Monday, August 21, 2017

Quick and Easy Lo Mai Gai / Chinese Chicken Glutinous Rice - One Pot Rice Cooker Method and Easy to Digest!

As a closely knit family, we always do our grocery shopping together. And it was one day when we were shopping, we had this conversation...

"I need to buy 250g chicken." I said.

"Why so little???!!! Can you buy and cook more chicken?" said my always-hungry son who always thinks that there is not enough food for him and always want me to buy and cook more food for him. Hmmm...

"I need only 250g chicken!" I said with a reaffirming voice.

"What are you cooking tomorrow?" asked my husband who obviously wants to eat more chicken too.

"Lo mai gai" I said.

"What lo mai gai?" asked my clueless Australian-born son.

"Lo mai gai is 糯米鸡 in Chinese and is translated as glutinous rice with chicken." I replied.

"I don't want to eat glutinous rice!!! It is so difficult to digest!" Once again, our glutinous-rice-hating old man is addressing his issue with glutinous rice. LOL!

"I know. This is why I have formulated a recipe that can cook lo mai gai easily and also easy to digest!" I said.

"I like glutinous rice! Mummy, can you please please please cook lo mai gai?"

Ok and so I cooked this...

easy lo mai gai glutinous rice chicken
Quick and easy Lo Mai Gai

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Ultimate Fluffy Buttermilk Scones

My son and I are acting like old grandma lately, enjoying tea and scones. LOL!

I like scones but never this much like now. I guess I must been influenced by my scones-loving son.

Well, what make an eight-year-old boy loving his scones so much? It started when he had his first scones with jam and cream when we were on our eleven-hours train ride to and fro Sydney. You know... When the train rides were extremely long and boring, the warm and simple commercially-made scones can strangely taste so extra yummy! LOL!

Then, our scones-loving adventure continues as we seek to try many famous and interesting scones.

One of the very popular scones that we had tried is the square and extremely fluffy scones from Miss Marple's Tearoom which is situated along Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd at Sassafras, Victoria. These scones and the country setting of the tearoom are very lovely but... honestly speaking, we all think that the over-fluffy square scones are NOT really scones-enough for us!!!

Alright. You might say that how does a non-English non-Aussie me would know anything about scones? My husband showed the photo of the Miss Marple's scones to his Aussie colleagues and they all agreed that these overly fluffy square bakes are not scones! Well, don't you think that these tall and fluffy square so-called scones do look and taste more like Australian spongy damper that are cut into squares?

Maybe I shouldn't judge and compare if I have not taste any ultimate fluffy scones before. Despite that I have baked and tasted many really good scones recipes at here, here, here, here and here, they are never as fluffy as the scones at Miss Marple's Tearoom.

I ask myself... Is there a scone that is ultimate fluffy?

Hence, I did a Google search to look for "ultimate fluffy scones". Not surprising, I found MANY recipes and I can't help to notice these interesting recipes:

Ultimate scones from BBC
Ultimate scones from ABC Delicious
Ultimate scones from

Gosh! Can someone please me which recipe is the MOST ultimate? Are these scones really ultimate in term of its fluffiness? Taste? Texture? Or everything? Hmmm...

I guess the best way to know which recipe makes the most ultimate fluffy scones is to bake and taste them. Guess what? I did bake the recipes and learned something...

ultimate light and fluffy scones
The Ultimate Fluffy Scones that I have baked eventually!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Spongy Soft Honey Sandwich Bread

Have you tried baking this well-tested Barefoot Contessa honey sandwich bread recipe from here? Yes, I did! And I love love love this recipe!!!

These basic and slightly brioche-like sandwich breads are delicious because they are VERY SOFT... So soft with a nice spongy feathery light texture.

I have baked with this recipe several times... Sometimes, I baked them with brown crusty tops like these country style sandwich loaves at here. Or sometimes, I baked them into square sandwich loaves like these ones at here...

basic honey sandwich bread
Spongy Soft Honey Sandwich Bread

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Easy Mix-and-Cook Crispy Banana Bread Waffles - Two Recipes, Non-vegan and Vegan

When I told my colleague that I was going to cook banana bread waffles for the coming weekend and he was like... Wow! Can I come to your house? Will you do the same too?

I know. Just the thought of enjoying crispy and moist banana bread waffles with drizzles of maple syrup will make me salivating instantly... Do you? Oopsie if I have influenced you so much that you might be thinking of banana bread waffles right now! LOL!

And if you do, you might want to try these two fabulous recipes that I have truly tried and tested. Trust me... They are really really really good.

Although both recipes make crispy banana bread waffles with moist fluffy insides ...
- one tends to be crisper due to the addition of sour cream and egg.
- the other one is purely vegan with no eggs added, very banana-loaded and a lot more moister with banana-cake-like inside.

I prefer the extra crispy waffles that are made with sour cream and egg but my son said that both are equally delicious in their own unique ways and he can't say that which one is actually better than the other.

What to do if you can't decide? Try both recipes!!! Both are going to be delicious so it's a win-win situation. LOL!

crispy banana bread waffles
Easy Mix-and-Cook Crispy Banana Bread Waffles
These are the crisper ones with sour cream and egg.