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Easy Fuss Free Children-friendly Japanese Curry Chicken Pot Pie - Home-style and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

It was one weekend night that my son knew that I was going to cook something fancy for our dinner and he asked...

"What's for dinner tonight?"

"Japanese curry chicken pot pie." I replied and immediately, I heard a "Wow!"... LOL!

"Did you cook the Japanese curry from scratch?"

"Actually yes!"

Come to think about it, I did cooked this Japanese curry from scratch. In fact, this curry tastes comparatively good and I think it is about 75% similar to the packet Japanese curry that we always like. Or even better because it is a healthier children-friendly curry that is made with milk (not cream or coconut milk), lots of vegetable, an apple, honey and NO artificial additives! Plus, it is very easy to cook!!!

However, I need to confess! The lazy me didn't make the puff pastry from scratch. I know I know... my son always tell me that he likes the pastries that I made from scratch but you know... Being a busy working mum, I sometimes likes to cook with fuss free recipes. And this is why I said that this recipe is FUSS FREE and EASY! ke ke...

Fortunately, my son didn't say anything critical about the supermarket puff pastry. Maybe he was too hungry or the curry was too delicious. Or maybe we just loved every single bit of this curry pot pie and it was gone very quickly...

easy fuss free children friendly Japanese curry chicken pot pie
Proudly presenting... My Easy Fuss Free Children-friendly Japanese Curry Chicken Pot Pie
easy fuss free children friendly Japanese curry chicken pot pie
Yes that I cooked this easy Japanese chicken curry from scratch
... but I used the supermarket puff pastry to top the curry.
This is why I said that this is an easy fuss free delicious recipe...
easy fuss free children friendly Japanese curry chicken pot pie
And this sweet and flavoursome curry was gone very quickly!!! LOL!

Want to cook this easy pot pie for your family? Here's a video showing how I cooked mine and you will see that this healthy delicious curry base with ready-to-use puff pastry is indeed very easy to cook and bake.

When the pot pie was gone, I thought that everyone was happy with our food and had nothing more to say but then...

"Mum, can you please cook Japanese curry chicken pie with pastry on the top and also at the bottom?"

"Oh! I think you should add potatoes into the curry too!"

"Ok! Next time..."

My husband and son did sounded suggestive while proposing these ideas to me. Alright, I will bake another version of easy fuss free Japanese curry chicken pie. So stay tune if you are interested.

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Here's my recipe.

Serve 3 very hungry person or 4

For the milk mixture:
1/2 cup (120ml) milk
2 tbsp (20g) cornflour

For the chicken:
500g chicken thighs, skinless, boneless and cut into 3 cm cubes
1 tbsp (10g) cornflour
salt and pepper to season

To cook the chicken and curry:
3 tbsp cooking oil
2 tbsp (30g) butter
1 brown onion, peeled and diced into 1-2 cm pieces
2 tsp garlic mince
2 tsp mild curry powder (or the hot one if you prefer)
2 cup (500ml, about 500g) frozen vegetable mix (corn kernels, peas and diced carrots)
1 cup (250ml) chicken stock
1 large red apple, finely grated with or without the skin accordingly to your preference
1/2 tsp salt or more to season
1 tbsp honey or more to season
two rolled puff pastry sheets, 24 x 24 cm each, thawed and cut into eight 6 cm shapes or circles
1 egg, lightly beaten
black sesame seeds to sprinkle and decorate

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Combine milk and cornflour. Set aside.

Combine chicken, cornflour, salt and pepper.

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a large frying pan with medium high heat. Cook chicken for about 2-3 mins until golden brown. Transfer onto a plate and set aside. Do not wash frying pan.

Heat 1 tbsp oil and butter in the same frying pan with medium high heat until butter is just melted. Cook onion for about 3 mins or until golden and fragrant. Add garlic and curry powder and cook for about 1-2 min or until fragrant. Stir in frozen vegetable mix and cook for about 3-5 mins or until the vegetable mix is thawed and lightly seared.

Add chicken stock. Use a scratch-proof / wooden spoon to scrape the bottom of the pan to de-glaze and bring mixture to boil. Reduce heat to medium low. Add milk-cornflour mixture and keeping stirring vigorously after this addition and cook until the mixture has thickened. Remove from heat.

Add grated apple (with or without skin accordingly to your preference) and seared chicken. Season with salt and honey. Transfer chicken mixture into a large shallow baking dish (mine is 24 cm round pie dish) with about 1.5 liter / quart capacity. Top with puff pastry shapes or circles. Brush puff pastry with beaten egg and sprinkle black sesame seeds to decorate.

Bake for 30-40 mins or until puff pastry is crispy and golden brown. Serve immediately.

Happy Baking
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