Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easy Pour-Mix-and-Cook Buttermilk Waffles (can be eggless too!!!)

Love Belgium style waffles that are light and crispy on their outside crust and yet thick, moist and spongy in their inside? Oh! Yum Yum...

I'm a waffle enthusiast! And I have many fabulous 100% crispy waffles recipes to recommend at here (Sour Cream Waffles - Two recipes), here (Overnight Yeasted Waffles), here (easy Pandan Waffles), here (Fast and Easy Yeasted Crispy Belgian Style Waffles) and...

These easy pour-mix-and-cook buttermilk waffles in this post!!!


easy buttermilk waffles
Easy Pour-Mix-and-Cook Buttermilk Waffles

Monday, April 24, 2017

Crispy Butter Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn Chicken

I'm easily amused whenever I see Korean Fried Chicken referred as KFC. Love that correlation!!! Or maybe because I simply love fried chicken. LOL!

Although I'm a health conscious person, I can't deny that I love fried chicken. All sort of fried chicken... the fast food KFC, the Korean KFC and particularly the KFC popcorn chicken!

Here, I'm cooking the Southeast Asian style of popcorn chicken. Popcorn chicken that is served with an extra naughty extra tasty butter salted egg yolk sauce... OMG!!! I surrender!!!

crispy butter salted egg yolk popcorn chicken
Crispy Butter Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn Chicken

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chewy Anzac Biscuits

Love baking Anzac biscuits for the coming Anzac day?

... but hate the fact that there is so many Anzac biscuit recipes from cookbooks and Google search and you don't know which is the one that is good enough for you!!!

If you are looking for a perfect recipe that makes good crispy Anzac biscuits, I have a great recipe to share in my previous post at here.

If you are looking for a perfect recipe that makes good Anzac biscuits that are both crispy and chewy, I have another great recipe for you...

chewy crispy anzac biscuits cookies
Chewy Anzac Biscuits

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Crispy Anzac Biscuits

Before living in Australia, I used to think that Anzac biscuits are just another commercially produced cookies that most Australian and New Zealander eat. Geez! Can't believe that I was so ignorant!!!

Made with rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water and desiccated coconut, Anzac biscuits are associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) established during World War I because these home-baked biscuits were often sent to soldiers abroad. Without using perishable ingredients like eggs and milk for baking, these sweet biscuits won't go off easily even after months of naval transportation.

Today, Anzac biscuits are mostly commercially made and commonly available at supermarkets and bakeries resulting many of us including me not knowing the origin of these biscuits.

After knowing the real meaning of these biscuits, I tend to appreciate Anzac biscuits even more... Loving the simplicity of these crispy biscuits and their amazingly subtle caramelised taste and yet there is no caramel in them. Loving the fact that Anzac biscuits are so easy to bake and I can bake them to commemorate the coming Anzac day.

Although Anzac biscuits are very very very easy to bake, finding your ideal Anzac biscuit recipe can be not very straightforward like baking the biscuits... LOL! You will probably see heaps of Anzac biscuit recipes from cookbooks and Google search and you won't know which is good or not!!!

No worries!!! I know! I have noticed that most Anzac biscuit recipes make either crispy or chewy biscuits but the recipes won't tell you if the biscuits are crispy, chewy, tasty, sweet or not!!! Hence, if you are looking for a perfect recipe that makes good CRISPY Anzac biscuits, I can tell you that this is the one...

crispy anzac biscuits cookies
Crispy Anzac Biscuits

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Searching for the Best Steamed Chocolate Cake

I can't believe that Easter is arriving in this week! ... meaning that it's hot cross buns and chocolate feasting time!

CHOCOLATE!!! The word reminds me that I have to really get onto my steamed chocolate cake quest! Why steamed chocolate cake???

Since the day that I made a Like Violet Kwan Lana Cake Chocolate Cake at here using a super moist steamed chocolate cake recipe, the curious me had set myself up for a mission to look for a steamed chocolate cake recipe that is more like Lana Cake chocolate cake.

To do so, I have compared and scrutinized many steamed chocolate cake recipes from my Google search. After tabulating and comparing several popular recipes from here, here and here plus a few trial and errors steaming, I have found two really good steamed chocolate cake recipes! And one of them is very very very like Lana chocolate cake!

best steamed chocolate cake
This is one the BEST Steamed Chocolate Cake that I have made!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Albert Kumin's Kaiser Rolls - Highly Recommended!

Who is Albert Kumin? I asked myself this question too!

I know.

I know that this Albert Kumin who wrote this excellent Kaiser rolls recipe! LOL! So excellent that I have to bake these Kaiser rolls more than once!

Albert Kumin is the teacher of Nick Malgier, the author of the book, Bread. So far, I have tried several Nick Malgier's recipes and love them all including these kaiser rolls. So good that their tastes and textures were beyond my high expectation!

Made with two egg yolks and a small amount of oil, these twelve slightly enriched bread rolls are so delightfully fragrant and flavoursome. They are chewy and crusty on their outsides and yet soft and golden in their insides. I must say that I'm addicted to baking these kaiser rolls because baking these rolls made my kitchen smells extremely good! Now that's what I call therapeutic baking!

Albert Kumin Kaiser Rolls Nick Malgier
Albert Kumin's Kaiser Rolls from the book, Bread by Nick Malgier

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yam / Taro Swiss Roll

Have you been admiring the amazing delicious cakes that are selling in the shops and you ask yourself...

"Can I bake these?"

Me? Always! LOL!

This time, I ask myself... Can I bake a cottony soft Asian taro Swiss roll?

Me? YES! I can!!!

And I can confidently say that I can bake a very good one. So good that I reckon that it is better than those that I have tried in many Asian cake shops... keke

taro yam swiss roll cottony soft
Yam / Taro Swiss Roll

Monday, April 3, 2017

Rich Luscious Dark Soy Caramel Pork Belly serve with Chinese Steamed Buns

"Mum, can you cook pork belly for me?"

"What? Pork belly again?"

The vegetable-loving me thought I just cooked Chinese soy braised pork belly (红烧肉) specially for my meat-loving son a while ago at here and now, I have to cook pork belly again! FAINT!

Alright, I need some form of motivation! Maybe, a little creativity too... So, I thought... instead of 红烧肉, I shall cook pork belly in a different way.

I'm thinking that I should be a little outrageous this time! And so I created an Asian fusion Tau You Bak... fusing the concepts from 1) the traditional Hokkien Tau Yew Bak (Dark Soy Braised Pork Belly) which is also known as Lor Bak 卤肉 but without the hard-boiled eggs and the fried bean curd because my son is not a fan of hard-boiled eggs and bean curd 2) Kong Bak Bao 扣肉包 but without the spices! 3) caramel chicken that I have cooked previously at here but of course, not with chicken!

Here, I'm braising pork belly with a simple dark caramel soy sauce and just the finishing sauce itself is so rich, sticky and luscious... So mouthwatering good that the vegetable-loving me couldn't even resist dipping the buns into the deep caramel sauce and enjoy them!

caramel pork belly kong bak bao pau
My Asian fusion, Caramel Kong Bak Bao!