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Easy Basic Thick Fuffy Japanese Pancakes / Hotcakes パンケーキ - Made with Butter and Less Sugar

I believe that all pancakes are NOT the same because different ingredients and different combination will create different types of pancakes.

So far, I have tried cooking these pancakes...
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And they are all very different with varied texture and taste.

Despite that I always said that, some nice and helpful readers told me that I can add a little bit of this-or-that to make some pancakes taste better or fluffier. I agree and can totally appreciate their good intentions. However, I still think it is the recipe, the specific ingredients and the unique combination that makes the overall difference. A little bit of this-and-that can improve the pancakes but knowing the right recipe to add a little bit of this-and-that is most fundamentally important!

You know what? I'm nice and helpful too! LOL! Therefore, I'm sharing a basic Extra Thick and Fluffy Japanese Pancake recipe that I have found in one of my Japanese cookbooks lately. This low sugar pancake recipe contains a lot lesser milk than the perfect basic pancakes at here, making the pancakes a lot thicker and bouncier with slightly higher egg proportion. Very very very delicious too!!! If you want, I would say... This will be a 
great basic Japanese pancake recipe to be explored further with a little bit of this-or-that.

thick fluffy Japanese pancakes hotcakes
My Miffy Japanese Hotcakes パンケーキ
These extra thick and fluffy pancakes are made with butter and less sugar.

This basic THICK FLUFFY pancake recipe is very simple and easy!

These pancakes are made with the most basic ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, butter and egg... Not even buttermilk or self raising flour!

The extra fluffy pancakes are NOT made with separated egg yolks and whites and don't require the egg whites to be beaten to form stiff peaks.

All I did was just mix and cook! Watch my video to see how I cooked my Miffy pancakes. Gosh! I can't stop saying this... Cooking these pancakes is SO EASY!!!

I know some of you will ask...
I bought these cheap cheap bunny silicone mould from eBay.

thick fluffy Japanese pancakes hotcakes
See! These thick pancakes are so puffy and fluffy!!!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you like thick fluffy pancake!

Now that you know the existence of these easy pancake recipes, I suggest that you can stop buying pancake mix!

You can even make your own pancake mix by weighing and mixing the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in plastic bags. Then, add the remaining wet ingredients whenever you want to cook these pancakes. It's so convenient! And you can save a lot of money!!! Ka-Ching!!! LOL!

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Here's the recipe

Makes about six to eight medium or three to four 16 cm large pancakes

100g cake flour with 8% protein
20g caster sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
100ml milk, at room temperature
1 large egg, at room temperature
1/2 tsp vanilla paste or extract
25g unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly

cooking oil or extra melted butter to grease
fruits, jam, maple syrup or extra butter to serve

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

Combine milk, egg, vanilla and butter in a large mixing bowl or a large measuring cup and use a fork to whisk lightly until combined.

Sift flour mixture into the egg mixture and use the same fork to whisk until just combined. DO NOT OVER MIX! Batter will be thick. And it is ok if the batter is slightly lumpy.

Allow mixture to rest for about 5 mins at room temperature.

While the pancake mixture is resting, heat a non-stick frying pan over the lowest heat for about 3 mins. The heating has to be well-distributed over the entire area of the frying pan. Dip a paper towel in about 1-2 tbsp oil or melted butter and grease the pan lightly with the oily paper towel. Hint: The oil on the frying pan should not be visible.

Pour about 2 tbsp batter (to make medium pancakes) or about 3 1/2 tbsp (50 ml) batter (to make 16 cm pancakes) or any adequate amount onto the frying pan, and cook with the lowest heat for 5-10 mins depending on the strength of the heating, the size and thickness of your pancakes or until the edges of the pancakes are set and the cooked side is golden brown.

Use a spatula to loosen the edges of the pancakes so that they can be easily removed from the pan. Flip the pancakes and cook the other side for about 3-5 mins or until both sides are golden brown. Repeat the steps to cook the rest of the pancakes.

Serve with fruits, jam, maple syrup, butter or any spread if desired.

Enjoy the pancakes!
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  1. awww these look so cute. My boys love pancakes, should give these a try

  2. Good stuff, thanks for sharing the detailed recipe...