Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Sticky Date Pudding to die for and amazingly egg-less too! - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Why will I die for these plain and simple looking sticky date puddings?

Simply because it is so insanely irresistibly yummy!!! Perhaps you might do the same if you have tasted this pudding. Will you?

My first mouthful of these sticky gooey sweet moist spongy pudding with a thin rim of brown sugar crusted edges has spontaneously sent a message to my brain saying that I WANT MORE!!! After I had my fulfilling serve of the pudding, I felt good being satisfied and happy. What happens when a decadent pudding is not too much, too sweet and too rich, you get one happy customer!!! Or many many many happy customers!!! LOL!

To all sticky date puddings lovers like you and me, all sticky date puddings seem to be the same being fully loaded with sugar, butter and cream like these ones that are made by these popular recipes at here, here, here, here and more. So that the puddings are sticky and gooey enough to be yummy? Well, think again! It's true that we need sugar, butter and cream to create appetizing sticky date puddings but we don't have to over-load the puddings with excessive sugar, butter and cream!

With this concept in my mind, I have managed to bake these sticky date puddings with moderate amount of sugar, butter and cream in good portion sizes and yet, they are still good enough to die for...

Hey, do you want to bake these puddings?

sticky date pudding
The Sticky Date Pudding to die for

Monday, June 18, 2018

Easy Korean Asian Style Mushroom Chicken Bake - Non-Spicy and Children Friendly

Happy that I have found another Korean-fusion dish that has NO gochujang!!!

Although gochujang (Korean fermented red chili paste) is sweet, spicy, appetizing and really great for jazzing up many everyday food, most children and some adults can't really take the heat of this hot paste. So, this is why I'm always excited when I see a Korean recipe that has NO gochujang so that my spicy-food-hating son and the rest of us can enjoy an interesting Korean dish peacefully with no worries!

Besides Korean soju chicken stew which is one of our family's favourite dish, this easy Korean Asian style mushroom chicken bake is another fantastic Korean-fusion dish that has NO gochujang in it!!! So you know... It is very children friendly!!!

This recipe originates from Seoul Food Korean Cookbook by Naomi Imatome-Yun and almost every savoury recipe in this book has gochujang in it!!! So Korean, huh? LOL!

Apart from being non-spicy, this "one-pan"/ "one-tray" chicken bake is actually very easy to cook and also flavorsome and homey to eat. I would say... It is not just very children friendly but very family friendly too.

easy Korean mushroom chicken bake
Easy Korean Asian Style Mushroom Chicken Bake
Non-spicy and children / family friendly

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cottony Soft Coffee Chiffon Swiss Roll - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

After enjoying the Hurricane Chiffon Swiss Roll with thicker cake base at here and here, my husband and son told me that they actually prefer Swiss rolls that are BIGGER, FLUFFIER with THICKER cake base!

"... but you said that you don't want too much cream in your Swiss roll! And I will need to apply more cream into the thicker cake in order to roll it properly." I had to explain this baking detail to my fussy husband and asked him if he wants a THICKER FLUFFIER Swiss roll with MORE CREAM or regular FLUFFY Swiss roll with LESS CREAM.

"I want my Swiss roll to be FLUFFIER with MORE CREAM!" said my son without any hesitation and my husband had to reluctantly agree with him.

And so this is why I have bumped up my usual Swiss roll recipe at here to bake this EXTRA THICK and EXTRA FLUFFY Cottony Soft Coffee Chiffon Swiss Roll...

coffee Swiss roll
EXTRA THICK Cottony Soft Coffee Chiffon Swiss Roll

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Soft Chewy High Gluten Condensed Milk Sandwich Bread - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

"Mum, these breads are the chewiest that I ever had!!!"

And I was like YES with a flex arm when I heard this remark... LOL!

I totally agree with my son. These QQ* milk breads are amazingly soft, moist and delicious!!!

Despite of my victorious discovery, I was actually facing a dilemma, thinking whether I should share this recipe or not... because I know that the addition of gluten flour is absolutely essential to bake these extra chewy QQ bread!

Gluten flour???!!! I know. It is not a common pantry ingredient and many people wouldn't have or will buy this ingredient even they are baking breads frequently at home.

What is gluten flour? Low in carbohydrate and very high in protein, gluten flour is wheat flour that is made with the bran and starch removed. Due to its high protein content, gluten flour is often used with low-protein flours like whole wheat and rye to improve the elasticity and overall texture of some specialised breads.

If you are an avid baker like me, I hope that you will consider buying and using this ingredient for some of your bread baking because this addition can really make some bread recipes REALLY extra awesome!

So, you might ask... Where can you buy gluten flour? I bought mine from a local health shop and I'm sure that you can buy it from most bread baking supply shops or via online if you do a Google search for it.

Back to my dilemma... To share or not to share this fantastic recipe... Alright! I will share because this recipe is truly too good to be missed.

*QQ in Chinese term means chewy food with bouncy texture.

high gluten soft chewy sandwich breads
High Gluten Soft Chewy Milk Sandwich Breads
Amazingly Soft, Moist and Delicious!!! - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!