbs with butter until they are nutty in texture. To mask the "yolky" taste and also create a better taste and texture, some salted egg yolk sauces are seasoned with curry powder, curry leaves, fresh chilies or chilli powder and some are cooked with cream and milk.

This creamy butter salted egg yolk sauce that I have cooked is different... because I have found an interesting technique to cook my sauce. Plus my special seasoning ingredient is actually milk powder!!!??? Yeah... No curry, chillies and cream!!! Just milk and milk powder!!!

Sweet, salty, creamy, milky... It is so GOOOOOOOD to eat with crispy crumbled fried chicken!!!

easy butter salted duck egg yolk sauce fried chicken
Milky Butter Salted Egg Yolk Sauce - So yummy with fried chicken!

Have you noticed that salted egg yolk is actually a thickener by itself? Please allow me to explain further...

A cooked salted duck egg - and all I need is just the yolk!

When salted egg yolks are crumbled and cooked in melted butter or oil, the mixture will look bubbly as if like the crumbled egg yolks have been fried and blended into the butter or oil. Most recipes at here, here, here, here and more will add evaporated milk, cream, milk or none at this stage. The sauce will boil to form a curdly looking sauce and the sauce is tossed and served with the accompanying food.

Curdly sauce? Not anymore... When I leave the fully cooked sauce to cool slightly, I discovered that it will become nice and creamy like this...

Butter + salted egg yolks + milk + cooking = curdly sauce? Not really!

I was like "Oh!!!" when I saw the sauce becoming so soft and creamy.

What about the milk powder? For some reasons, I know that my son won't like the addition of curry and chilies into this creamy sauce but without any seasonings, I think that that the "yolky" aftertaste is a little too strong for my liking. After experimenting many different ingredients, I actually found that the addition of milk powder works the best!!! ... making the sauce naturally sweet!!! ...tasty, milky, smooth, velvety and heavenly.

Want to see how I cooked this sauce? You can watch how I cook this easy sauce in this short video clip. It is really easy!!!

easy butter salted duck egg yolk sauce fried chicken
Serving the sauce with crispy crumbled chicken...
easy butter salted duck egg yolk sauce fried chicken
So yum!

"Mum, I love this sauce! It's like eating custard with fried chicken!!!"

Ha ha ha... I laughed. Hope that you will like it too...

Here's my creamy salted egg yolks sauce recipe with no curry, chillies and cream.

Serves 3-4, enough to serve with about 500g crumbled chicken or fish and great to eat with fries and popcorn too!!!

2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp milk powder, optional (omit if you like your sauce to be less milky but we love this addition)
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt or more if you like the sauce to be more salty

2 salted duck eggs yolks*, roughly mashed with a fork to form fine crumbs
30g (2 tbsp) butter
2 tbsp milk powder

*2 standard sized salted duck eggs is about 35g, fully cooked, shelled and use egg yolks only - do not use yolks that are too small!

For A:
Combine milk, milk powder, sugar and salt in a small bowl. Set aside.

Next, get the other ingredients ready.

For B:
In a small saucepan or wok, melt butter with medium low heat - To avoid the butter from burning, do not use high heat!!!

Add egg yolks crumbs and milk powder into the melted butter and cook with medium low heat until mixture is bubbly.

Pour in the milk mixture and bring mixture to boil and reduce slightly.

Drizzle sauce on fried crumbled chicken or fish and chips or popcorn. Serve immediately.

Note: You can omit the addition of milk powder in both A and B and you will get a curdly sauce when it is freshly cooked. Stir the sauce when it is slightly cooled and it will become smooth eventually. Without the addition of milk powder, the sauce will be less creamy and sweet and due to this reason, you might have to add another 1 tsp sugar.

Happy Cooking
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