Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Fun and Cute Food at My Instagram (July - August 2016)

I must say... It is not easy to work, run, cook, bake, blog, insta, be a mum and a wife ALL at the same time. I tried and I did it!

At times, I can be really physically and mentally exhausted but I'm surprised that I'm still going strong. Maybe because I really like what I have been doing??? Nevertheless, I hope that you will like these cute and fun-looking food that I have created for my family and my Instagram @zoebakeforhappykids from July to August 2016.

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Miffy Japanese brown sauce braised chicken rice
Our Miffy Japanese Brown Sauce Braised Chicken with Rice

Once again... For our winter dinners, I had been cooking a lot of Japanese chicken curries because my son had been constantly asking for it and these are the cute ones that I have made...

Pikachu Japanese curry rice
Pikachu Japanese Chicken Curry with Rice
Rilakkumma Kiiroitori Japanese chicken curry rice
Rilakkumma and Kiiroitori Japanese Chicken Curry with Rice

To help Food Bank Victoria and the homeless, I have made these cute and warming soups with Bulla Dairy Food products during our cold freezing July so that Bulla will donate $$$ to Food Bank Victoria for every post that I published at my Instagram with Bulla products.

cute cauliflower soup
Beary Cute Creamy Cauliflower Soup
cute chick sweet corn soup
Smiling Chicks Sweet Corn Soup with Homemade Croutons

For our other dinners, I have made:

Rilakkumma and Kiiroitori Snuggling Rice Balls
honey teriyaki chicken cute bear rice balls
Our family of three bears enjoying honey Teriyaki chicken.
piyo piyo chicken claypot rice bento
Piyo Piyo Chicken Claypot Brown Rice Bento

Totoro chapati Indian butter chicken
Totoro Chapati with Indian Butter Chicken
miffy indian butter chicken
Butter chicken again? Yup! And this is served with Miffy roti with microwaved papadum
... because it is a nice and mild Indian dish that my son doesn't mind eating it.
cute spaghetti
Three happy singing birds spaghetti
Kerokeroppi Chicken Zha Jiang Mian (Chinese Dark Mince Sauce Noodles)
Healthy Pikachu fried egg for me to boost my energy after my run :)
kumamon tuna omelette rice burger
Kumamon Mayonnaise Tuna Omelette Rice Burger
Snoopy and Woodstock inari sushi
Snoopy and Woodstock Inari Sushi
Pikachu Inari

For our snacks, I have made:

kerokeroppi cheese tart
I have decorated a couple of these "pandan" cheese tarts (recipe at here) into Kerokeroppi :)

What's next? We are happy that our cold down-under winter is finally over!!!

Good bye to cold and rainy days...
... that we had to drink hot cocoa and warm honey lemon barley drinks to keep ourselves warm.
Hello Spring!
This is our blooming nectarine flower and a friendly visitor :)

Please stay tune if you want to see more of my creative food and recipes in this coming Spring season :)

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  1. Zoe, your food art is incredibly cute!

  2. Wow....!!! Love each one of these cute foods...!!!

  3. Oh everything is way too cute to eat! I have a soft spot for duckie things and all things rilakkuma!

  4. You are so talented! Glad I can follow you on IG too!