Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Ultra Soft Dark Brown Sugar Coffee Chiffon Cake - Cottony soft, bittersweet with robust aromatic coffee and caramel-like flavours HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

The Victoria state recorded another record spike in COVID-19 cases today! Alamak!!!

Anyway... With or without the entire state lock-down, there won't be any difference for me because I'm an essential worker and still have to go to work. Plus, we have not been going out on weekends and visiting friends for ages. Sad to say, life will be the same for us. 

As long as there is no panic buying and the essential ingredients such as flour, eggs and milk are available in the supermarkets, I will continue to bake and share my recipes. So here I am... keeping my promise that I will share a chiffon cake recipe that makes the perfect well-risen ultra soft cottony type of chiffon cake.

Ever since I have been using the Swiss meringue method to beat my egg white mixture with alternative sugars, I have been creating many interesting and flavoursome ultra soft chiffon cakes that are not overly loaded with sugars!

For examples:
Ultra Soft Maple Syrup Chiffon Cake at HERE - its egg white mixture is aerated with maple syrup!
Ultra Soft Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake at HERE - its egg white mixture is aerated with gula Melaka!

This time, I'm using this similar chiffon cake baking technique to bake an Ultra Soft Dark Brown Sugar Coffee Chiffon Cake with its egg white mixture mostly aerated with dark brown sugar. It is amazingly ULTRA COTTONY SOFT and fully packed with strong aromatic coffee and caramel-like flavours!!! YUM!!!

ultra soft dark brown sugar coffee chiffon cake
Ultra Soft Dark Brown Sugar Coffee Chiffon Cake
A cottony bittersweet cake that is fully packed with aromatic coffee and caramel-like flavours. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ultra Moist Coffee Cocoa Egg White Chiffon Cake - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

It has been a while since I have baked my last chiffon cake.

The chiffon cake that I baked prior to this was Ultra Soft and Moist Black Sesame Chiffon Cake at here and it was August 2019! Since then, I was distracted with other things such as my marathon training, Christmas and Chinese New Year baking. Next, the scorching summer came, then followed by global Covid-19 pandemic.

I will never forget the distressing moment of scavenging through the almost-empty supermarkets at the beginning of the pandemic. Free range eggs were like gold and I had to make sure that we will have enough eggs for our daily meals, not baking! Despite that there is a Covid-19 spike now in Melbourne, the supermarkets are actually not so haywire. A
nd I really hope that we will never experience this panic situation again.

Knowing that I don't have to worry about egg shopping any more, I'm beginning to use my frozen egg white stash that I have kept throughout the pandemic period. Frozen egg stash? LOL! Told ya. I'm a woman of backup!!!

This time, I would like to use my ex-precious egg whites to create another Egg White Chiffon Cake, just like my Ultra Soft Cranberry Egg White Chiffon Cake but a coffee-cocoa version.

moist soft coffee cocoa egg white chiffon cake
Proudly presenting my Ultra Moist Coffee Cocoa Egg White Chiffon Cake

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ultimate Chocolate Brownies Cookies - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Feeling bored at home?

... because you are practicing social distancing?

You are not alone. Whether the Covid infection rate is low or controlled, I still prefer to stay at home. Dunno why but I believe that infection is not going to be absolutely zero or until we are all vaccinated against this highly infectious virus.

Sad to say that I'm right. The Covid community transmission are increasing in Melbourne! We are going backwards, tightening our restriction rules again. So, let's continue to stay safe and stay at home...

If you have nothing to do at home, bake something!!!

If you are after an easy chocolate cookies recipe that is mostly made with chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, you will love this chocolate-loaded cookie recipe!

I have to say that THIS is one of the most comforting recipes that help us to survive through the toughest Covid time from March to May. 

I called these the ULTIMATE chocolate brownies cookies because they were made with minimal flour, butter and sugar, and lots of chocolate, even more chocolate than the Extremely Chocolaty Fudgy Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies at here and Nigella Lawson's Totally Chocolate Cookies at here!!!

These super-chocolaty bittersweet brownies-like cookies are the BEST being gooey, fudgy and heavenly on the day when they were freshly baked. Although they won't be gooey with the embedded semi-melting chocolate on the next day, these soft moist fudgy chocolate cookies can taste equally heavenly with their super rich chocolaty taste. My son said that these cookies taste really really really good with a glass of cold milk.

This is why I prefer to bake the minimal amount of these cookies at one go and bake these cookies very often! LOL!!!

best ultimate chocolate brownies cookies
Looking for a recipe to bake if you are bored at home? 
Try baking these gooey fudgy Ultimate Chocolate Brownies Cookies!
It's a MUST-BAKE recipe for chocolate lovers!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Fuss Free Easy Brown Sugar Apple Tart from Scratch - less sugar and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I feel good whenever I bake something good. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment. And success especially when my family says that my bake is good.

Once again... I'm feeling happy because I have baked this lovely apple tart!

This apple tart is actually SUPER EASY to bake as the pastry doesn't require chilling and rolling! 
There is NO pre-cooking of apple and NO pre-baking of pastry as all I need to do is to assemble and bake.

Best of all, the pastry is yummy being the biscuity crumbly type and definitely not soggy. And I can bake this with low amount of sugar!

Please allow me to show you how...

easy fuss free brown sugar apple tart less sugar
Proudly presenting...
My Super Easy Brown Sugar Apple Tart