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Quick and Easy No Churn 3-ingredients Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream

Coming from the tropical island Singapore, I like living in Melbourne due to its four seasons a year but hate those days when we are having four seasons within in a day!

Four seasons within in a day? Yup! The weather in Melbourne can be crazy sometimes. Crazy because it can be freezing cold, frosty, hot, windy, rain and even hail all within the same day. Hmmm...

Are we having some crazy Melbourne weather lately? Kind of...

It was a hot sunny Spring day that my husband and son craved for ice cream spontaneously. And so, we had to grab some ice cream from Woolies because I had not make any ice cream due to the series of cold freezing weather before this sunny day. Hmmm...

Enjoying ice cream in hot scorching day is definitely heat-relieving! However, the taste of these premium ice cream aren't connoisseur enough like what we expected... particularly if we are comparing these ice cream with my best homemade ones at here, here, here, here and here.

"Mum, you should make ice cream for us."

Yes. I will. I know that I should fire up my ice cream maker for the coming Summer but the current Melbourne weather is still mostly cold and unsettled. Then, I wonder... Is there a way to make good but hassle-free ice cream very quickly without using an ice cream maker?

I know! There is one quick and easy no-churn ice cream recipe that I have seen in many food video, cookbooks, websites and magazines! Have you? If yes, have you tried this 3-ingredients no-churn ice cream recipe and like it?

Well, let's see if these no-churn ice cream are really good enough to fix our ice cream crave on some freaky warm Melbourne Spring weather...

easy no churn 3-ingredients chocolate ice cream
Quick and Easy No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream
... made with just 3 ingredients

Quick and easy no-churn ice cream that is made with just 3 ingredients? Sounds amazing, huh?

Actually, this ice cream base is made with just 2 ingredients and they are whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk. That's it!!! I have seen this basic ice cream recipe too in Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book which is known as recipe 3 that makes a less creamy less rich ice cream with a slightly "cooked" flavour from the condensed milk. 

Then, what is the third ingredient? ANYTHING! LOL! It can be either cocoa powder to make chocolate ice cream, strawberry to make strawberry ice cream, Oreo cookies crumbs to make cookies and cream ice cream, coconut to make coconut ice cream or banana to make banana ice cream. Sounds easy, huh? It's not just easy... It's VERY VERY VERY EASY!!!

Plus, this recipe doesn't requiring an ice cream maker to freeze and aerate the mixture simultaneously (which is to minimize the size of the ice crystals forming) because the cream in the mixture has been whipped as well as being aerated prior freezing. Hence, I would say that this cream whipping step is totally essential if you choose not to use an ice cream maker to freeze and churn your ice cream.

Here's a video showing how I made these no-churn chocolate and strawberry ice cream and you will see that these ice cream are indeed very very very easy to make.

easy no churn 3-ingredients strawberry ice cream
Here's my quick and easy no-churn Strawberry Ice Cream.

Are you impressed with these quick and easy 3-ingredients chocolate and strawberry ice cream?

Yes because it is really quick, easy and hassle-free to make.

Not really because I'm critical and I think that they are just ok enough to eat.

Why am I so fussy? LOL!

Hey, I'm not the only one who feel this way. My husband and son felt the same too after we tasted these ice cream.

I'm not surprised that these ice cream are rather compact as compared to the regular ice cream that are made by churning. Texture-wise, these no-churn ice cream with strawberries, banana and any fruits added is just a little bit more icy than those that are made by churning. Made with mostly whipped cream, these ice cream taste rather like rich creamy mousse even before and after melting.

Taste-wise, these ice cream that are made with mostly whipped cream might seem to be overwhelming for being mostly sweetened whipped cream with minimal chocolate or strawberry flavours. Therefore, to improve their taste, I have also reduced the amount of sweetness by using half can of condensed milk instead of one entire 390g can and have also boosted the flavours by adding extra cocoa powder and extra strawberry jam.

Overall, I have to say that these quick and easy ice cream are really acceptably ok especially if...

1) you don't have an ice cream maker.
2) you like creamy mousse kind of desserts.
3) you like quick and easy recipes.
4) and you are not expecting too much. LOL!

easy no churn 3-ingredients strawberry ice cream
As we all know... the classic combination of strawberry and cream can't go wrong!
Although texture-wise, this no-churn ice cream made with strawberries can be a little bit more icy,
taste-wise, it is actually quite nice to enjoy.
easy no churn 3-ingredients chocolate ice cream
This no-churn chocolate ice cream with no fruits is not icy at all.
And it tastes like creamy chocolate mousse regardless before or after melting.

Have you seen or tried this 3-ingredients no-churn ice cream recipe?

If no, here's the recipe for you... very adapted and improved from Tasty Video or here

Makes about 1 liter
For basic ice cream base:
500ml (2 cups) cream with 35% fat, chilled
200g (half of one 390g can or up to 1 cup) sweetened condensed milk, cold*

*The sweetness of 200g condensed milk added is just right for my liking. And it is also about the same amount used in the recipe 3 published in Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book. However, I have also seen many recipes add the one whole 390g can into their ice cream mixture and so please increase this amount to 390g if you prefer your ice cream to be sweeter, creamier and less icy.

add 50g (1/2 cup) cocoa powder to make chocolate ice cream
add 250g finely chopped strawberries plus 3 tbsp strawberry jam (optional) to make strawberry ice cream

add 1 cup (or more if you wish) Oreo cookies crumbs to make cookies-and-cream ice cream
add 1 cup mashed banana to make banana ice cream
add 1 cup (250 ml) regular (not low fat) coconut milk plus 1 cup toasted coconut flakes (optional) to make coconut ice cream

For basic ice cream base:
In a large mixing bowl, use an electric mixer with whip attachment to whip cream at medium high speed until the cream is well-whipped and stiff.

Add condensed milk and mix with medium low speed until mixture is smooth and combined.

For chocolate ice cream:
Sift cocoa powder into cream mixture and mix with low speed until combined.

For strawberry or banana ice cream:
Add strawberries plus strawberry jam (optional) or banana and use a spoon or spatula to fold in the strawberries plus jam (optional) or banana until just combined. It's ok if the jam is not fully mixed into the mixture.

For coconut ice cream:
Add coconut milk into cream mixture and mix with low speed until combined. Add coconut flakes and use a spoon or spatula to mix until just combined.

Transfer cream mixture into a 1.5 L container with minimal air space, then freeze for about 3-4 hrs or until mixture has hardens enough to scoop. If the ice cream is too hard, you will have to let it thaw for a while at room temperature before scooping and serving.

Serve with extra fruits, honey or caramel or chocolate sauce or anything that you like or on its own.

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