Monday, January 28, 2019

Pan Fried Kimchi Chicken Gyoza with Extra Extra Crispy Cheese Base

I like kimchi and cheese but never knew that kimchi and cheese can taste so good being together...

Kimchi and cheese? Oh I'm so glad that I've discovered this very bold Asian fusion flavour.

Well, all thanks to this brilliant idea by Tastemade at here. Their pork gyoza with four cheeses video has inspired me to cook these pan fried kimchi chicken gyoza with crispy Parmesan cheese base.

Why chicken, not pork? Why Parmesan only, not four cheeses?

Chicken because I prefer to cook my gyoza with healthier lean chicken mince. And I know that the addition of kimchi will help to make lean chicken filling moist and tasty enough for our liking. However, it is 100% ok to replace chicken with pork.

Parmesan only because we all know baked or pan-fried Parmesan become like crispy waffles easily. Whereas, the other softer cheeses such mozzarella, blue cheese or even cheddar or tasty cheese won't become as crispy as Parmesan when they fried or baked. Hence, if I want my gyoza cheesy base to extra extra extra crispy, I have to use Parmesan only!

kimchi chicken gyoza with crispy cheese base
Pan fried Kimchi Chicken Gyoza with EXTRA Crispy Parmesan Cheese Base

Without saying much, here's my video showing how I cooked these gyoza. Trust me... They are very very very delicious. I've used the sweet and mild kind of kimchi to make these gyoza so that my chilli-hating son can enjoy these... and he love love love these dumplings!

kimchi chicken gyoza with crispy cheese base
We love pan fried gyoza because of their extra extra crispy crispy base...
kimchi chicken gyoza with crispy cheese base
... and these are extra extra crispy because of the cheesy Parmesan base
Plus, extra moist and tasty with the addition of kimchi!!!

It is a BIG YUM for us!!!

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I grew up cooking and eating lots of Chinese dumplings for our Chinese New Year. According to my dad's Shangdong family tradition, the boat-shaped jiaozi and guotie / potstickers / gyoza symbolise yuan bao (silver and golden ingots). So, cooking and eating many of ingots-shaped dumplings will make us very very very prosperous year after year!!!

As this is my last blog before the arrival of Earth Pig Year and I would like wish everyone...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Be happy and healthy. Eat lots of gyoza or potstickers and be prosperous!!!

Now, here's my recipe to make these crispy kimchi cheesy gyoza / potstickers / guotie.

To make about 30 dumplings with healthy lean chicken or pork filling:

1/2 cup chopped kimchi, not blotted dry but at least well-drained with no excess liquid.
250g lean chicken or pork mince*
1 spring onion, use the green parts only, finely sliced
1/4 tsp sesame oil
salt and pepper, to season
about 30 gyoza wrappers**

* The kimchi will make this lean chicken or pork filling juicy and tender enough to enjoy but if you prefer your dumplings to be ultimately juicy, you should use chicken or pork mince with more fat.

** I used the ready made ones that can be bough from any Asian grocery shops. If you die die must make your own gyoza wrappers, please read my gyoza wrappers making tips at here.

Combine kimchi, chicken or pork mince, spring onion and sesame oil in a large mixing bowl. Season with salt and pepper and mix until combined.

To wrap the dumplings:

Place a wrapper on one hand. Place a teaspoonful of filling in the center of the wrapper. Dip one finger from the other hand in a bowl of water and use the wet finger to draw a circle around the wrapper.

Fold wrapper in half. Make about 6 pleats on the half side that is facing you while sealing each pleat with the other half of the wrapper that is facing the other side.

There are 3 different ways that you can fold the pleats:

One is start folding the first pleat in the middle of the dumpling, then folding 2 pleats from the first pleat to right and 3 pleats from the middle to left.

Two is start folding the first pleat at the right end of the dumpling, then folding the remaining 5 pleats from right to left.

Three is start folding the first pleat at the left end of the dumpling, then folding the remaining 5 pleats from left to right.

To cook 12 dumplings with one crispy cheese base:
2-3 tbsp neutral tasting vegetable oil
12 uncooked gyoza or dumplings
1 cup (250ml) water
about 25g grated Parmesan cheese

Heat oil in a medium non stick frying pan with medium high heat. And it is IMPORTANT to add adequate oil or your base won't be crispy!!!

Reduce heat to medium low. Place gyoza into frying pan by arranging them in a circular manner. Cook the dumplings for 2 mins or until the base is light golden.

Pour water from the center of the frying pan and let water spread out from the center. Cover the frying pan with a tight fitting lid and cook with low heat for about 10 mins or the gyoza filling is completely cooked.

Note: If you don't have a frying pan with tight fitting lid, you can also cook the gyoza with a semi-tight fitting lid for about 10 mins and it's ok that 80% of the liquid will vaporised at this stage. Although the use of semi-tight fitting lid is quicker to cook the gyoza, their skins won't be as moist as the ones that cooked with the tight-fitting lid. My frying pan lid is the interchangeable type that can either be tight-fitting or semi-tight fitting. I had to cook this batch of gyoza with the semi-tight fitting lid option because the man and boy are rushing me to serve dinner. Hmmm...

Remove lid and continue to cook until until the liquid has completely vaporised and bubbled off. Sprinkle cheese at the spaces in between the gyoza and around them. Cook with low heat until the cheese is completely melted and the base is firm, golden brown and crispy.

Serve with any of your favourite dipping sauces. We prefer not eat these gyoza with vinegar. Extra chili sauce is the best!

Happy Cooking
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  1. Oooh yummm.... I once tried making gyoza but couldnt quite get that ccrispy bottom.

  2. YUmm.. Very unusual combo kimchi and cheese. Curious about how they will taste together :)
    Happy New year Zoe