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Easy Pour-Mix-and-Cook American-style Buttermilk Waffles

Love love love crispy crispy crispy waffles?

YES yes yes and I'm 100% sure that you will love love love my crispy waffles recipes at here (Easy Pour-Mix-and-Cook Buttermilk Waffles - eggless or with egg). here (Sour Cream Waffles) and here (Easy Pandan Waffles).

However, a few readers had mentioned to me that they don't like the high fat content in these waffles despite the actual fact that you do need enough fat to make your waffles crispy and yummy!!!

Reduce the amount of fat added... and you won't have crispy waffles!

Ahhhh... What to do???

No need to freak... LOL! If you prefer waffles to be light and crispy with significantly less fat content, you can try these yeasted waffles recipes at here (Overnight Yeasted Waffles), here (Fast and Easy Yeasted Crispy Belgian Style Waffles) and here (Easy Crispy Light Pandan Waffles made with Real Pandan Juice).

Or you might want to try this American-style Buttermilk Waffles recipe?

American-style buttermilk waffles
American-style Buttermilk Waffles

American-style buttermilk waffles? Why American-style?

As a waffle enthusiast, I have been constantly searching for interesting waffles recipes and then, I came across this recipe from the book, 100 Desserts to Die For by Trish Deseine.

After I have cooked and tasted these waffles, I sort of figured why these are called the America-style waffles. Maybe because these country-style waffles are lightly crisp with a comforting sourish pancake-like chewy inside texture.

So, what are the difference? The comparison between this recipe and my previous well-liked crispy buttermilk waffles tells me why these waffles are just lightly crisp and yet still delicious even though they are not fully crisp like the crispy Buttermilk Waffles. Can you accept this reduced level of crispness? I can because I reckon these American style waffles are comforting to eat with their chewy pancake-like texture.

Crispy Buttermilk Waffles vs American Style Buttermilk waffles

1. 1/3 cup (80ml) oil vs 1/4 cup (60g) butter
See! Just a slight 20ml less fat added can significantly reduce the crispness of the waffles. Nevertheless, this reduced amount is still good enough to make crispy waffles. Thus, please do not reduce this amount of butter added any further and please use butter instead of oil because of its higher saturated fat content. Otherwise, your waffles won't be crispy at all!!!

2. 10g caster sugar vs 35g demerara sugar
Due to the reduced amount of added fat in these waffles, we need slightly more sugar in these waffles to crisp further. Ideally, we should use demerara sugar or any coarse sugar so that large sugar granules create large sugar pockets on the waffles and eventually resulting more crispy texture.

3. 1:1 milk:buttermilk vs all buttermilk (same volume)
4. baking soda vs no baking soda
5. more cornflour vs less cornflour (about the same amount of total added flour)
All buttermilk, no baking soda and less cornflour mean there will be less raising reaction inside of the waffles resulting the waffles to be more dense and chewy like pancake texture.

6. made with 1 egg or even with NO egg vs made with 2 eggs and MUST contain eggs

See here...
These fat reduced buttermilk waffles are made with no eggs and they are not very structurally stable.
easy buttermilk waffles
... but these fat reduced buttermilk waffles made with eggs are much more better!!!
... being lightly crisp with a comforting sourish pancake-like chewy inside texture.
... very country style and comforting to enjoy with maple syrup!

Here's a video showing I cooked these easy and comforting waffles. Please note the ingredients that I used in this video is half of the amount listed in the recipe.

Here's the recipe that is adapted from the book, 100 Desserts to Die For by Trish Deseine.

Makes 6 thin or 5 thick 9 x 9 cm waffles

The dry ingredients:
100g (2/3 cup) all purpose / plain flour
20g (2 tbsp) cornflour
1/2 tsp baking powder
35g (3 tbsp) demerara sugar or any coarse sugar - see above explanation
1/4 tsp salt

The wet ingredients:
200ml (1/2 cup plus 1/3 cup) buttermilk*
60g (1/4 cup) unsalted butter, melted
2 large eggs, lightly beaten - please do not omit this addition.
1/2 tsp vanilla paste or 1 tsp extract, optional if you want your waffles to be sweet

* If unavailable, substitute with 200g yogurt that has 4% fat.

vegetable oil spray, to grease the waffle iron

Measure (or weigh) and combine all dry ingredients in a plastic bag.

In a large measuring cup, combine buttermilk and butter with the correct volume in it. Then, add egg, vanilla (optional) and the dry ingredients. Use a little hand whisk or a fork to mix all until the mixture has no large clumps. Do not over mix and it is ok if the mixture is a little lumpy.

Preheat waffle iron to its medium low heat setting - not the lowest!

Spray preheated waffle iron with non-stick oil spray. Caution: If you are cooking waffles on the your stove, please do not spray cooking oil into direct fire! Using the same measuring cup, pour adequate waffle batter (about 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup) onto hot waffle iron. Cook until both sides are crispy and golden. Repeat this step until all the batter has been used.

Serve immediately or keep warm in a 100°C or 200°F oven until ready to serve. Serve with any syrup or toppings that you like. Waffles will stay crispy for about 10-15 mins if they are not keep in cool oven temperature.

Enjoy your waffles!
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