Monday, March 4, 2019

Light and Fluffy Skinny Milo Milk Gelato - Made with Minimal Sugar and Cream

Can you imagine? Melbourne has been 38°C / 100°F for the past 4 days!!!

OMG!!! It was extremely HOT HOT HOT!!! And it was too hot to cook or bake anything!

Can you imagine that a baking addict like me has not been baking anything this weekend? Sad? Not really because I have made this yummy gelato!!!

I was enthusiastic at the beginning of this super hot weekend, creating several unique gelato recipes and they didn't turn out well! Sad? Not really... I told myself not to give up easily and managed to make this Light and Fluffy Milo Milk Gelato eventually.

Yippee!!! ^-^

skinny low fat light Milo milk gelato
This Light and Fluffy Milo Milk Gelato was...
our life-saver for the recent super hot weekend :)

This is the skinny version of Milo gelato is actually modified from my Skinny Creamy Italian Vanilla Gelato / Fior Di Latte Gelato at here as it is also made with minimal amount of sugar and cream.

Like I have mentioned at here and here, a good gelato must have:

16-22% sugar
6-12% fat
32-42% solid
58-68% liquid

And this low fat low sugar Milo contains:

16% sugar which is the minimal
6% fat which is the the minimal
34% solid which is very close to the minimal 32%
66% liquid which is very close to the maximum 68%

Hence, this composition made this less fat less sugar gelato a little icy but mostly nice and feathery light with an ideal easy-to-scope consistency! It is no oily or hard at all and NO thickener or gelatin is required!

My critical husband and analytical son said that they love this gelato... So what say you?

skinny low fat light Milo milk gelato
This light and fluffy Milo gelato is so easy to scope!
skinny low fat light Milo milk gelato
And extremely nice and guilt-free to enjoy!

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As it was an impromptu decision to make this gelato, there wasn't a video showing how I made it. My apology.

I'm also sorry to say that an ice cream maker is a must for making this gelato!

Nevertheless, here's my detailed recipe that is adapted from here and I hope that you will like it.

For the best consistent result, it will be good to measure all ingredients by weight, not the measuring cup system. And DO NOT reduce and change any of these amounts!

Make 1 quart or about 1 liter
50g Milo or any chocolate malt drink powder
130g caster sugar
100g regular milk with 4% fat, warm
500g regular milk with 4% fat, cold
150g cream with 35% fat, cold

Combine Milo, sugar and 100g warm milk in a large heat-proof cup if you are heating the mixture in a microwave or a small saucepan if you are heating the mixture on a stove.

If you are heating the mixture in a microwave, heat with 2-3 short pulses (20-30 secs) of high power and stir mixture in-between every microwave until both Milo and sugar are mostly dissolved.

If you are heating the mixture on a stove, heat and stir mixture with very low heat until both Milo and sugar are mostly dissolved.

It's ok if there is small clumps of Milo. Allow mixture to cool to room temperature and chill it slightly in the fridge for about 30 mins. Do not chill mixture for too long as it will become too thick and sticky to mix with the other ingredients subsequently.

When the Milo mixture is cooled enough, combine it with the remaining ingredients (500g cold milk and 150g cold cream). It's ok if you have small clumps of Milo but discard any large clumps if there is any. 

Transfer the mixture to a pre-chilled ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer's instructions. Due to its high liquid composite, this gelato will take at least 30 mins to churn or might take up to 50-60 mins. Hence, it is important to make sure that your ice cream maker is well-chilled prior churning the gelato. If your ice cream maker is not cold enough to churn the gelato after 20 mins, place the maker back into the freezer with the gelato in it and let it freeze for another 1-2 hrs, Then, continue to churn further until the gelato reaches the right consistency.

Transfer into an airtight container to set in the freezer for about 3-4 hrs before serving. This gelato won't be hard and icy and will be easy to scoop even immediately after removing it from the freezer.

Freeze for up to 1 week in home freezer because this gelato hasn't been stabilised with any thickeners and eggs and might become icy after 1 week or more.

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