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Fuss Free Easy Lean Beef Mushroom Pies

As a busy working mum, I'm after easy recipes that can feed my family efficiently, effectively and ideally healthily. And when I hear my boy says something like... "Mmmm... This is so yummy!" or "Can I have more, please?", I know that I have found a good recipe that has worked well for me.

After hearing a couple of "mmm..." and "ah" when we were having these Lean Beef Mushroom Pies, I know that t
hey are absolutely yummy! The good thing about baking these healthful pies is I can multi-task with many chores and bake these all within 2 hours! Brilliant!

Do you want to know more about this easy family-friendly recipe?

easy beef mushroom pies
Easy Lean Beef Mushroom Pies

"Wait a minute! You cheated! You didn't make these pastry from scratch. You used frozen pastry!" said my critical husband. Then, there was a series of "fail fail fail fail fail fail...."

"I don't care! I like these pies. They are very yummy" said my boy. He is always very sweet and appreciative and was trying to defend for me.

I didn't bother to explain why I baked these mushroom pies using frozen pastry. I just gave my husband a "take it or leave it" look and continued to enjoy my dinner. LOL!

Well, it was one of my busy days when I baked these pies as I need to multi-task and have limited time to bake something delicious and so this is what I did...

First, I prepared the ingredients and cooked the beef filling within 30 mins. While waiting for the filling to cool to room temperature (about 30 mins) and chill in the fridge for 30 mins, I baked a cake!

Next, I assembled the pies within 15 mins and baked the pies for 25-30 mins. While the pies are baking, I cleaned the kitchen and washed and dishes.

Ta dah! Suddenly, all the chores are done and I have delicious crispy beef pies to serve whenever dinner is required. Within minutes, I had to dash out to pick my son and dropped him in another place. Gosh! It never ends!!! Always busy busy busy...

You might ask... If I'm so busy, why can't I serve my family frozen pies instead? Yes I could but I have to say these pies that are made with healthy lean beef mince are actually NOT difficult to bake and the filling made with lean beef mince is actually more healthful to eat than those with frozen pies with higher fat and saturated fat content. So, tell me why should I bake and serve frozen pies if I can bake these easy and healthful pies?

Plus, these pies are freezer-friendly too meaning that you can bake the pies in advance, store them in your freezer and re-heat until the pies are crispy again whenever you want... for kids parties, dinner, lunch, picnic or the coming footy final season! No doubt that these are way better than the supermarket frozen beef pies.

It's very easy!!! Quick if minus the waiting time for the filling to cool and for the pies to bake... but you can make use of the cooling and baking time to do something rather than just waiting. Agree? Here's a video showing how I baked these easy mum-friendly lean beef  mushroom pies.

From start to stop, I have managed to bake these crispy delicious beef pies within 2 hrs plus.
"Mummy, this is so yummy!"
This is why I never stop cooking and baking for my boy.

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Here's this easy recipe that is adapted from here.

Makes 12 individual small pies

500g lean beef mince - mine is 95% fat free.
1 tbsp cornflour or plain flour
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 medium brown onion, peeled and medium finely diced
2 tsp garlic mince
1 tbsp tomato paste
100g white button or Swiss brown mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
1 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped
250ml (1 cup) beef stock
salt and freshly ground black pepper to season
3 sheets ready rolled shortcrust pastry or more if required, thawed from the freezer for 15 mins
3 sheets ready rolled puff pastry or more if required, thawed for 15 mins - I used the 25% fat reduced ones

egg wash: 1 egg plus a pinch of salt, roughly beaten with a fork
white sesame seeds to sprinkle
vegetable oil spray for greasing

Add flour into beef mince and mix until combined. Set aside.

Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Cook onion and garlic for 3-5 mins until golden brown and tender.

Increase heat to medium high. Cook beef with occasion stirring and breaking the beef into fine pieces and cook until the beef is golden brown. Add tomato paste, mushroom and rosemary. Cook and stir for about 1-2 mins.

Add stock and bring mixture to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 15 mins or until gravy thickened. Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper and allow to cool completely to room temperature. Cover and place filling in a fridge for at least 30 mins.

Preheat oven to 200°C / 180°C fan forced / 400°F.

Grease one 12-cups standard muffin pan and each cup is about 1/3 cup capacity. Cut shortcrust pastries into 12 large rounds, about 12-15 cm (4.5-6 inches) diameter each or about 3-4 cm wider than the diameter of your muffin cup - You don't have to be exact. Press the shortcrust pastry rounds into the muffin pan. Spoon chilled beef filling into the pastry case.

Use a 10 cm (4 inches) round cutter (or any round cutter that is 2 cm wider than the diameter of your muffin cup at the top) to cut puff pastry sheets into 12 rounds. Place puff pastry rounds over the beef filling, pressing together with the shortcrust edges. Then, use a 9 cm round cutter (or any round cutter that is the diameter of your muffin cup at the top) to trim off any excess puff and shortcrust pastry. Make a small cut on each pastry top. Brush the pastry tops with egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds on them.

Bake for 25-30 mins or until pastry is golden and crisp.

Allow pies to cool slightly for about 10 mins before removing them from the pan. Serve and enjoy while the pies are warm and crispy.

These pies are very freezer friendly!!! Store any uneaten pies in the fridge for up to 2 days or freezer for up to 3 months. To re-heat, bake cold or frozen pies (no thawing required) in pre-heated oven at  200°C / 180°C fan forced / 400°F for 10-15 mins for cold pies or 20-25 mins for frozen pies or until the pastry is crispy again and filling is warm enough to enjoy. 

Happy Baking
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  1. Hi Zoe, I don't consume beef. Was thinking swap to minced pork and then gravy to chicken stock. Does this sound ok? Thanks

    1. Hi,

      Yes that you can substitute beef with minced pork or chicken and beef stock with chicken or vege stock but I have to say that the pies with beef will taste better. Happy Baking!

  2. oh yummm yummm, I want one! so sweet of your son, coming in to your defense