Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Super Moist Chocolaty Chocolate Scones with Biscuity Crust - Quick and Easy!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Since the start of coronavirus outbreak, most people including myself have been overwhelmed with all sorts of coronavirus-related media reports. And time seems to slip through...

In a glance, Easter and the season of chocolate are arriving but it seems to be ignored as coronavirus and even stockpiling of toilet paper and food have been the center of our attention. Is this a good thing? Have we forgotten the joy of enjoying chocolate and Easter?

How can we celebrate and enjoy chocolate if the share prices were plunging almost everyday? How can we relax if people are panicking over an infectious disease and toilet paper? Errr... why not? I'm not going to lie saying that I'm totally fine when I see the increasing number of infections and people dying everyday. I'm scared and freaked out too! ... especially seeing the empty shelves at our local supermarket. 
Despite the fact that we should stay vigilant for any emergency, I think that we should also move on and live our life with positiveness.

To be positive, we need good chocolate food!!!

And I know just the right recipe to share...

quick easy super moist chocolaty rich buttery chocolate scones
This Super Moist Chocolaty Chocolate Scones recipe is my latest MUST-BAKE chocolate recipe!
You have to believe me...

These chocolate scones are so chocolaty, moist and YUMMY!!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Super Super Soft Honey Sandwich Bread - The Dairy-free Recipe with NO butter NO milk NO egg - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

About a month ago, my family living in Singapore told us that the toilet papers were all sold out in Singapore... And we are getting the same effect now in Australia!

The coronavirus fear and the stockpiling craze has finally arrived at Melbourne and there are no rice, flour, UHT milk, dried pasta and toilet paper on our supermarket shelves now. And people were buying a lot of dried and canned food plus many other essentials so that we can survive for two weeks or more just in case if there is a lock-down or we have to self-quarantine at home.

"Even the white sandwich breads were gone!" said my husband. I guess that some people might bought more sandwich breads than usual and stored the excess breads in the freezer for their emergency use.

Are you a stockpiler? ... Or a domsday prepper? Or simply always prepared for emergencies?

I told my husband not to worry because I'm a woman of backup!!! Being an organised and logic person, I always have an extra set of food and ingredients as a backup in my pantry for emergencies and any whatsoever reasons. No flour and breads in the supermarkets? I'm not going to panic because that I always have flour at home and can bake breads for my family at anytime that we want.

How about the toilet papers? LOL! No worries!!! I always make sure that our house is equipped with all sort of essentials like toilet papers and etc. So I didn't have to queue or fight with anyone...

So if you are like me who are always well-prepared for anything and always have bread flour at home, you might want to try baking this super soft honey sandwich bread recipe. These dairy-free almost-vegan breads are not just super soft... They are super super super soft! So soft that it was difficult to slice them even with my electric knife!!!

And the good thing is you can bake these super soft breads with very basic ingredients like water, honey, vegetable oil, bread flour, salt and instant dried yeast. No perishable ingredients such as eggs and milk are required!!! Great to bake for either emergency or non-emergency times... LOL!!!

super soft honey sandwich bread
Super Super Soft Honey Sandwich Bread
The Dairy-free Recipe with NO butter NO milk NO egg

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Easy Honey Cashew Nut Bars / Slices - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I don't know what to call these... honey cashew nut bars or slices?

I just know that they are super easy and fuss-free to bake. And they are very very very delicious!!! Most of our friends who have tried these had seconds and someone told me that these are phenomenal!!!

Ok. You can call these honey cashew nut bars if you are an American-influenced person. Or you can call these honey cashew slices if you are an Aussie-influenced person... Either way if you are a nut-loving person, I guarantee that you will like this recipe.

easy honey cashew nut bar slice
A friend told me that these Honey Cashew Nut Slices are phenomenal!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fail Proof Less Sugar Mini Fruit Tarts - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I'm proud to say that I'm a hardworking mum. I work 5 days a week. Full-on, 8am to 4pm with minimal break on most work days. After work, I have to rush back home to cook dinners. I cook at least 5 times a week. Plus the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and etc... If you are a mum like me, you would know how I feel. You're right... I'm exhausted!

Do I get any help? No and yes. No because it is only me, my husband and my son living in Melbourne and we don't have any other family members living with or near us. Yes because my husband helps me a lot. He is a hardworking dad. He does all the dirty dishes, weekly cleaning and spends most of his home time teaching my son school work.

Perhaps I'm a tough person but I reckon having a hobby and also a life goal is essential. For me, watching my son growing has been my biggest motivation. I always feel a great sense of achievement whenever my son thanks and praises me for the food that I cook and bake for him. And the good thing is he is always so sweet and appreciative.

Apart from being appreciated, I like to say it is important for me to differentiate if my cooking is real good or it is just a thank you food... For instance, if my son told me to cook or bake the food again, I can tell it is real good. I know that I can use this recipe again and share it at my blog. If my son just simply thank me for my cooking, I will know that it is an average thank you food. Most likely, I won't cook this food again and won't share the recipe at my blog. If my son fight with my husband for the food that I cook, I know that he is hungry... LOL!!! and I MUST share this recipe at my blog!

Here, I'm sharing a fail-proof fruit tart recipe... 

I have baked with this recipe for more than once. The first time was at here when I used it to bake one large tart and the subsequent fruit tarts also turned out to be reliably perfect.

Perfect because the tarts are not too sweet or bland. The pastry and custard are amazingly yummy even each serve contains only 4g of added sugar. The fruit tarts are so good that we had to ration the number of tarts among the three of us and I was told repeatedly that I have to bake these tarts again... Clearly, it is a MUST-share recipe. Am I right?

fail proof less sugar mini fruit tart
My Mini Fruit Tarts
... made by a Fail-Proof recipe with Less Added Sugar!!!